Tun’s greatest achievement and real Kiling unhappy

In 2018, M’sia became the biggest importer of UK rubbish after China banned most rubbish imports from the rest of the world. M’sia boleh.

So will Kirsten Han and PJ Thum want other SE Asians countries to follow and be the dumping ground of the world’s rubbish? Still urging Tun to take leadership in SE Asia; PJ, Kirsten?

Where does most of UK's plastic end up?

PJ and Ms Han should note that Kiling kay poh (another ang moh tua kee) not happy

Since China’s ban, Malaysia has seen a big surge in the amount of plastic it has received from abroad, including from the UK.

“Malaysia is not able to process all of the imported waste, there are limited plastic waste factories”, says Mageswari Sangaralingam who works for the Consumers’ Association of Penang and for Friends of the Earth, Malaysia.

According to Ms Sangaralingam, not only is Malaysia receiving more plastic than it can properly dispose of, some of it is low-grade which ends up as landfill. There are also some rogue recyclers who, she says, burn plastic in the open – leading to environmental harm.

The Malaysian government has announced stricter conditions on the import of plastic and says it wants to phase it out over the next three years – but Ms Sangaralingam wants an immediate outright ban.

“Malaysia is not a dumping ground and hence should stop importing plastic waste,” she says.




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15 Responses to “Tun’s greatest achievement and real Kiling unhappy”

  • Mai-hum:

    No wonder no see-hum in my laksa now.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    patriot of TUMASIK:
    CI take your Shit and Waste elsewhere…you are really Pathetic and it is a wonder TRE can accept your SHIT…budden!!! your contribution is needed lah!!! and free exposure for your ego nobody seems to bother at your BLOG!!!

    I ToT that dead bast**d is a bad racist but calling a Malaysian “kiling” a derogatory form of addressing Indians makes you WORSE!!!

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  • Bapak:

    CI you are very immature. All these bannings of plastic movements got carried away way out of proportion. The problem is not plastic, it is the irresponsible human beings. As long as users are educated and responsible to dispose of it properly, there will be no environmental issue problems.

    In Metro Manila, all malls in Makati Central has banned the use of plastic bags, replaced by recycled paper bags. The so-called recycled papers are also bad if you know how papers are made. Do you think killing more trees is responsible? So, therefore in Pasig City, they are still allowed to use it. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. There is no right or wrong in using or not using plastic bags.

    Hence, it is no right or wrong for any country to import plastic, you dumb ass.

    Just because other countries are into banning plastic does not mean importing it is bad. Hey, go get a life.

    And cynically, using this issue to run down Tun, Kirsten Han and PJ Thum are way too unprofessional and unbecoming of you. Don’t spout nonsense here, we are getting sick of your smelly articles by the days.

    I wouldn’t blame readers who are requesting TRE to ban you. 9 out 10 of your articles are the same low blow type. The moment I read the first sentence, I know is you. Don’t have to read further, same style, same cunny attack on your masters’ hates.

    Let me throw you a challenge. I invites you to write this –

    “The Corrupted Leaders In The Biggest Leg-Opening Country Of FTs At The Expense Of Its Citizens”,

    and run down those responsible BY THEIR FULL NAMEs. No use of acronym, no aka, no abbreviations, just like you mercilessly run down others! Dare? Show me you have balls!!


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  • LIONS:

    just one thing.
    DR M takes care of his countrymen.
    lee ah long always find ways to screw his countrymen in order to benefit himself and his kakis and some stoopid fake FTs>

    enuf said.

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  • Malaysia boleh Singapore bodoh:

    Better to import plastic trash than “human trash” (cheap – no CPF) foreigners. The former can be reprocessed or recycled which can generate jobs. The latter takes jobs away from Singaporeans, depress wages, and pushes up prices.

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  • What ?:

    @ Better to import plastic trash than “human trash” (cheap – no CPF) foreigners.

    Sure. We know Malaysia throw plastic into deep oil fried foods or snacks.

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  • Pinky's biggest nightmare:

    Malaysians are lucky to get Tun M this time around.
    Must be giving Loong nightmares …

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  • John Lim:

    CI, until you reveal your source, I don’t believe you. Even then, your source(s) could be fake! You believe everything you read? In any case, WHAT’S SO BAD ABOUT IMPORTING RUBBISH??

    GD Star Rating
  • Homeless Cat:

    Really, CI? Throwing mud at people now? You taking pages and paragraphs out of the PAP/Trump playbook now? What are you? 10 years old?

    Tell you what. Why don’t you write a factual piece about PAP and GLC blunders and screw-ups – with clear evidence – and see if you can be surprised and/or disgusted.

    GD Star Rating
  • N.Jungne:

    You can have him, as bonus take CBWan and the Hawker Minister. Skin them whichever way you want.

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  • pap clown's great achievement:

    other than fixing OPPOSITION, the next great thing pap clown does is harbour Msia running puppy ci paying the bum cents per IB post via pap PA.

    so pathetic.

    both pap clown and Msia running puppy ci are so pathetic.

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  • Bad Boy:

    Dont worry.

    M said give all each malaysians 1 million dollar. Chinese will use monies to do biz. India will use monies to focus on their / kids education.

    Malay will buy sport car maybe lambo.

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  • Bapoktua And 94 jesters:

    hey idiot what has plastic got to do with leadership?

    no wonder PAP bastards and their suppirets and their offsprings are retards forever…

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  • Shaytan:

    Cynical Investor Tiew Niah Mah Kerh Far Hai,why arte you using a derogatory term “kling” to belittle Indians KNNBCCB!

    GD Star Rating
  • Li害了 我的国!:

    With Me, For Me, For MyFamiLee:
    January 4, 2019 at 11:39 am (Quote)
    “You get what you accept!”

    说得真是太好了呀~ (拍手鼓掌)
    确实再真不过了呀~ (请给点赞)

    Broadly speaking, especially true in the case of the tiongtiongland (or tingtongland, dingdongland,dongdondland – take your prick):

    And, in particular, where voting exists, such as the Stinkypoor你怕李共和国LeePahLee:

    GD Star Rating
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