Parliamentary questions for 11th February

Leon Pereira

Parliament sits again on Monday 11 February. These are some of the questions I have filed for the next sitting:

To ask the Minister for Defence:

(a) whether any common causative factors can be discerned in the deaths of NSFs and NSmen over the past 18 months, by way of root cause analysis; and

(b) whether any systemic changes in policy, guidelines or approaches to training will be undertaken to address the root causes of these training deaths.

To ask the Minister for Health:

(a) what designations of staff have access to the individualised data in the HIV registry;

(b) whether staff who have legitimate reasons to analyse the data for policy purposes have access to the aggregated rather than the individualised data and, if not, why not; and

(c) whether actions to extract or export such data are tracked and subjected to regular scrutiny to ensure that the purpose of the data extraction is legitimate.

To ask the Minister for Trade and Industry:

(a) what is the extent of the power failure on the afternoon of 26 January 2019;

(b) what are the reasons for the failure;

(c) what has been the trend in occurrences of such power failures in the past five years; and

(d) what steps are being taken to minimise such failures going forward.

To ask the Prime Minister what measures are being taken to ensure that:

(i) the minimisation of the risk that SGX-listed companies experience a sudden deterioration in financial viability and

(ii) SGXRegCo is sufficiently resourced to discharge its obligations. (I filed this question a few months ago)

To ask the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources in the past five years, what proportion of food safety and hygiene checks performed on food service operators and caterers have been unannounced checks.


*Facebook post by Leon Pereira.



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19 Responses to “Parliamentary questions for 11th February”

  • WalkAMile_InOurShoes:

    So many Questions to ask but always receive so few or no satisfying Answers!
    They take us for fools fodder.
    All the PAPs answers are read out from prepared scripts – cut n pasted.
    Hate watching Parliament sessions these years .. Makes me cringe at the ruling party’s attempts at beating round the confuse instead of convince.

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  • Bapak:

    Hi WP, your questions to MOH is very trivial. There are more pertinent questions for MOH, MOM & ICA:-

    1) Why MOH takes so long to inform the public about this HIV hack?
    2) That figure 8,800+ HIV+s is way years back, what is the current figure?
    3) How can so many HIV+ foreigners able to bypass immigration & MOM?
    4) Why MOM did not communicate with MOH for the statistical check? How to become a Smart Nation like this?

    Why such questions are not asked in Parliament???

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  • paulstteo:

    Why not the questions to the Minister of Health
    1. did the foreigners allowed into Spore catch HIV b4 they entered Spore
    2. did the foreigners receive subsidised treatment
    3. were any citizens infected by the foreigners.

    Why not question the Minister of Defence how come safety was not the prime consideration in training excercises?

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  • rukidding:

    More Oppositions will be “needed” to GET BETTER ANSWERs and POLITE reply !

    “Leon, the oppie-lone ranger” will be “facing a pack of Hungry and addicted wolves” !

    If these “wolves don’t bite or spit or howl”…they ,themselves are “afraid” that their “Master” will not “feed” them any more !

    Its Lone Ranger vs “Animal Farm, consisting of PIGs and wolves & hyenas”

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  • shoot from the hip:

    @Bapak and @Paulstteo
    You should email Leon P.
    to ask your questions instead.
    But unfortunately LP’s questions must have been already ‘filed’ & edited by PAP, but if not …?
    If LP just shoots your version of the questions, the PAPs who’s picked to answer them would be lost for words. Im sure of that.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    @Leon Pereira; Please don’t take “not to National’s Interest” as an answer!

    Please ask also, why Singaporeans have to go through check and verification on medical and qualification before employment and not necessary for FTs. Even fake degrees are accepted from FTs.

    Why MOM only depends on 3rd party for medical and qualification check of foreigners when issue work passes, why MOM cannot do that itself? Lazy is it?

    What happens to those poly students taught by the data thief, HIV+ lecturer with fake credential and qualification? Did they learnt all the wrong thing?

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  • Bapak:

    Over the CNY visits, met an old friend told us current Ministries’ middle echelon people are all gone. Left with top echelon and low echelon which they have sub-contracted out.

    So, therefore, this could the mother of all the problems in our Ministries. Top echelon Directors dare not question Perm Sec, Perm Sec dares not question Ministers. Knowing the hollow-brain Ministers don’t like to be questioned, their pay so high, your pay so low cannot win one. You are mediocre, they are elites, never wrong one. You want them to fix you?

    Pay is good, work is little, you question them you lose your job, the rest you die your business, so why bothered to question the status quo?

    Bottom echelon is contract workers from the third party. Most are FTs, no national interests, no health security interests, you pay me I just do that much. Why do extra, the term of the contract also never say so? Why kapo, isn’t it?

    Whatever info, data or figures are given from one ministry to them, just file up. Why do the blood test yourselves? Reduce overhead, save cost, boost profit. As long as there is a registered doctor submit a cleared medical report, just accept without question ask. Doctor cheats, get caught he will be charged, his problem.

    Whereas meanwhile, citizens got whatever virus, diseases passed on by FTs, you die your business. Do you think the Ministers care? After all, no need to account for it. Life is too good up there. We have a bunch of very lazy civil servants having a good life, eat full, cross legs, spending the time to plan overseas trips, enjoy high-end foreign cuisine, learn French cookings & go looks for some chiobu to screw. How much is conscience pay? How much is responsibility pay? How much is accountability pay? Nothing, so why bother.

    And we have majority stupid Sinkies still voting them despite how bad they perform, screw up. It is me first, you die your business, so why bother. Caring is just another song by PAP. The whole country is in the mess, under Pink Panty.

    @Leon Pereira; Please don’t take “not to National’s Interest” as an answer!

    Please ask also, why Singaporeans have to go through check and verification on medical and qualification before employment and not necessary for FTs. Even fake degrees are accepted from FTs.

    Why MOM only depends on 3rd party for medical and qualification check of foreigners when issue work passes, why MOM cannot do that itself? Lazy is it?

    What happens to those poly students taught by the data thief, HIV+ lecturer with fake credential and qualification? Did they learnt all the wrong thing?

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  • Sleeping king:

    All the qs will be swept under the floor and a standard non answer provided.

    Like how many times accident ………..not many ……….all technical errors. Trig is generic n will continue to meet modern warfare………..wats that?

    Who cannot be a miniSTIR………just get yourself some good degrees n just sleep in pariahment after getting in.

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  • Boh Kia See:

    There is no need to wait until 11 Feb. I will try to answer the questions in the PAP manner. That is how they answer questions.
    1) To Minister for Defence
    We care about the welfare of our NS personnel deeply and worry about their safety all the time. Therefore whenever an accident happens during training that leads to the death of a NS person we conduct a COI and get to the root cause of the issue. No stone will be left unturned in this effort.
    b) We are always improving our policy and guidelines for training with or without accidents.
    2) Minister of Health:
    Appropriate staff is designated by their supervisor after careful evaluation as to their stability and suitability to handle sensitive information. We take such sensitive information seriously and will do everything in our power to ensure that only suitable staff can handle sensitive information.
    3) Minister of Trade and Industry:
    I am not aware of the power failure of 26 January 2019. As far as I know, everything was working as it should–that is the PAP way.

    Hope this will provide some entertainment for readers. I would not expect the “real” answer to be too far of the mark.

    VTO–We can do Better than this lot.

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  • Tohduck:

    Also escalator going down a dead end.

    Where children got hurt.(at Changi)

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  • LIONS:

    This way of fielding *QUESTIONS* reminds me of book-worm PUPILS doing *TEN YEAR SERIES* when preparing for O-level exams?

    Guess that much we,humbler sgs can only expect from $CHOLAR-GENERAL$ like Kee-chiu n his cartoon-bo$$,lee AH LONG?


    GD Star Rating

    1 more question please.
    Lawrence the clown confirm HDB will be ZERO value on 99 years lease.
    I don’t want to buy HDB Flat. I just want to rent only directly from HDB without any restrictions on race/ salary/etc..

    If I buy with my CPF money, I cannot get my money back when the 99 tenure is up.

    So WTF is this BS about home ownership?

    Give me back my money(CPF)

    is this question valid?

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  • Property Tax:

    Please ask the HDB why we have to pay property tax?
    The HDB doesn’t belong to us.
    Landlord should pay for property tax.
    After all, we are already paying bomb for this shit hole.

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  • Harder Truths:

    WAYANG TIME!!!!!

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  • Regime change is the solution:

    Likely answer of Defense Minister to all questions: As I said before it is not possible to have 100%-safe training. Let us move on.

    Likely answer of Health Minister to all questions: Nobody is perfect. Mistakes are inevitable. Let us move on.

    Likely answer of MTI Minister to all questions: A tariff rate increase is necessary to invest in equipment that will improve the reliability of the system. The public will be advised in due course. Let us move on.

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  • WP dunno how to play the game:

    WP,your Qs are too polite and ‘soft’ or ‘humble like.
    Now is no time for gentleman politics…
    We are fighting for our lives here,man!
    None of them are like the late SG Lion, Mr JBJ…bless his soul!

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  • Sheep vs wolves:

    Like sheep to the slaughter..
    Thats whats going to happen on 11Feb…
    ‘Death’ will be quick!

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  • Great Asia:

    Recently, I went to the CPF board to try to make some cash refund to my CPF accounts. They said no CASH but CHEQUE only. No NETS as well. I said I can come back with a CHEQUE, but they said I can fill up a FROM and mail it back with the CHEQUE, using the service of mama shop – SingPost.

    Then, I went to the nearby HDB branch to try to make a partial housing loan repayment. They said I have to log in using SingPass to apply first. But I couldn’t do it because the system said I have an outstanding monthly payment. Why? The HDB system will need many days to update after your GIRO deduction. As usual, I have to SCOLD the incompetent officers and FORCED them to accept my CASH. And, of course, I have to sign on paper forms.

    Also, Singapore a multiracial and multicultural country, but all the government websites are in English only! Worst than a country such as Thailand or China, which is more friendly to people who don’t understand the main language.

    I want to ask why my country got stuck in the 20th century. We have spent billions to build a SMART nation. The money was used to feed all the $2 companies, is it?

    This country will sink if that 龟儿子 continues to the PM.

    Ha ha ha!

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  • Great Asia:

    The PAP politicians are fat cats without a soul.

    Ha ha ha!

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