Public transport users will vote for PAP?

When the CEO of SMRT threw his disgraced predecessor onto the path of train by saying that he disagreed with the failure’s view that SMRT had a culture problem, this reminded me that S’pore

is the second most affordable city for public transport, according to a study comparing trends in public transport fares across 12 major cities.

The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) study – which was commissioned by the Public Transport Council (PTC) – compared trends in public transport fares across the cities in terms of concessionary fares, fare affordability and fare revenue per passenger kilometre.

The cities include London, Beijing, Sydney, Seoul, Paris, Hong Kong, Taipei, Toronto, New York, Tokyo and San Francisco.

Constructive, nation-building CNA*

Us oldies definitely will

Singapore’s senior citizen and student concessionary fares were also among the lowest across the 12 cities compared, according to the study.

Seniors in Singapore, London and Sydney pay concessionary fares at age 60 while other cities have lower fares for seniors only at age 65 or 70.

The study also found that Singapore collected the lowest fare revenue per passenger kilometre, when compared with Hong Kong, Sydney, Toronto, New York, San Francisco and London.


*More details

The study measured fare affordability as the proportion of disposable income spent on public transport by a household in the second quintile household income group.

This quintile was chosen because it is the group “most likely to depend on public transport regularly”, said the study.

“To allow comparability of public transport affordability across the cities, an index illustrating the costs incurred by a typical family with two working adults and two schoolgoing/school age children as a percentage of household disposable income was developed,” it said.


Based on this, Singapore came in second after San Francisco in terms of fare affordability with an index score of 4.8, compared with San Francisco’s score of 4.1.

This means that on average, a typical family that uses public transport on a daily basis in Singapore spends about 4.8 per cent of its disposable income on public transport, said the study.



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9 Responses to “Public transport users will vote for PAP?”

  • Have a laugh on them:

    Earlier on radio news gold90fm..
    Tomorrow sgs will find out who the prospective new PM will be and the new line up…
    I think 90% of us oredy know..
    No surprises there!

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  • opposition dude:

    Yet another piece of nonsense by the newspaper using their own criteria to make it look as if transport fares are affordable when they aren’t at all. When such surveys are carried out by a ministry or any organisation connected with PAP you know what the result is going to be already.

    I don’t know about everyone else but I find that a fare of $1.50 per trip to work and back is expensive. That is $3 per day or $60 a month. Add more when you go out on the weekends hor.

    And with the addition of an extra 6 cents per trip come the end of this year we all have another reason to kick more of PAP out from parliament.

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  • We not suipid:

    CI you may be right that older folks may vote for the PAP for the little goodies thrown at them. Merdeka Package is next. But there are also many more who cannot retire because of the declining HDB prices and no CPF withdrawal. Merdeka Generation is also more educated than the Pioneers. Many of their offsprings are badly affected by the govt’s bad policies. They are not likely to miss the forest for the trees.

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  • William C:

    Fake news

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  • Bystander:

    Ya , Fake news.
    Senior South Koreans above 60 years enjoy free travel on their MRT, and this is real news, mate.

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  • The New CEO is Right!:

    If one cannot perform, don’t blame others or ‘rooted culture’.

    It is a simple way to evade responsibility and find an excuse for one’s own failing.

    Army personnel knows Kuek as a sweet talker while the new CEO is a ground man and is one who walk the talk.

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  • LIONS:

    LTA MUST BE AUDIITED BY AGO more regularly from public transport to roads and others.

    LTA is an arrogant agency who shows favours to GRASSLOOTERS and senior civil servants and ‘relatives’/friends in the way it operates.

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  • HarderTruths:

    More than 70% ballsless $G voters WILL return the pappy circus to power.

    Of that I am very sure of – that is why I am never disappointed.

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  • Too early to celebrate:

    Not tested yet.
    No results yet.
    Too early to pass judgement.

    As Bad Boy remarks, say a few ” kate sard kate say ” words everybody knows ( whether 70 or 30% ).

    Example China promises alot but in the end many empty promises.

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