Only Dogs bark while Lion kills in silent maneuvers

Silly Dogs Vs Cunning Lion:

This is the situation we are facing right now, witnessing the silly white dogs who will just bark and spend money to flex military muscles without hurting anyone except our nation’s coffers.

The cunning old Lion in Malaysia just kept quiet, even admitted that Singapore is just too powerful and it is silly for Malaysia to go to war with Singapore. But he didn’t reveal the whole truth in his mind.

Singapore may be powerful in military terms but it is extremely vulnerable in many ways. It just takes a few decisions to cut supply of farm produce from Malaysia to Singapore and it will hurt Singaporeans’ pockets greatly!

Malaysia doesn’t need to waste money to mobilize its army, wasting fuel to get its navy or fighter planes to fly around but yet, Singaporeans will feel the great pinch in our pockets. The old Lion knows that as long as it doesn’t cut our water supply, Singapore cannot get any excuse to go to war with it.

First eggs, now fish. Later vegetables? Of course, the PAP government will brag about Plan A, B, C, D to cope with such situations. But the truth is, poor Singaporeans will be ones who will suffer higher inflation on food. Suddenly, bread and your hawker centers food price will spike in relative terms – either higher price or smaller portion.

Well, those who are responsible for all these mess are all millionaires and they won’t feel the pinch at all. What is a few hundred dollars more for food to them? Peanut skin only! It is those Singaporeans in the middle lower income group who will suffer the greatest.

PAP government may think it is smart or even fun to carry on these tit for tat childish game of retaliation via deliberate jamming up of the causeway and Tuas second link. But the truth is, it is actually hurting Singapore’s economy even more by doing so!

PAP will bring self destruction to Singapore. Sit tight.


Goh Meng Seng



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24 Responses to “Only Dogs bark while Lion kills in silent maneuvers”

  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Aiyah!!! MOB six batteries of Big guns @JB and in tandem with Indonesia @Batam…give the word and Singapore will capitulate in six hours…planes will be KNOCK OUT before it can leave the runway le!!!

    All the Big Talk & Big Bucks of the people’s Money spent on Defense and the Kickbacks for their Coffers LEEgally!!!

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  • LIONS:

    but DR M is more a TIGER,a malaysian harimau?

    here only EXPENSIVE MONKEYS that make glibberish sounds and terrorise the common sgs.

    however,i must add i am not agreeable to DR M kachau-ing us unless he is just testing the 4G AND their mentor?

    well,DR M can also be quite kwai-lan at times.

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  • apek:

    They promised pain by a thousand cuts we still have 995 cuts to go.

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  • Bapak:

    1) A good advice: “I fear not the man who practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” Bruce Lee.

    2) The response: “We chu patterns.” PeeAndPoo.

    3) Two great masters replied
    - “Showing off is the fool’s idea of glory.” Bruce Lee again.
    - “Hello, silence puppy bites die people.” Wong Fei Hong.

    4) And the last word from the greatest: “Oui, oui.” Mr. Bean

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Roaring or barking, it does matter. All it needs is half of those Malaysian “fail” to come in to SG for one week, SG’s economic will be in big trouble.

    Any longer, a lot of companies will be thinking of moving to or return back to Malaysia.

    PAP’s ministers better think hard!!!

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  • opposition dude:

    PAP loves saying that we have multiple food sources so if Malaysia does cut off the food supply it will be interesting to see just how good these other sources are indeed.

    Mahathir sure does know how to keep a good drama running, constantly finding new ways to agitate PAP. First it was the HSR and now the sea border and taking back of airspace. Maybe we will get Pedra Branca round 3 too who knows?

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  • Msian tiger vs a pinky:

    Our 4Gs cant win against the 92yo ‘Master’ …
    Dr M as Malaysian PM again, has more tricks up his sleeves than our wet behind the ears pappies.

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  • rukidding:

    Do you all know what is “Vague News” ????

    “Vague News is uite close to Fake news” indeed !

    VNA did report that we “need not worry” as well have own “produce” such as “vertical vegetable farms and Egg farms” ??

    Don’t you think that is “Vague News” ????

    What “exactly” was this News about “not to worry”….because we have “contingency” like our own vertical farms and egg farm ??

    Lets be “more truthful” lah !!!

    You really think these “few farms” is “sufficient for 6 million” ??

    I think “more likely” that should…( I say should ) a war really happens….and when food shortage becomes Real….who do you think will get those supplies first from those vertical farms and own egg farms ???

    a) Our own “fighting soldiers” ,…”sacrificing their lives in the front line”?????

    b) Us,…the Ordinary Sillyzeans , old man, ladies and babies ????


    c) More likely Pappy and their own “Cronies” ???

    Interesting thoughts right ???

    Your Guess,…as Good as mine !

    Will you be another “daft” again ????

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  • The Worst That Can Happen:

    If Dr M orders the Jinz to return back to KL, we will all be dead. Who is going to be responsible to help us win back our CPF money ? No choice we will ask them to return the Jinz back to us or all the Reservists will invade Malaysia. Everybody like this idea Good Idea ?

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  • mike:

    Cut food supply and we will wait 4 to 12 weeks for plan B, C, D, E, F … to come to effective. While we can eat grass at Botanic Garden and Garden by the Bay and share the meat in Singapore Zoo.

    We really got a smart gov. May be call Xi Jing Ping for help to send us food since we are their teacher?

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  • MarBowling:

    As said before when Dr M won GE14. He would proceed gradually to put Mai Hum and his World Class and World Highest salary ministers inside his baggy pocket! Think it’s High time for Lee Kayu to get up from his grave oops urn to help his little Danny boy!

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  • Pirate Secret Ally to PMS:


    Special anouncement from the Office of the PMS:

    “Hang in there, my dear peepoo-le, sit tight, stand by me and my team and I will take care of yew. In fact my team has just put together an extraordinary benefits package called SG RESILIENCE to temporarily tide Sillypooreans over these difficult times, including a one-off cash disbursement of 4,444 S-dollars which will be automatically credited to all existing Cee Pee Eff accounts, this time including those belonging to our very hardworking foreign-worker friends as well, with an extra 88,888 S-dollars for work permit holders with Malaisie passports.”

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  • HDB Rubbish Chute Pattern:

    @ Bapak

    5. Keechiu!

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  • Chicken soup for elites:

    A simple act of kindness the size of a rice grain could weigh as heavy as a mountain. Better guard what comes out of your mouth before you lose the grains that feed us all.

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  • AllThisDontConcernPAPs:

    Malaysia is going the ‘passive-aggresive’ way.
    First hold back eggs-price shot up.
    Now fresh fish imports.
    Prices shooting up till cny.
    Later ? Hold back Their 1mil or so fws, thousands who commute daily to n fro via jb.
    They lost pedra branca..dr m said its ok…its just its just a pc of rock..!

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  • What ?:

    Just a few items only kpkb. Mai seah suay.

    All this farmers dont want biz ?
    Even in war people also smuggle.
    They prefer to sell to a country currency stable and firm , payment zhun , by law honor contract …
    Theres bills to pay, loans plus nterests to service.

    No fish , eggs, durians … So what. Maybe good time to fast and trim down.

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  • What do i think ?:

    Well everybody know prices of fish and vegetable at the end of the year always go up one. Whatever reason … Raining season, stormy weather , …

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  • War times rememberance:

    Once an mp said if chicken is too expensive, eat fish! This person mayb never gone to pasar for decades. If she had she would know fish is like gold …more pricey than meats for ages oredy.
    So now how? Tell people eat wat? Eat grass n tapioca like war time..
    The price of raw rice also gonna shoot up after xmas..same story ev year.. gov dont bother cuz they can afford even if price hiked 100x…
    They can afford to import wholesale to their doorsteps.
    Why cant the gov put some controls on price increases of basic food items? Really miserable thinking of the suffering poor in sg..

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  • Oi, is anyone listening?!:

    This gov ever ready to install cooling measures on property prices, new cars /coe and others…
    But food prices?…everyone must eat or die….gov sitting still and allowing the cartels to profit sinfully ev year.
    After the festive seasons prices dont come down.
    Its ‘take it or leave it’.
    Same as pap g… remember your mrt / bus fare up by up to 6c on 29th dec…then god only knows what other kinds of tax theyll think up of.

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  • LIONS:

    @Oi, is anyone listening?!:

    December 20, 2018 at 1:39 pm (Quote)
    This gov ever ready to install cooling measures on property price…
    THIS IS ALL CRAPPY as far as i am concerned.

    FIRST,CONTROL N REGULATE HDB,thats your job.

    if you keep putting your hands into areas that you should not but refuse to put your hands firmly ont he things that you should,what kind of stoopid govt is this?

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  • Geylang old hand:

    They should have controlled the cost pricings of public housing from the early years to manageable affordable levels and focus build up the intellectual capital of the people instead by emphasising on education educating every individual to the highest possible level and we could have been vastly different today.
    Instead they encourage property speculation setting up the property casino intertwining public and private properties which actually benefitted hugely mainly the bigger players and their strategist kakis.
    Also the kiasu but act tough syndrome spending heaviky overly on super expensive defence gadgetries and heavy upkeep of personnel sitting and doing nothing much really, for decades waiting for war to erupt, God forbid, and hence the need to import cheap labour from the region to balance generate business activity for tax revenues for expenditures and thus the end result creating unnecessary anxieties.
    Should know and behave and know your place and the surroundings and not act tough like Viking warriors.
    That would be the better behaviour to practise and adopt and the reality to live life in this region with not so aggressive neighbors.

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  • 柑林内:





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  • 鸭笼(哑聋?)新居民:

    “They should have controlled the cost pricings of public housing from the early years… ”
    - Gaylan old hand

    They should have this, they should have that… blah blah this, blah blah that, blah blah black sheep everywhere.

    Why couldn’t it have been:

    Sinkeverpooreans should have booted them (from your ‘they’, viz. the Pimps And Prostitutes – from your Gayland??) loong ago, from the time
    - to borrow use of your words -
    they (not your ‘they’) realized they had been screwed again & again, over & over again, over and again,
    or from the time – borrow again, sorry -
    ‘they’ (your ‘they’) started screwing to oblivion the cunt tree and your fellow cunt trees’ women & men


    Oh, I know! I think I know, and it’s ‘their’ fault, his fault, her fault, Mahathir’s fault – even Trump’s or Fatboy Kim’s fault!!? – everybody’s fault, but not the fault of successive previous generations of Sinkeverpooreans!

    “Old hand”… well, thank yew very fcuk, all you ‘old hands (hens – and cockerels?) who helped bring about the status quo by giving ‘them’ (yours, not ours) your vote and letting them win hands down, landslide after incredulous landslide, a very big thank yew inshit!

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  • Pondan Loong:

    You refuse to pay equitably for water? You will pay more for other stuff. In the end you end up paying more.
    Stupid PM penny wise pond foolish.

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