How Tampines Town Council can use AI to improve productivity

I recently read that Uber is using AI to monitor its drivers’ performances, with its systems picking up whether a particular trip has taken a much longer or shorter time than usual.

Well when the the Tapoines Town Council adds AI to the existing monitoring system that it recently implemented to keep the place clean, Tampines will be cleanest GRC in S’pore.

After gripes from residents over the cleanliness of their estate — such as their corridors not being swept — the Tampines Town Council has rolled out a monitoring system that offers more detailed insights into a cleaner’s routes, down to the floors that they have covered in a day’s work.

The system, which uses vertical positioning technology, tracks the completion of the work carried out by the estate’s cleaners more effectively. While a cleaner whom TODAY interviewed expressed reservations about the surveillance and his company wanting to “control” him, the town council said the system will protect them when disputes with residents arise over whether certain areas had been cleaned.


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4 Responses to “How Tampines Town Council can use AI to improve productivity”

  • Partial truth?:

    Unless the people change their bad habits and be more social responsible like e.g. japanese self pick up their litters , else the result is cleaners have to work harder.

    Of course less time for them to do garang guni businesses.

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  • Mere Buzzwords:

    Tampines Residents should ask and be concerned with how much the capital and maintenance cost it will add to them and how the results will be tracked and reported to them. They should demand to know WHAT they would be getting in return rather than just paying for PaYpAy buzzwords.

    Is the S&CC chargers going UP again?

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  • rukidding:

    Another “self jerking” article ????

    Ya,…long live your Naked emperor !

    Wan shui ! Wan,wan shui !

    Maybe Cynical should “start praising” on the AIMs “Great software”??

    People should “learn” from it,…because it was only a $2 Company ??

    “Brillant” …”entrepreuners” ??

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  • Change We Must:

    They re intruding the cleaners privacy, who would want to work there?

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