Manufactured political-leadership is a serious malice to Singapore (Part 1)

Looking at MINDEF’s handling of the recent death of Aloysius Pang, it is obvious to anyone who has an engineering or Operational Health & Safety background to see the accident as one that is highly preventable. I see the panel of generals fronting the media as simply fronting another media brief except for the Chief of Army, Major-General Goh Si Hou.


He did come across as someone who is sincere and from watching the various video playback. Also, feedback from people who know him claim that he is indeed sincere and dedicated. Here lies one of the major root-causes of our problem – manufactured leadership.

When individuals – however dedicated or competent – are ‘selected’ for a fast-track career in defence, their rapid promotion do not allow them to acquire the required deep skill-sets, be grounded and make any real strategic review and changes. Before the dust could settle, they are off to their next promotion.

When they are parachuted into the private sector, with our GLCs or NTUC, they again undergo another fast-track endorsement of credentials but again miss the opportunities to acquire the essentials skills required. Once “white-washed” and stamped with a faultless list of credentials, they are parachuted into politics like a shining star.

Such manufacturing of political-leadership renewal process equipped these individuals with very shallow skill-sets, and make these scholars disconnected with how the real world works. This could explain why Singapore is unravelling. It is very unfair to these individuals as they will certainly face failures, and the subsequent anger and insults of Singaporeans.

When they are further parachuted into ministries and agencies, their rotation are again fast-tracked. The people working in these ministries and agencies also suffered as there is no real leadership to guide or manage them strategically. We no longer have the dynamic “Mandarins” of old.

When the leaderships at these ministries or agencies messed up, the “sandwiched” public servants not just had to endure the humiliation of our national embarrassments and also had to take the anger and frustration of fellow Singaporeans. But the real faults do not lies with them as they are equally helpless and sandwiched, and many of them are just trying to earn a fair day living, just like any other Singaporean.

We have precedent where a couple of these generals, upon reflection, acted with integrity by stepping down. But such honourable acts are too few as many continue to hold on to their dear career and self-interests as what can they really do outside of these glass-castles?

If they are truly so dynamic & desirable as PM had suggested, Singapore would had profited massively by exporting them. Alas, there are no takers for our paper-generals and we cannot realistically monetize them away either.

In this latest report by the PAC, I hope Singaporeans will be kind and not direct their anger wrongly at fellow Singaporeans working in the public sectors but be kind to them. They too are victims, just like us. Question is – who is or should be responsible for all these malice?

Singapore has to stop manufacturing its political-leadership in such a manner if we truly want to reduce the tension between the citizens & our public servants, between Singaporeans & its leaders. We should not deprive other competent leaders who are sidelined by these paper-generals the opportunities to make Singapore better.

We need to stop these endless national embarrassments and we definitely cannot afford to watch the many economic opportunities pass us by, before it is too late. Singapore deserves better.


Joseph Nathan



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18 Responses to “Manufactured political-leadership is a serious malice to Singapore (Part 1)”

  • Parachute critique:

    “More people are interested in trying to shuffle paper assets around than building lasting assets by producing real goods … Managing is not reigning over … No theory, no plan, no system of government can assure the success of an enterprise. Only people can do that.”
    - Akio Morita, SONY Corporation

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    “Tick Tock” the clock is ticking…what we have are but a few from humble backgrounds genuinely dedicated to what they are GROOM for??? or are they like the PM himself a useless piece of SHIT passing off as an Elite and self proclaim aristoCRAP???

    True HUMBLE background leaders are NEVER groomed they nurture with time seeing life as it was and is BUT seldom given the opportunity unlike the early Founding Leaders who were eventually put out to pasture when an evil Hitler Clone decide to CREATE an Elite and AristoCrap society

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  • Can't do the job, f**k off:

    My grandpa used to tell me, “Listen, I eat more salt than you eat rice.” In other words, money cannot buy experience and wisdom.

    But for our ministars and paper generators they are still wet in their ears. When crisis occurs, they are found wanting and not on top of things. However To justify the humongous pay, they look for ways to siam or wayang

    Really tragic for Sg future.

    What do you think?

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  • Bapak:

    Their selection process is very simple. Tea Ceremony with Pink Panty.

    PP – Do you like mee siam.
    General1 – Yes sir.
    General2 – Yes sir.

    PP – Do you eat with hum.
    General1 – Yes sir.
    General2 – But mee siam don’t have hum, sir.

    PP – Ok General1, you report to work at Ministry of Hum tomorrow.
    – General2, you are out of touch. Did you read my speeches? Sorry,
    you are not selected. Go back to your camp.

    After they left the office:-
    General2 (left the Tea Ceremony scratching his head), asked General1 – what did I do wrong?

    General1 – Cannot be too honest lah. Must always say YES!

    General2 – Don’t that make me a yesman?

    General1 – Who care? The pay is so good!

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  • Bad Boy:

    @ My grandpa used to tell me, “Listen, I eat more salt than you eat rice.” In other words, money cannot buy experience and wisdom.

    If the wisdom help you to make a killing in the stock market / property market ; or start a biz and become successful ; or advise you what / how to eat and never fall sick no major illnesses; or to recognise which friend or subordinates are true plus trustable which is not so you never fall prey to scam or cheat your $$$.

    Then it is okay. If not, then quite frankly the experience and wisdom is outdated. No disrepect but your grandfather the traditional chinese say those words to cake sard cake say. Mostly likely face issue again.

    And if you cannot find and hold a job, then worst that experience and wisdom can go to the dustbin.

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  • Regime change is the answer:

    To be precise it “manufactured leadership with poor quality control”. Since the “rot start at the head” the likely outcome is obvious – more “downside” than “upside”. VTO.

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  • LIONS:

    ManuFRACTURED LEEderSHIT,you mean?

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  • pap liars:

    anyone who has wasted years in NSF and NSR cannot fail to see why these Ljs all cannot perform. because all useless. all BS. all fakes. all look good on the outside. all cannot perform at all on the inside.

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  • Ellen Degenerate:

    CMI = Cannot Make it

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  • opposition dude:

    You want to stop this musical chairs of a charade then you have to do the difficult task of reducing PAP’s many turkeys in parliament. Otherwise this will just continue endlessly.

    I like to look on the bright side of things though. We kicked out one paper general by the name of George Yeo almost a decade ago, how time really does fly. Another by the name of Lui F Yew decided he couldn’t take the pressure anymore and announced he was stepping down in 2015. Depending on your viewpoint he was either smart in doing so or stupid/daft for admitting he wasn’t that great after all.

    Now it comes to the current crop of monkeys in parliament and lo and behold we have our good for nothing PM and the equally useless DPM as ex army generals. Add Mr keechiu into the mix and I’m sure there are a few others I missed out, too much eating of New Year goodies for me I guess.

    Anyway, we will all see just what the composition of parliament will be after the election. The PAP has already started the ball rolling by announcing the Merdeka Package but the real problems of far too many (and growing) numbers of non Singaporeans continue to be an issue in addition to jobs not going to PMETs.

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  • HarderTruths:

    Just another dead NSF. Why is everyone so surprised? Did these NSF suddenly begin dying yesterday?

    Is Aloysius the only one that locals will cry over because he is from MediaCorpse? Good drama right?

    Some will say – oh so insensitive. Why liddat?

    I will say – be prepared to cry some more because this sh*t will not stop since the people doing the sh*t will continue to do so as long as they are in power.

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  • Bapak:

    Under Pink Panty, everything PAP done gone wrong as their piorities are wrong. Two simple examples.

    1) security guards caught drunk or sleepging on the job will be charged. My advice to all the security guards in Singapore there is one place you can sleep while on duty you wont be charged – PARLIMENT.

    2) Mandai Crematorium workers receive even a $2.00 red packet given willingly by public kena call to CPIB for questioning. So serious wor! My advive to these workers go hawker centre every weekends wait for MP to give ang pao no charge, no CPIB visit cause the givers are lau liap, not public.

    SG is in the mess, no wonder 70% so blur.

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  • Believe it or not?:

    Our country is in a mess.
    Full stop.

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  • Perspective:

    Almost every govt establishment is filled with a “retired” general or colonel, even in the private sectors. Where do you think the country is headed?

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  • No Change More Pain:

    Manufactured credentials bought about the current leadership.
    There is no turning back as one cannot discredit it’s own existence.

    The path will always be from military to public service, this is how Singapore’s mandarins are made. The system will not be able to remake itself, as this will bring about many questions, including high pay, above others and never failing that the obscene salaries are justified upon.
    As such, there will always never be a sincere sorry or a desire to leave no stones unturned. Cronyism flourishes as the elites and privileged band together to protect their mutual interests.

    Failures will continue with increased frequencies and increased spread.
    These failures are a cummulation of decades of unfettering rights and unchecked power. The absolute power helped to propel Singapore’s growth and prosperity at it’s infancy and nation building but the same power has also bought about her complacency and will bring about her eventual downfall.

    There is never more an urgent need to change the status quo. It should be done when there is still a chance to reverse the decline, before the fabric of Singapore society becomes permanently decimated. It should be now rather than later.

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  • rukidding:

    As long as you know how to say “yes”

    As long as you “keep quiet” and not try to “kay Khian”(try to be clever or comment or suggest better ideals )

    As long as you know how to “Por Lan Par”

    As long as you know how to “Say bok”

    As long as you know how to “surrender your ass” to someone…

    ….YOU WILL BE “inside” THEIR LIST !

    Just look at that “backside doctor, the son of pondek”…don’t you see him “flying so fast” ???

    Ghee,…whats “puzzling”…was he “lost” in his firs try on a “One to One” battle,….but he “came back again”…UNFORTUNATELY or FORTUNATELY….”thru the backdoor of a Groupie ” ( His Gang Bang kaki maybe? )

    Because,…you have to know,…YOUR LEEDER was a “spoilt brat, fed on silver spoon, sissy ah gua ” !!!

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  • oxygen:

    @ Perspective

    PAST TENSE TOLD US LAST CENTURY that NOT a single state in the whole world, having freed itself of colonial exploitation, have got itself out of poverty struggles after decades of self-rule. Why? They followed Marxists authoritarian rule – totally oblivious to the failures in the then Soviet Union (now Russia and Commonwealth of independent states within its geopolitical orbit), Warsaw Pact and PRC under Mao’s autocracy. Without Deng Xiao Ping “kai-fun” opening to the “corrupt capitalist” of western political culture, China would probably still be a very quiet serene, peaceful even beautiful landscape of peasants poverty farmer and millions will continue to died when famine sweeps through each time.

    PAST TENSE IS RIGHT, of course. Fidel Castro, right at the doorstep of liberal politics next door, was a COMPLETE FAILURE. Before he died, Castro confessed he was wrong – autocracy is self-destructive because the stable state of authoritarianism is never adaptive to external change which is INFINITELY BIGGER AND MUCH MORE POWERFUL of impact.

    Perspective: Almost every govt establishment is filled with a “retired” general or colonel, even in the private sectors. Where do you think the country is headed?

    PRESENT TENSE told us in 2015, our economy is MAXED OUT (despite massive foreign population influx), in 2016, our restructuring has failed and in 2017, the Committee for future economy offers NO PRESCRIPTION OF THE ROADMAP DIRECTION forward. In other words, the country is lost and clueless without a sunk domestic economic root.

    So this question below is easily answered by two bloggers in this thread.

    Perspective: Where do you think the country is headed?

    Here we go.

    Bapak: SG is in the mess, no wonder 70% so blur.

    Believe it or not?: Our country is in a mess.
    Full stop.

    ME THINKS IT IS A SORRY MESS AND CLUELESS FORWARD. We chosen the path of autocracy of inevitable failure – PAST TENSE WARNED US of that dangers last century.

    Western liberalism is at least successful even if somewhat rowdy like this brief adventure into “Occupy Wall Street” but since the last GFC, at least those who invested in uncertainty on NYSE got very rich. Stocks grew by 200% to 300% since across the board.


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  • oxygen:

    THE ONE-MAN CONDUCTOR of the Sinkieland Symphony Orchestra is NOT an immortal. He has gone to TERN SUA never to return, and our symphony orchestra fell into chaos and soon likely to be silence not golden.

    The audience paid a huge sums of housing liability (not asset as fake promised made) and their retirement capital (read CPF) either got burnt in PAPpys fake economic wisdom/news of asset enhancement politics instead of what is really asset depletion scam. IN LAYMAN LANGUAGE, THE PEASANT AUDIENCE PAID for the orchestra attendance with a mountain of debt beyond their cash savings and living on borrowed times of FUTURE retirement in the chase for PRESENT enjoyment of dud orchestra entertainment – not much less stupid and worst than the mindset of the YOLO generation.

    LEE-jiapore is paying the price and unknown as yet future pains of political hegemony and its longevity and 70% daft Sinkies are simply too stupid to even begin to discover they are stupid to impossibility – most of them don’t even know there is such a thing as “environment” outside that STABLE unchanging stupid (supposedly much envied) red dot which the TURBULENCE arising in and invading the red dot IS HUGE AND VIOLENTLY POWERFUL OF DAMAGING IMPACT THREATENING OUR NATIONAL SURVIVAL (but PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomics determinedly censored to keep peasants stupid of easy authoritarian rule) and PAPpys ALL DIAM DIAM DIAM.

    PAPpys only knows of one solution to all turbulence – it is called OPPRESSION. They even think now of “fake news” legislation when they are the BIGGEST MANUFACTURERS OF FAKE NEWS FOR DECADES AND STILL AT IT.

    What hope is there for the economic future of LEE-jiapore in this insanity PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomics if 70% wants better but REFUSED TO CHANGE?

    Manufactured political leadership incubated in the GRC laboratory DOES NOT WORK in a TURBULENT world. That is why we are in a sordid mess after so many decades of experimentation. One Minister LHK said correctly, we can’t be a first world economy paying 3rd world wages.

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