Amy Khor’s logic flies in the face of common sense

I refer to the following article on CNA.

Recently, there had been a lot of attention given to the hawker centers as well as the social enterprises that run them. Rather than jump in immediately on the issue, I decided to personally go down to Jurong West Hawker Center, do a little investigation, before jumping to conclusions.

Here are my findings, and personal opinions, presented in point form.

1) Jurong West Hawker Center, I counted a total of 35 stalls, and 14 wet market stalls. The first storey is a carpark. Of the 35 stalls, 4 of them are unoccupied, and one of them has been converted to a makeshift office, which says “Choose Healthier Options”.

2) The remaining 30 stalls generate an estimated $2000 each in rental, for a total of estimated $60,000 per month. What kind of building management requires $60k per month to operate, and doesn’t generate any surplus? On top of that, the carpark and wet market generate rental too!

3) According to the TOC article, Koufu awards a cleaning contract of $63755 per month to another company. What kind of cleaning services require $63755 per month?

4) According to Amy Khor, rental does not affect food prices, and rental only amounts to 12% of costs. If $2000 rental is only 12% of their costs, are they trying to tell us that a hawker’s operating cost is approximately $16666 per month? [ LINK ]

5) Singaporeans are not asking enough questions. A social enterprise collects an estimated $60k in rental, they tell us no surplus has been reported, and we are supposed to just accept it? Is the surplus calculated before or after CEO salary? Why isn’t anyone asking questions like where is the money from rental, going to?

6) The same people who defended the SEHC, are the same people who defended the $880k bin center, and $1300 (with $200 installation) bus-stop benches!

7) The $1300 bench (with $200 installation), costs more than a Playstation 4! Remember that the next time you rest your precious backside on it!

I am not insinuating any wrongdoing nor any mismanagement. I am merely saying that the statements presented to us are very unconvincing, and flies in the face of common sense. As consumers, we reserve the right to reject high prices, and demand an explanation for the high costs.

Hey! Anyone want to trade their PS4 for my metal bench?


Mech Gouki



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16 Responses to “Amy Khor’s logic flies in the face of common sense”

  • relative to 100%:

    //According to Amy Khor, rental does not affect food prices, and rental only amounts to 12% of costs. If $2000 rental is only 12% of their costs, are they trying to tell us that a hawker’s operating cost is approximately $16666 per month? [ LINK ]//

    yar lor. water price (very basic and essential for survival) may cost 5% or less (just estimate lar) of our overall household expenses, does it mean that white idiots can then increase water rate by another 100%.

    as every cost component of any operating business is only a fraction of 100%, does it mean we can then increase by another 10%, 20%, 30% or 50% and after the increase, it is still a fraction (some may look like a small fraction depending on the cost mix) relative to 100%.

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  • William C:

    Now cannot anyhow comment:

    1st, someone may claim fake news, and make a police report. Will they seize your notebook, mobile etc for further investigation? 民警合作是应该的?

    2nd, Integrity is questionable. Sue until pants dropped

    3rd, The Lavender babi will send you to remove the post. After done means you admit guilty and follow up with a lawsuit. Underwear also dropped

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  • Malaysia boleh Singapore bodoh:

    The lack of openness and transparency (and therefore REAL accountability) in the public sector is one of the most compelling reason for REGIME CHANGE. VTO – the only real solution.

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  • Ng chai see.:

    Wait till u visit hospital?

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  • rukidding:

    Last time we often laugh at how stupid our neigbouring frens were when we could see how their politicians and their cronies were “scaming and fleecing” away their sillyzeans.

    After 50 years,…I am happy for our neigbours as they finally “woke up” and things are getting better and brighter for them.

    Same time,…I wonder if we have “digressed back” to what our neigbhours were 50 years ago,…where Politicians and their cronies screws their sillyzeans ????

    What do you think ???

    Like they say,….a “Crooked Leeder will always breed crooked followers” !

    For someone who is known to be close with Thaksin and Botak…how “clean” will this fellow be too ???

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  • Cant eat out anymore:

    Very soon many of middle or average /wage earners and lower , wont be able to afford eating out at hawker centers ..much less at food courts.
    Must learn to tah pow food from home.
    Ive noticed food court prices are all now at $5 or $6 and above…and the ridiculous prices of ordinary cup of coffee /tea.
    Hawker ctr prices have steadily risen too these few months.
    Just last week i bot tea at my fav kopi stall. Bef 80c , but now $1.

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  • Keff:

    There is very little the govt says these days that
    actually makes sense. Perhaps that is why it avoids
    giving reasons for its actions or participating in
    a debate about rationale. Thinking things logically
    thru and looking at subjects from all angles is,
    sadly, also very rare.

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  • On Unnatural Aristocracy:

    Relax Mech, those who rule over us are living in an elite “prerogative universe” (viz. crony middle men) parallel to our “natural serf” economics (where common furniture are rooted to laissez-faire production costs).

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  • Bapak:

    Making hawkers sign contracts that forced them to work long hours, pay penalty fines for closing even one day if sick or injured no excuse, is also the behaviour of social enterprise?

    Who are you bluffing? More like Suckee Enterprise.

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  • RDB:

    Arkuas has even infiltrate into the top echelons of Sg leadersheep. What a shame for the world to see as is supported by some 70% voter too “smart” to see no shit in the shitty place.

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  • Asd:

    What has become of the country.. social enterprise ??? Out to fleece people $$ then enrich those so called social enterprise ??? Shameless…

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  • opposition dude:

    No no no, you have got it all wrong Mech Gouki. It actually makes perfect sense when its PAP explaining.

    Just like your example of a really expensive bin centre. The alarm bells are already ringing but an explanation from them settles everything and sweeps everything under the carpet in one fell swoop. Very, very convenient if I say so myself.

    So when they tell you something unbelievable like Indranee saying that kopitiams should not raise drink prices in spite of a 30% hike in the price of water you know that PAP’s commnon sense and logic is very different from yours or mine.

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  • rukidding:

    The Amy I once knew has today become a “changed” person.

    May GOD really, really , “blessed” her!

    She “needs it” very badly !

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  • KhorGirl - Khor Me Amy/Khor Me:

    Hey, me just a simple KHORgirl, this matter is not in my set of services, sorry, I means, not in my pay scale, so please get off on me! Oops, I means, get off me… Erm, get off my back? Me just your friendlee-neighborhood neighborlee KHORgirl, KHOR me only when you really need me, when you have needs for me, okay? Thanks to yew!”

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  • LIONS:

    Amy Khor is like all others-clownish.

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  • Mech Gouki:

    opposition dude:
    “Just like your example of a really expensive bin centre. The alarm bells are already ringing but an explanation from them settles everything and sweeps everything under the carpet in one fell swoop.”


    Simi explanation? All they said was the project was complex. Case closed. Under carpet liao.

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