No maids allowed in Singapore Cricket Club?

So this happened.

What I thought would be an enjoyable occasion with my dad, brother, his wife, three children and their helper turned out to be… not so nice.

We were at the Singapore Cricket Club, a historical landmark in Singapore. I was there as a guest to watch my tough-as-nails nephew, whom I adore, play some good, old-timey rugby.

After the match we adjourned to the The Victoria Room, a restaurant in the club just as fancy as its colonial title. So fancy in fact, that we were blatantly told by a member of the staff that they “Don’t allow maids here.” Good, old-timey discrimination.

Shocked and taken aback by this flagrant discrimination, we tried to clarify: “You mean in this particular area, or in the restaurant ?”

“No. They’re not allowed in the club. At all. She has to wait in the car park,” replied the middle-aged Chinese staffer.

“Well, how do you know she’s not my cousin?” quips my sister-in-law.

“I will know,” he said.

I will know.

This phrase has been echoing through my mind for the past few days. Four, to be exact. I decided to take the usually sage advice of sleeping on it, but I was still upset the next day so here I am with this post. (A particularly gruelling CrossFit workout event over the weekend rendered me useless till now.)

When I first heard what the staff was telling us I was furious. I wanted to go all “Becky Lynch” on the club, which is basically a professional wrestling term for causing a scene and breaking things. But I heeded more advice — to take a walk and calm down lah.

I tried to find another place for dinner during my walk, but it was getting late, my father is old and the kids needed to get home in time for bed. By the time I returned from my walk, the family was already seated in The Victoria Room and my brother’s helper, Mary, shrugged the whole thing off and had no qualms taking my infant niece for a walk while we rushed through dinner and packed her share for later.

Many of you might be thinking, “Why would you still want to eat there if you felt so strongly about it?”

The fact is I’ve always been hotheaded and brash and this behaviour has gotten me in trouble with friends, peers, mentors and even the law on a couple of occasions. So now I’d like to think I should be able to approach these situations with a touch of class and a whole lot of zen. (It’s still a work in progress.) I didn’t think making a scene there and missing dinner entirely would have made any impact on the real issue.

So what is the purpose of this post, you may bellow.

Look guys, I am not saying you should #boycott the Singapore Cricket Club. Besides, the club’s membership requirements don’t look easy to meet so it’s hard for low SES, non-members like us to boycott them anyway.

What I’m asking them is this: if you guys have this type of policy, then why aren’t you OPEN and CRYSTAL CLEAR about it. It’s not on their website and I know this because my grumpy dad, the member of the Cricket Club, who doesn’t like surprises and wanted nothing more than to have a nice outing together, reminded me THREE times: “Hey, you need to wear pants ah. This place must wear pants, okay? I know you don’t like, but must.”

I believe in personal choice. If you want to be a part of a club that has questionable, archaic practices, it’s not my place to tell you to do otherwise. As long as no one gets hurt and the rules are fair, your time and money are yours to spend as you see fit. People think professional wrestling is dumb and glorifies toxic maculinity but hey, my favourite wrestler is @beckylynchwwe so #girlpower.

But this wasn’t fair.

It was not fair for Mary, who works hard and makes sacrifices like everyone else, to be deprived of having dinner with the family. It was not fair to my grumpy dad who thought his biggest problem was his son’s pants-hating inclinations.


* Facebook post by Nicholas.



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15 Responses to “No maids allowed in Singapore Cricket Club?”

  • RDB:

    Such a high class but low mentality managed club so shameless in public view.

    GD Star Rating
  • Flabbergasted:

    Biggest racists trying to stir shit. Get lost, hypocrites.

    GD Star Rating
  • Grow some balls, man!:

    Stupid n unneccessary article.
    An attempt to ‘name & shame’ the establishment.
    Why didnt he just speak up for their helper ?
    He could have done it in a subtle manner so as not to embarrass his old dad who was the club member.
    No use coming here at TRE to vent his frustrations.
    His conscience pricking him now i suppose?

    GD Star Rating
  • rukidding:

    He did say its “Cricket Club” rite….those little creatures that makes “cricket noises” whenever daylight turns to darkness ????

    The name says “so”….so be it !

    GD Star Rating
  • Tatman:

    Singapore Cricket Club shameless ELITISM!! Pui!!

    GD Star Rating
  • Bapak:

    It is very sad when they need social media to complain then they come here. Good day never see them around.

    GD Star Rating
  • HarderTruths:

    I do not see this as a SCC problem. $G locals have a superiority complex and the first targets are foreign hired help as they are easy to bully.

    GD Star Rating
  • Not surprised:

    Why so surprised?
    There are quite a few places, including SCC, where mere mortal Singaporeans are not allowed.

    GD Star Rating
  • Merobok:

    ” I will know”…. I guess all the staff at Singapore Cricket Club has been trained to sniffle a maid just like the dogs at the CNB!
    What a waste of time in training when they should be concentrating on superior customer service!….and one wonders if they are getting grants fr the Govt for this kind of wasteful training?

    GD Star Rating
  • Flabbergasted:

    Not surprised:
    Why so surprised?
    There are quite a few places, including SCC, where mere mortal Singaporeans are not allowed.

    Not so long ago, white shit did not even allow coloured people to ride in the same buses as them. bloody hypocrites, now come here to stir shit.

    GD Star Rating
  • Discrimination exists:

    I feel the author is local.
    They would never dare say that to an ang moh with a maid in tow.
    In fact you’ll hear ” yes sir”, and “no sir” all the while showing the ang mohs to their table..
    We’ve all witnessed it or been a victim to such discrimination in our own country!

    GD Star Rating
  • Bobo:

    How the staff identify the lady is a maid? Obviously, her master/employer had made her looked like one. Please respect your maid in public places especially when you are taking her to restaurant or club. Dress her up like a guest as well. The reason why maids working with angmo are happy because they are well respected and allowed to dress well.

    GD Star Rating
  • certain class of people:

    //Why didnt he just speak up for their helper ?
    He could have done it in a subtle manner so as not to embarrass his old dad who was the club member.//

    wow need another different person to speak up ? perhaps can work better lar.

    subtle manner ? how subtle ? can work meh ? the objective is to get the helper in the first place lah. if not, all after-the-fact (benefits of hindsight) on what should or should not have been done is purely moot lar.

    //An attempt to ‘name & shame’ the establishment.//

    likewise there could be certain rules which are ‘implicitly shaming’ a certain class of people lar (or reinforcing the higher status of certain ‘atas’ class as in exclusivity lar)

    GD Star Rating
  • openly - aristocrats:

    //They would never dare say that to an ang moh with a maid in tow.//

    you know what. all along, perhaps for the last 100 – 200 years, the ang mos have been giving & instilling the impression that they are more ‘superior’ (military, culture, technology wise) and practically and subconsciously all the others (not ang mos) are also reinforcing this ‘impression’ – only starting to beat their chests once in a while.

    in sinkie land, jiaklat, a certain impression has also been voiced out openly – aristocrats (maybe in the colour of white also).

    GD Star Rating
  • Lily of the silly:

    Wait till you enter a white only club.

    GD Star Rating

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