HIV registry leak: Very troubling signs that the rot has set in, much deeper than we thought

An American fraudster teams up with a rogue Singaporean doctor and together they wreaked havoc. They hookwinked and defrauded the Manpower Ministry, Health Ministry and Education Ministry and put thousands of Singaporeans in jeopardy.

If ever we need confirmation that the rot has set in, this is it.

It was with apparent ease that HIV-positive Mikhy Farrera-Brochez was able to secure an employment pass from the Manpower Ministry, in conspiracy with Ler Teck Siang, then head of the Health Ministry’s National Public Health Unit.

The American then duped the Education Ministry for the longest time, securing employment as a child psychologist at Temasek Polytechnic. He forged educational certificates and faked claims that he was a child prodigy and the son of a renowned psychologist. This went on undetected for nearly a decade.

Brochez was finally caught, sentenced to jail and deported. But that’s not the end of the story. It was only this week that we are told that confidential information of 14,200 people with HIV had been stolen and leaked online – and the culprit is Brochez.

It has taken the Health Ministry more than two years to go public with the data theft and to notify affected individuals.

Just as the Hepatitis C outbreak at Singapore General Hospital was initially kept under wraps from the public and revealed only after the General Election 2015.

Also fresh in our minds is the $40 million scam of SkillsFuture Singapore, again with such apparent ease.

And even fresher is the SingHealth cyber attack which the Committee of Inquiry has attributed to lapses by employees and vulnerabilities with the system.

These are not isolated incidents. They point to systemic failures. When will they run out of excuses? When will they realise that “sorry” is not good enough? When will there be true accountability?


Augustine Low

* The author is a proud but concerned citizen. Voicing independent, unplugged opinion is his contribution to citizen engagement.



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14 Responses to “HIV registry leak: Very troubling signs that the rot has set in, much deeper than we thought”

  • HarderTruths:

    There is no real $ingapore anymore. Not like back in 60′s or 70′s.

    There is only a very small group of politicians, bankers and their protection teams. The FT base will expand to take what has been built until nothing worthwhile is left.
    Locals blindly following these fools are disposable and will be left to fight for the scraps when the system collapses.

    Don’t think this cannot happen – it already is. There is nothing special about this tiny island or the despots that run it.

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  • Boh Kia See:

    When did the PAP ever apologise for mistakes that occurred under their very noses? People who consider themselves as unable to do any wrong cannot, therefore, correct itself. So these incidents will happen again. The only way to stop it is to kick out the PAP out at the earliest opportunity.

    There is an air of impunity among the top brass of all Government and GLC companies. The chiefs of these organisations are usually partners of Ministers or senior PAP personnel or personal friends of PAP leaders. These people will continue to enjoy their privileges regardless of what happens to the organisation they are “leading”.

    So I am not expecting any change to occur so long as the PAP is still the ruling party. They will simply continue to receive the highest pay in the world with partners also being highly paid in GLCs and consider themselves “the best” while their organisations conitnue to muddle through year by year.

    I am glad, that the SDP has announced that they are preparing to campaign for the next general election. Citizens should join in the effort regardless of which party they are more aligned with–so long as it is not the PAP.

    The important objective is to remove the PAP, have a good look at the accounts and performance and move to change the direction of the country. So long as these people have a heart for Singapore and Singaporeans, the differences between parties are more in areas of personalities and the flavour of each party. These issues can be resolved when different party members are elected in Government.

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  • rukidding:

    And it all started with PaPee’s,…”Cheaper, Better, Faster and these are Foreign Talents”…Koyok !!!

    Ya,…”they” managed to “give their silly excuses” that …”these are jobs, we Sinkies dont want” ????

    Ghee?….what “spell or drug” were we given ????

    Why, we so “Daft” ???

    Remember those words spoken by our great PeeM once, during a “spat” between our locals and Philipino who wanted to celebrate their National day along Orchak Road ?…he loudly proclaimed….”this place is for ALL”?

    And, LOOK what had happens now ???

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  • oxygen:

    THE END IS NEAR – economic model is decrepit and irrelevant to the changing world and the administrative machinery is disintegrating into shambles as this writer illuminates convincing.

    The only residual shred of statehood existentialism is regular forceful exertions of ruthless dictatorial oppression and a wayward never failed of lying state media.

    I fear the next GFC will bring about sudden death collapse of LEE-jiapore’s fake economy of artificial beauties built on a mountain of peasants’ indebtedness.


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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Paid MILLIONS for Lies & Deceit…70% deserve it but the sad 30% had to bear with it

    when will these IDIOTIC sheeple realise that they had been CONvince for 60 years by a Master CON name CON YOU

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  • Bapak:

    Yes, just remember these three letters P, A and P! The party that you trusted and put them in charge. Instead of coming clean they kept it to themselves. So, if this guy was not caught, this case will go under the carpet.

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  • MarBowling:

    Lee Kayu has already emphasized that ALL his $millions Ministers are World Class! UNLIKELY THEY WILL MAKE ANY MISTAKE! Period.

    Apparently, all lapses and honesty mistakes at MOM, MOH, MOE, Ministry of Defence, etc resulting in the death of young Singaporean in the various ministries ARE CAUSED BY SLOPPY JUNIOR MINISTERS, SPERM SEC, RANK AND FILE JOKERS!

    So let’s move on. Huat Arh!

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  • Join Action:

    Can’t they put up a join action to sue the PAP?
    Ask Lim Tean, he surely happy to throw volley.

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  • Damages Too Immense:

    To save himself, Lee Hsien Loong has no more choice but to fire the Son of a Gun. He has been his blue-eyed boy – his person private Secretary-made-Minister, as reward for his blind and dogged loyalty. Perhaps, also hiding some very sensitive and secretive personal information.

    He has gone off Scot free for the last 3 blunders. But this time round the damageS are too Great. In dur course, the Ministry of Health will be sued by the victims of lacklustre management and administration.

    The Son of a Gun has to go before the coming GE. Lee Hsien Loong must stop protecting him.

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  • Wei:

    There’s one way to stop the rot. But will it happen? Good points raised by Augustine. But the 70% will prevail.

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  • Sex, lies & thumb drive:

    What a juicy scandal to kickstart 2019!! I must do a movie about it. Now which Spore actor play the doctor. What a romantic tale of whirlwind romance, they got married in US!!! Sure R21 for explicit homosexual content.

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  • Regime change is the solution:

    Makes you wonder if Health Minister and civil servants in MOH are using their brains. Why give the names of those with HIV to Ler Teck Siang. He could have been given all the data, EXCEPT actual names (and NRIC numbers and home address) of those with HIV. These are irrelevant. Age, gender, race and other medical-related info should be sufficient for whatever Ler was studying.

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  • Say Incompetent Lah:

    So many developing countries, yet they are able to break into PAP government, millionaires ministars all sleeping?

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  • Rot N decay:

    Yes. Very obvious that this arrogant out-of-touch elitist PAP govt & its highly-paid$$ clown$ are rotting, decaying & declining away, fast. They cant hide n sweep problems under carpet in this digital age!
    All those serious major lapses have negative long-term impacts to its citizens.
    Complacent agencies/ministries like MOH,MOM,Wsg(Skillsfutre),Mindef,Moe…. all r already complacent, op in auto-pilot mode, trap in own comfortZone!
    Its a fact ther’r many YES people with herd mentality,working in this govt. All strive to kick asses, sweet talk juz to protect their own turf & own status quo, & also to get more $$ once promoted.
    Lets hope other 70%+ wake up & vote in more non-PAP people into parliment, to challenge n wake those ministers up

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