IMDA throws ‘bombshell’ at TOC’s fund raising efforts

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The Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) has dropped a “bombshell” on its fund-raising efforts, said The Online Citizen (TOC).

TOC initiated a fund-raising effort last month so that it can have enough funds to conduct more in-depth coverage of the upcoming General Elections and sustain the website.

Short of informing TOC that it cannot receive contributions from its readers completely, IMDA has on Friday (21st Dec) informed the independent news website that it can only receive contributions from “verified local sources for the provision, management and/or operation of TOC website”.

Plainly put, TOC can only receive contributions from persons who have submitted their full name, ID (NRIC) number and Singapore Citizenship status.

Additionally, TOC is required to return the contributions to the sources or donate the contributions to any specified charity designated by IMDA, if the contributions cannot be verified to be from “verified local sources”.

TOC is regulated alongside The Independent Singapore under IMDA’s Broadcasting (class license) notification. Both websites are owned by corporate entities.

Responding, the chief editor of TOC, Terry Xu said that IMDA’s latest action “is sheer intimidation and harassment of the press.”

Let us be frank here, TOC isn’t a charity which government is happy about and therefore, no one is comfortable having their names submitted to the government as a supporter of the site. IMDA may regards its actions as prevention of foreign intervention but I say what IMDA is doing, is sheer intimidation and harassment of the press.

Meanwhile, TR Emeritus (TRE), which is also appealing for donations has only managed to raise a few hundred dollars in its latest funding appeal (for vital upgrades to its software in order to prevent the website from literally falling apart) – compared to the amount raised by TOC in 2015, which was S$60,000.

Due to the lack of funding, TRE is currently on a semi-hiatus mode and painstakingly performing vital upgrading as and when funds are available.

Hopefully we will be able to perform enough upgrades to sustain the website for another year before its last dance.








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10 Responses to “IMDA throws ‘bombshell’ at TOC’s fund raising efforts”

  • Tired of PAP.:

    Dare you Singaporeans kinds of Dirty Gutter Politics.

    Single Out and intimidate one by one. – Dare YOU!.

    Do I need these kinds of dirty men to govern lives around…. Totally No Value! No Meaning!

    I’ll X anything except lightning.

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  • Bapak:


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  • More Pain Needed:

    When the funds run out, just close shop. You have already served your time, throwing light to this sampan. Many elections and by elections had passed since, this sampan is still sinking. Many who could swim already jumped ship, swimming to greener adventures.
    Nothing more could be said to incorrigible dafts.
    Some things could change, some are harder without the real pain.

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  • Malaysia boleh Singapore bodoh:

    Another good reason for REGIME CHANGE.

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  • Jxjdbd:

    Shift everything to dark web and see how they can close it hahah

    Tech: Terry is the poster boy of TOC, you can shift the website to the Moon or Sun it doesn’t matter. lol

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  • Eh, wats up doc?:

    Theyre real cowards..dunno wat theyre afraid of….
    The more brave lions they bring down or silenced, the more we , the commoners, cant be blamed for thinking something BIG has gone mi$$ing or gone wrong by this 4G!

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  • Selfish Sinkie Syndrome:

    Why does TOC even bother to have the domain registered in Singapore??

    Just register the website overseas (e.g. Malaysia, Australia or even in US)

    There are many hosting companies overseas, so with our modern Internet, it does not matter where your website files are actually hosted.
    Furthermore, your website URLs does not use the .sg domains, so why even bother to have your hosting site here in the first place?

    With the modern hosting services, you could physically be seated in Singapore, and log-in to edit your articles/files of your website which is hosted in an overseas server.

    The cost is also not high, considering that your websites are mostly just text articles (i.e. without extensive use of database or complex functionality).

    When your website is overseas, how are they going to bring you down. Just ignore them and they cannot do anything.
    Also, use an alias or a company name to register with overseas hosting services, and they cannot even force them to reveal who is the real owner (unless you contravene International terrorism laws).

    So think out of the box and workaround OUTSIDE the stupid system here, instead of trying to work WITHIN the system.

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  • VTO - for better tomorrow:

    Despite so many Protection Laws enacted example Defamation law etc, Dirty men are still afraid one day you may speak out damaging truths onto them that’s why such illogical curbing of the medias, that’s the way I see it.

    Some may wear white but are all dirty inside otherwise why be so afraid.? Right or NOT?

    To me, LAW must be meaningful and enacted to do good but not established just to protect Dracula from exposure to the “LIGHT”.

    As a responsible citizen, I cannot be supporting any evil empire or any empire seen to be curbing true Freedom and true Democracy.

    VTO, for a better tomorrow for all.

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  • When they cant win.:

    so expected! No surprises anymore from this stale n stinky PAP!

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  • Normative jurisprudence?:

    Indeed a case involving the natural law of moral justification contrasted with the positivism of legal realism.

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