Workers Party on Malaysian vessel intrusion into Singapore waters

The Workers’ Party notes with grave concern the deployment of Malaysian Government vessels into Singapore waters off Tuas West.

As fraternal neighbours with a wide-ranging bilateral relationship, both Singapore and Malaysia cooperate on many fronts, including the military front, with exercises and visits by senior personnel to each other’s countries and training areas. There is a deep economic relationship between both neighbours with much more to be potentially reaped for both Malaysians and Singaporeans through economic collaboration. The people of both countries are deeply invested in each other through ties of family and friendship.

In view of this unique and deep bilateral relationship, any disagreement/s on any matter between both countries can be resolved either through bilateral negotiation or through a third-party adjudication process.

Escalatory actions like the unilateral deployment of vessels to engender new facts on the ground are not only unnecessary and provocative, they do not set the right tone for Singapore-Malaysia relations for our people and in particular, the younger generation of Singaporeans and Malaysians.

The Workers’ Party stands by our men and women in all our security and enforcement agencies who have been activated to deal with the incursion of Malaysian vessels into Singapore waters. They have our full support.


The Workers’ Party

8 December 2018




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8 Responses to “Workers Party on Malaysian vessel intrusion into Singapore waters”

  • Talk stupid:

    WP talks stupid like the biws. As Opposition, it has been behaving like head shrinking tortoises. At time WPbshould be behaving like a two edged sword n should be seen oppsing biws in their rediculous childish attitude n behaviour their recognizably use of such event to gain continuous support after their traitorous rampant import policy of foreigners into the country to such proportion as to compromise national security n making a mockery of service. As responsible opposition, it should never shies off in of your approach to resolve the problem, even to the extent of open contact with Malaysian. Even if the biws plagiarizes your idea, your open announcement wwil have citizens know who should be the ht lleadr of Singapore. We all know shits like the v4 biws r spewing ubbish n try t citizens how powerful n arrogant ey an be to Mahathir n his men. As a netizen said, low IQ is not a crime but stupidity is. Chinese has an appropriate label for su Biws ie century national criminal scumbags. Howver it is true that Singaporeans should unite to defend th e nation against internal stupid mindless politically self made billionaire traitors n to see how really they r since nationally proclaimed to be such clever n gutful paper generaSingaporls. At this juncture, Mrs Singh comment on engineers shifting blame of MRT frequent breakdowns on the ground maintenance workers who r just performing according to their ning n decision came to mind. SSingaporeans will be delighted to all ministers Generals lprove themselves as they talk proving their real worth of the oorfulmedals weighing on in particular berachan with $10 ckaitowkwei n his no problem in importing foreigners to replace Singaporeans. Presumably he also has no problem to import foreigners so that he can hide behind them n talk big shits.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    We are NOT people we are One Family…DEFINITELY, not a famiLEE…the Bastard Broke up a Family and tried to CREATE a famiLEE by adopting Foreigners

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  • LIONS:

    Trouble is the men n women in our security agencies dont stand for WP?

    WP,after this is over,THEY WILL GO AFTER you?
    So,save your breath.

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  • Change We Must:

    In this kind of crisis, we have to be united to protect our country put the difference in political ideas aside. We should not be tricked by Malaya as they are using us to unite their troubling country called Malaya. Dr M and PAS also holding hands to degrade the Indian and Chinese in Malaya to poor migrate that make fortunate there at the expense of the Malays because of their generosity to let them stay in Malaya So implying they are not Malaysian. Sympathize with them after so many years in Malaya and they still cannot accept by the Malays and fake Malay in Malaya.

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  • PAP's Por Lam Par``?:

    @ Change we must

    Yes ,In time of crisis we must stand united and support our country. You must be out of your mind and very stupid.

    In time of non crisis they treat it as PAP’s country and not our country. They do what they like without people approval and screw our backsides everyday by raising cost of living and bringing more foreigners to take our jobs and now they called us to support them.

    You Gila Babi or what ?

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  • The Silent Doubletimer:

    No one will trust a dishonorable son.
    History has shown that he cannot be trusted.
    First the CPF than the HDB, robbing hardworking sinkies of their life savings, pushing them to poverty. Then the influx to rob your lunches, wilfully claiming citizens commit more crime. Taxes to fill his coffers and gambling addiction. Everything is for him and himself only. A spoilt brat.

    Read the Animal Farm, learn something from it, it’s Almighty’s gift to stupid Sinkies to wake them up. Don’t be like the foolish Boxer who did not even know how he died or conscripts charging to their death.

    His sycophants are barking and rallying while the master sith remains silent.

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  • IfShitHappens:

    God Forbid but if a confrontation happens, i hope all our gov paper generals go to the front lines first to lead the troops…no use all their training going yo nought.time to apply what they learnt at ‘generals school’, right?
    Haha who am i kidding.
    Some other peasant’s father or brother,uncle or nephew will be pushed to the frontlines to protect the white horses n their belovef foreigner prs /fts. Sgs will have to dacrifice or die …not their problem!

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  • hahaha:

    has been proven that he is ruthless toward his own familee.. his siblings and nephew.. do you think he cares about the ordinary folks like you and me? united as a country, pui! i be the first to get out!

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