Singaporeans who stage walk-out show why they are still sheep

The staff of Google Singapore are no sheep on the face of it because they walked out last Thursday to protest against the company’s handling of cases of alleged sexual misconduct. When have S’poreans got the balls to strike? Last strike here was when FTs working at SMRT went on strike. Moreover as Reuters staff showed, even gathering to hold placards on their employer’s premises is an invitation for the police to come pay a visit.

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But they are still S’porean sheep, because Google employees round the world walked out last Thursday  to protest against the company’s handling of cases of alleged sexual misconduct. If the S’pore office didn’t join in …

Actually, because of the time zone, the S’pore office was the first in the Empire to stage a walkout. Imagine if the Singkies had decided to continue working …


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9 Responses to “Singaporeans who stage walk-out show why they are still sheep”

  • Bapak:

    Why SG police never arrest them? In this dictator country, one person protest is also illegal. From the photo, someone was holding a mike to speak some more. They should apply for a permit and do it at HLP.

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  • Weak Link ?:

    > “The key factors were:

    a) There were a few cases of manipulated trading of small penny stocks and China shares that caused losses by small investors. The investors blamed SGX for their poor regulation. ”
    Years ago, the AristoCATs decided SG as financial ctr –
    getting foreign companies { eg. China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. } to list at SGX.

    “oops moment”. . .
    Big foreign entities would list in London, HK, or NY.
    Small ones list here.
    When apples turned bad?
    Assets and Operations are out there.
    What can investors do?
    Unable to connect the dots – AristoCATs are in the doldrums !!! :(

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  • Tak ada harapan sg:

    SG Sheep Inc.
    Leegalised protest.
    Propaganda like NK.

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  • rukidding:

    Singapore has always been the “alike” of Hong Kong .

    The “inequality” between the “elites” and the “Ordinarys”..same, same.

    Old folks collection cardboard to survive behind the scene of a “Grand” economy.

    So,…just like Hong Kong,…we are a “One counntry two system” here

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  • LIONS:

    maybe we can have a NATION-WIDE *WALK-OUT* for CITIZENS-ABUSE????

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  • A Good Start......:

    Keep up the good work, Singaporeans!

    GE is coming and stand for what you believe in…

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  • HarderTruths:

    They were told there was Roti Prata and Char Kway Teow outside

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  • old man:

    Please vote bravely and wisely for a regime change!

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  • Harry Yew:

    Money see monkey do. Never the originators.

    If political , they still self censored. Ownself scare ownself.

    Win Liao.

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