Fake Argument

MP Zainal Sapari

After reading what PAP MP Zainal Sapari and Lim Boon Heng talked about their opposition to having Minimum Wage, I had to stop and cool myself for a couple of hours first before I write this posting. I was afraid of scolding them with all the profanities I have learned for the past four decades.

Professor Tommy Koh is right to say that all those points they brought up are just plain fake argument. But just too bad, PAP isn’t going to put up anti-Fake Argument law which would be used against themselves.

The apparent lack of empathy from these highly paid “elites” is most glaring when they argued that $600 for a cleaner is “fair”, just because “foreign workers” could buy two parcel of land frack in their own countries!

As the “elites”, worse, the (past and current) leaders of the so call trade union in Singapore, they are supposed to look at the welfare of Singaporeans, Singapore workers but instead, they are more concern about whether $600 is “fair” to foreign workers and how many parcels of land these foreign workers could buy in their homeland!

How many parcels of land can Singapore workers in the cleaning industry buy in Singapore with $600 pay? That will definitely be my retort to them if they ever dare to say that again in my face.

Maybe these “elites” should try to live with $600 for a month, or just let them have $800 for a month and see they could even feed themselves well with that.

A living wage is a wage relevant to the cost of living where the workers live. Low Wage Singaporeans have no other “motherland” to go back to and they could only continue to suffer in this country which “Pride” itself as the most expensive city in the world.

Although we are the most expensive city in the world, only our politicians and ministers enjoy the highest income the world. Our workers, especially the low wage workers, are actually earning slightly better than some third world countries with very much lower cost of living!

Our middle class are not earning the highest pay in the world either, as compared to other developed countries.

It is actually an irony that the White politicians would set minimum wage for their own leaders aka ministers with the pegging to the top income earners in Singapore while low income Singaporeans were just left to their own suffering with such derisory wages pegged to the third world countries living in the most expensive first world country.

Now you know why I need to take so much time to hold back my profanities.


Goh Meng Seng



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14 Responses to “Fake Argument”

  • DoUWantToBePAPslavesForever:

    You SHOULD have let loose a few !
    They are beyond whats decent these days!

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  • Tremendous:

    The announcement on having ‘no man left behind’ is fake news.

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  • Bapak:

    Is this the kind of mindset of our government officers? Low-end workers, to them $700 pm is enough, whereas with their million-dollar salary, not enough?

    Yes, have to VTO.

    You SHOULD have let loose a few !
    They are beyond whats decent these days!

    With You, For You and For Singapore is also fake news.

    The announcement on having ‘no man left behind’ is fake news.

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  • HarderTruths:

    You miss the point GMS

    No matter what the salary is FT will always get the job.

    You need to THINK. This is not the EU or USA.

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  • Selfish Sinkie Syndrome:

    What to do…Selfish Sinkie Syndrome is like that wat.
    I can tell you next GE, same results even if you shout profanities at them.

    Sinkies deserve it. That is how countries slowly become dictatorships…it is never a sudden change but rather by degrees.

    At first, it will be minor infractions on personal freedoms (like banning chewing gums), then slowly as time goes by, more and more laws will be passed when the entrenched party gets more and more power, until eventually, they simply declare themselves as Emperor designate and then no one would even squeak a little protest.

    In fact, that is how such countries like North Korea, devolve into human hell.
    The best thing is that even in such hellish conditions, there are North Koreans who will still sincerely sing praises and cry emotionally for their dear leader. That is how hopelessly stupid this human primate creature really is.

    So you see, Sinkies are similar in nature. At first, they will be voting based on selfish personal interests or greed for small advantages (such as HDB upgrading), or silly fear of this or that, then gradually, they become trained and even vote for their oppressors like in the Stockholm Syndrome.

    Many Sinkies today are still talking about how the opposition is not capable to take over governance etc., so they clearly prefer the status quo as something akin to choosing the “least worst” choice; but they do not realize every time they keep choosing the least worst choice means the problem gets bigger and bigger.

    Eventually, when Sinkingapore declare a national holiday for the permanent removal of all political elections, I think such Sinkies may even clap hands and congratulate each other that they get extra holidays. Ha!

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  • LIONS:

    i rather NTUC n the tripartite NWC talk about MAXIMUM WAGE FOR THE TOP EARNERS starting from BIG MOUTH$ like *$apu-ri*(TAKE ALL for oneself) and croc-tear$ LBH???

    a MINIMUM WAGE ,without a MAXIMUM WAGE (CAPPING) is not really going to help REDUCE WAGE INEQUALITY per se.

    i can up a cleaner by 10 pct out of his infamous $1k pm salary but i can also,at the same time,up my OWN TOP $alary of $x MILLION BY JUST 4 PCT and the INEQUALITY WILL STILL WIDEN???

    WTF! THE RICH HAS NO IDEA THEY ARE ACTUALLY FARKING THEIR OWN CUNT$ by their HOARDING as AGGREGATE DEMAND will gradually decrease or grow much slower than potential by their GREED AND HOARDING and cause the economy (and their company share prices) to drop???

    it does not take rocket science of HARVARD MBAs or MPSs(LIKE OUR MINISTERS) to understand thsi simple economic logic!!!

    but PIG$,especially greedy one$ are rather stoopid!!!

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  • WhyEvenBother:

    Sometimes i wish our parliamentarians are like some in other countries.
    They debate n argue passionately till sometimes coming to blows or even throwing table &chairs about or at each other. I know its ill mannered behaviour but it shows the ‘fight’in them.
    Yes i giggle at those news snips on tv at times…but if only .
    Our sg parliament is made up of sterile unimaginative minds! So so boring!

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  • rukidding:

    Indian is Malay ???


    Malay is Indian ???

    You know what I mean don’t you ????

    “Their” skin is so “thick” ,..that “they” don’t feel that “anything is wrong” ????

    Everytime I look at “her” ( you know who )….it reminds me of my chilhood fren’s mother….a “SATAY” seller

    Lots of “smoke”

    She “smells”

    She can “flipped and turn” satay sticks ( pretty fast )

    She has “give of tongue”

    She will always say,…the “Boss” is “always right” ..( as long as I get paid )

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  • Dr. ED (Urinology):

    @ WhyEvenBother


    I believe you meant (to say) “IMPOTENT”.

    All who agree, keechiu, thank yew!

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  • Leech:

    Why blame the PAP government for leeching on the people?

    Didn’t the masses voted for these self-made elites to lord over them and their children, and agree that their HDB should be zero in value after 99 years lease expiry.

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  • N.Jungne:

    With $1000/= Sinkapoo worker can buy a whole HDB flat, Botak, the Tarman said one.

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  • DavidLKSee:

    WHAT DO YOU EXPECT from a former “unknown/unheard-of” school-teacher turned shameless yes-man PAP-bootlicker Politician ???

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  • John Lim:

    It’s not fake argument. It’s a stupid and ignorant argument!!!

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  • See Nee Ker (Sneaker/Snigger):

    “Sir, where’s the usual tip of $50 you still owing me all these many years for fetching Mrs Lim from Changi airport so many years back years leh, you forget liao lor???”

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