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Dear readers

It’s a little awkward, so we’ll get straight to the point: On 1st December, we informed our readers that we are going on a semi-hiatus so that we can repair and upgrade our software and hardware to keep TR Emeritus (TRE) alive. [LINK]

We also humbly made an appeal for financial support to help us offset the estimated SG$10,000 costs for the needed upgrading of our software and hardware, but to date we have only received about US$90, which is way off the amount needed to effect the necessary.

Our appeal for financial assistance is displayed close to 100,000 times a day, but currently only 6 have donated.  If everyone reading this donated a small amount, we could keep TRE going for a few years. The price of a cup of your morning coffee is all we need.

When we revived TRE in 2011, many warned us that we’d regret it because Singaporeans are basically apolitical and support for alternative websites are weak given the “fear factor” in many.  It would also be hard to generate enough income to keep the website going.

But we decided to revived it anyway because we are not out for profit, we want TRE to be a neutral platform for learning and healthy discourse. It unites all of us who love knowledge: contributors, readers and the supporters who keep TRE going.

The heart and soul of TRE is a community of people working to bring you unlimited access to reliable and neutral information,  and a platform for all readers to voice their opinions regardless of their race, religion or political affiliations.

We did appeal for donations in the past but we have never been able to meet our target and have had to top up from our own pockets. This time round, it may be our last appeal because TRE is falling apart and will die of old age (literally) in a few months, maybe in a year if we are lucky – if we do not perform the upgrade. Unlike in the past when there were 7 of us, there’s only 3 of us now and we cannot afford to fork out the difference anymore.

So, if you believe in what we do, please take a minute to contribute and help us keep TRE going. Thank you!


[email protected] Emeritus


The problems which TRE is currently facing (excerpts from original post):

1. The platform and system (software) which the TRE website is running on have become outdated (since 2011) and needs to be re-coded and upgraded because current OSes are no longer supporting it.  Without re-coding the platform and upgrading the system, we are no longer able to update the website with the latest plugins and widgets necessary for the smooth operation of TRE.

Although our techie was able to upgrade the system to the bare minimum required for TRE’s outdated platform, the website is churning out errors on a daily basis and there is nothing our techie could do anymore. Simply put, TRE is falling apart and has to be upgraded soonest (or it will die of old age, literally).

Since our current theme is heavily enhanced and modified (by 3rd party programmers), conventional upgrading of the platform to the latest version supported by current system and OS just won’t cut it. Our techie have experimented with this many times over the months, each time failing to port the database over.

As such, we are left with no option but to engage the services of 3rd party programmers to effect the necessary. What needs to be done is beyond our techie’s pay grade.

Once we are able to complete the upgrade, we would like to proceed to migrate our current Core I7 servers to E5 servers to handle the extra load which the upcoming General Elections is expected to bring.

We will also be engaging a few writers to contribute, if our finances allow.

* Amount collected will be updated daily in the sliding announcement tab at the right-bottom of the website.

** Please note that all donations are purely voluntary and unconditional.  TRE gives no promises whether expressed or implied to any individual or organization of any return in kind or favour or whatsoever, other than the continued operation of our website. Please do not make a donation if you are not comfortable with the above stated, or for any other reason whatsoever.




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8 Responses to “TR Emeritus needs your financial support”

  • Just an idea:

    Why not you consider charging those writers whose “writings” appear here very often?

    Those writers do get some benefit from the publicity you give to their “writings”.

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  • On Hiatus TRE reader:

    Disagree. In fact those good writers/commenters should be paid for contributing but they didn’t want to. Except for those that turn off the readers with no substance, like CI, should be paying based on the amount of rubbish they generate here. They’re the reason why TRE is in such a pathetic state. Only <$100? Better wake up and allow more good articles and writers here so readers will feel happy to donate.

    Just an idea:
    Why not you consider charging those writers whose “writings” appear here very often?

    Those writers do get some benefit from the publicity you give to their “writings”.

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  • rukidding:

    Charged for contributions….then reward back for good article !

    If this were to be the method,…ha,ha, ha,…CI will “bo pian” and “disappear” in NO time !

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  • NotMyProblem:

    I have made my contribution hopefully TRE can do something to the “Rating”. Every article with more than 15 responses, the rating will be forever “Loading”.

    GD Star Rating

    Dear TRE,

    You should just close down your site.

    You will not get any donation.

    Have you not realize that opposition supporters are largely made up of whiners and leechers ?

    Yes, I dare say it out loud, opposition supporters are mere whiners and leechers.

    They just want to piggy ride on the back of others to enjoy the fruits of other people efforts.

    No one here can prove me wrong….hahahaha


    GD Star Rating
  • Siva:

    Dear TRE,

    Have you considered services like WordPress, Webly etc.? From your comments on “outdated systems” and “Old OS”, it seems your technology stack is not modern and you are managing hardware and software that you need not have to.

    With services like what i mentioned above, you just need to pay a monthtly subscription fee (quite modest actually) and they take care of hardware, software, OS etc. Many top sites on the planet (e.g. disney and sony japan if i recall correctly) run on these services, so managing traffic is not a problem either.

    The only downside may be the list of available features might not have everything you seek. There could also be restrictions on layout, theme etc.

    But these services are very easy to learn and can be started by non-tech people. Please Google and learn about these services. It would be a shame if TRE closes down due to lack of IT budget.

    I made my donation, good luck!

    Tech: We tried and tested all the services you mentioned in 2011, when TRE was revived. However, due to TRE being very popular (we have less readers now) then, their limited functions and options was not feasible for our big site.

    We also considered shared services where the host manages the WordPress and hardware, but most plans offer limited options which TRE will simply utilise in a day. We then access more elaborate hosts but these charges more than if we were to have our own servers.

    Take for example, our current “modest traffic” TRE requires at least 32GB of RAM to run on. There are kn known hosts that offers such a plan, even for those dedicated to WordPress hosting. There are a few but the plans can go into thousands per month, much much more if we have our own dedicated servers.

    So, we went back to having our own servers in the end. Currently, we are looking at other options in case we may not be able to achieve the amount needed. Thank you.

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  • OE2018:

    I made my donation! Good luck in finding other cheaper options and may all TRE readers support the team!

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  • Zhenzidan:

    After publishing more than 100,000 times, only six persons donated only $100? Meaning each one donated less than $20? Then donate for what?

    Your Tech that day was boosting to me “Do you know since Oct TRE has been viewed 100,000 times? That shows people “ENJOY” reading TRE but dare not comment”

    If people really “enjoy” reading why they never donate? Furthermore your Tech also joined in the fray to whack WP and you noticed something? KJ and GMS also like to whack WP and look at their votes! The Tech kept saying WP is useless but oi! They raised $1 million in just 3 days you know? What about you?

    You seem to believe that it was CI’s articles that helped boost the viewings. Despite many readers grumbling about CI, you turned around and mocked at the readers saying they are not matured to know how to appreciate CI’s stupid articles! And yet you kept telling us you take feedback very seriously. I gave feedback with very harsh words but you all can tell me off by saying “You don’t own TRE”! Listening to feedback?

    I already said $10k is an amount I ca easily afford, and if 3 of you don’t even have that amount, please close down fast!

    I bet you won’t dare to publish my comments!

    Tech: There is nothig wrong with your comment to not publish, just your ability to read, absorb and comprehend. You also have a habit of taking my comments out of context and then spin it in the direction you want so I am not going to entertain you by rebutting this comment of yours. Besides, rebutting comments and untruths is beyond my paygrade.

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