TR Emeritus on Semi-hiatus

Please be informed that we will be placing TR Emeritus (TRE) on semi-hiatus effective 4th December 2018.

This means that instead of churning out 5 or more articles per day (our normal quota), we will be publishing articles on an ad hoc basis, as and when there are contributions or events worth writing on.

During this period, readers can still continue to read and comment on articles and moderation will continue as normal.

Balls Also Shrink

Observant readers would have noticed that lately, some of our regular contributors have stopped writing and articles on TRE are getting very limited.

A quick check with some of them have indicated that they are laying off writing for a while to “play safe”, avoid a “shakedown” and avoid being invited to Cantonment Police Complex for tea sessions. Some have even admitted that their “balls also shrink” following the latest supposed “shakedown” on several alternative websites and writers.

Within a short period of one month:

  • Alternative media The Independent SG (TISG) and Maruah’s President Leong Sze Hian were threatened with lawsuits by NTUC Foodfare and Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) respectively.
  • Chief editor of The Online Citizen (TOC) and writer “Willy Sum” had their homes ransacked and electronic equipment seized by the police for an alleged offense of “criminal defamation” after IMDA lodged a police report.
  • States Times Review, a website operated by self-exiled Alex Tan was forced to shut down after IMDA lodged a police report.

Be it coincidence or speculated pre-GE  “shakedown”, it is understandable why they are playing safe and lying low. We would of course want the writers and contributors to be safe rather than publish their articles and be sorry.

TRE Is Falling Apart

Be that as it may, the lesser workload would mean that we are able to focus our attention on more pressing issues, like the very much needed re-coding and upgrading of the system – to keep the website alive.

1. The platform and system (software) which the TRE website is running on have become outdated (since 2011) and needs to be re-coded and upgraded because current OSes are no longer supporting it.  Without re-coding the platform and upgrading the system, we are no longer able to update the website with the latest plugins and widgets necessary for the smooth operation of TRE.

Although our techie was able to upgrade the system to the bare minimum required for TRE’s outdated platform, the website is churning out errors on a daily basis and there is nothing our techie could do anymore. Simply put, TRE is falling apart and has to be upgraded soonest (or it will die due to old age, literally).

Since our current theme is heavily enhanced and modified (by 3rd party programmers), conventional upgrading of the platform to the latest version supported by current system and OS just won’t cut it. Our techie have experimented with this many times over the months, each time failing to port the database over.

As such, we are left with no option but to engage the services of 3rd party programmers to effect the necessary. What needs to be done is beyond our techie’s pay grade.

Once we are able to complete the upgrade, we would like to proceed to migrate our current Core I7 servers to E5 servers to handle the extra load which the upcoming General Elections is expected to bring.

We will also be engaging a few writers to contribute, if our finances allow.

Please Support Our Upgrading

Should we are able to proceed with the upgrading, the entire process can be completed by the end of December this year (if our finances allow) and is expected to cost about SGD $10,000.

Although our current advertisement income is sufficient to cover the server’s annual rental, we are still short on the amount needed to perform the much needed re-coding, system and servers upgrading.

We are therefore appealing to our able readers to please help us defray the cost of the upgrading by making a small donation.

Our official PayPal account (for online payment) is located here while those who would like to contribute via International Telegraphic Transfer, WeChat or Alipay (recommended for readers in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong) may contact us for account information.

Thank you in advance for all your support so we can continue to provide an independent platform for the Voice of Singaporeans for Singapore.


[email protected] Emeritus


* Amount collected will be updated daily in the sliding announcement tab at the right-bottom of the website.



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3 Responses to “TR Emeritus on Semi-hiatus”

  • Bad Boy:

    Suddenly very quiet.

    Another that the chinese saying …
    半夜里敲门心不惊 is one big BS.

    Mod: Now who dare to make noise? Talk too much sekali all equipment kenna seized, then how?

    GD Star Rating
  • Shut up IB:

    Bad Boy:
    Suddenly very quiet.

    Another that the chinese saying …
    半夜里敲门心不惊 is one big BS.

    GD Star Rating
  • Bad Boy:

    @ Shut up IB

    That’s prove the above chinese culture statement is one big bs.

    However with the current predicament “alt news ” site facing , will it translate to more votes to opps parties, …perhaps theres a silver lining ???

    Or will it be another proof ?

    GD Star Rating

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