Family friend of ‘Willy Sum’ on the ‘extraordinary young person’

A family friend of Daniel Augustin De Costa  aka Willy Sum (pen name) has written to TR Emeritus (TRE) requesting that we publish an appeal on his behalf.

De Costa was charged in court on Thursday (13th Dec) alongside Terry Xu (chief editor of The Online Citizen) for alleged criminal defamation arising from the authoring and publication of an article “The Take Away From Seah Kian Ping’s Facebook Post”.

The family friend, Mr Tan told TRE that De Costa is an “extraordinary young person” who is very outspoken and helpful. This was confirmed by Lawyer Teo Soh Lung, who knows De Costa in person. Ms Teo’s take on De Costa is quoted below:

Who is De Costa aka Willy?

Willy is an extraordinary young person. He helps the homeless and the poor. He is good with languages and gets along easily with people. He empathises with the poor and understands their plight. He helps them to resolve problems and misunderstandings with government ministries. He loves writing and writes very well.

Willy is a good listener. He spends hours listening to people pouring out their troubles. He writes about their hardship and problems. He highlights the problems they face, occasionally using online platforms like TOC and He writes about their inability to cope with the high cost of living, their joblessness and occasionally their brush with the law. He helps them to communicate with relevant ministries and is simply elated when his letters receive the necessary attention and the status of his “clients” is improved. His “clients” are grateful to him and he is happy. He is a sort of the olden days “petition writers” except that he does that all for free.

Recently, he helped Siti, a mother of three with this article published in ”Kids taken away from custody of parents by MSF even after negative drug test“.

Siti’s children were removed from her custody by the very ministry that was supposed to help her hold her family together. When everything failed and she was pushed to the wall, Willy came to her rescue. Shortly after the publication of Siti’s letter in, her three children were reunited with her. Thanks to and Willy.

Willy’s letter highlights the incompetence of the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) the very ministry that is supposed to assist the powerless and the poor. It also touches on the inadequacy of law enforcement agencies and the high-handed manner the police deal with alleged drug offenders. Such harsh and irresponsible behaviour displayed by the police and MSF have the “slow drip of poison” effect (to borrow the words of Mr Edwin Tong) on our society. People internalise fear and lead abnormal lives.

The article above is just one example of what Willy does. He does not care to claim credit for what he did. Indeed, even Transitioning.Org was not aware of what Willy did for their clients.

Unfortunately, said Mr Tan, De Costa is no longer able to follow up on existing cases and help those in need anymore as all his electronics equipment that can access the internet have been seized by the police and are unlikely to be returned as he has been charged in court.

De Costa is currently using an old primitive mobile phone which has very limited internet capabilities and lacks the necessary software to continue what he has been doing prior to his equipment being seized.

Mr Tan is therefore appealing to kind hearted TRE readers to please donate a pad or a laptop or cash to De Costa so that he can continue to help those in need.

Any kind reader who is willing to help De Costa may contact the below listed person/s to pass the equipment:

1. Mr Jolovan Wham of Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME) [].

2. Ms Teo Soh Lung of Function 8 (at Midview City – The Agora).

For cash donations, please contact De Costa directly. De Costa is currently using a new email address as the original email account which he has been using has been seized by the police.

Mr Tan’s email to TRE

I’m a family friend of “Willy Sum’s” mother, “Judy Tan” whom my wife and I had dinner with to celebrate her belated birthday recently.

This is the worst birthday she possibly had, having to forcefully forfeit a short trip she saved up thriftily for the last 11 months after being rounded up by CID with her son at the void deck of her home!

She did not ask me to pen this but I had to, witnessing how a good person who always looks out for others, now suffers a fate similar to hardened criminals. I had known her for 6 years already, referring perplexing and troubled cases of my customers and family members to her son for resolution. These are cases that no one will bother to assist, not even the elected MPs.

Life has been on a roller coaster since their electronics were impounded by CID as it crippled the ability of Willy to highlight and follow up on cases. He currently functions on an old faulty phone that is about to give way and they can’t afford to buy a new one as Judy has lost $2570 of her hard earned savings to the botched trip. Letters from MP Faisal to stop the harassment and return the items are being ignored by the SPF!

Judy is only a part time worker who has had difficulties getting a full time admin job owing to her age. Willy has been on medical leave for 6 months due to slip disc and osteoarthritis.

Hence, I hope we can help raise $3420 to get the gadgets Willy lost in the CID’s operation, in order to continue the good works he’s always been doing.

C S Tan

Meanwhile, TRE understands that De Costa intends to contest the charges against him and has sought the advice of lawyers “Eugene & Suang from Eugene T”.


* TRE has confirmed with De Costa that Mr Tan is indeed a family friend and that he is in need of the equipment to continue his work.



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2 Responses to “Family friend of ‘Willy Sum’ on the ‘extraordinary young person’”

  • LIONS:

    Willy never say FAKE NEWS that so-and-so minister has 3 balls or things like that?

    Isnt it obvious the cowardLEE PIG$ are merely using FAKE NEWS LAW to suppress REAL NEWS ABOUT REAL SGS SUFFERRING FROM STOOPID GOVT POLICIES?

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  • rukidding:

    “Greedy Pigs” don’t like this type of people.

    “They” feel “threatened” because this type of people are “No Dafts” !

    “Greedy PIGs” thus “smear shits” all over this person .

    We should “catch” all these “Greedy PIGs” and sent them to the “abbatoir”.

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