Defending incompetency despite fat political salaries not the way to go

For the second time, I have read what Heng Swee Keat said. The conclusions that I took home with me is that he was defensive of his government’s mediocrity and his cabinet colleagues’ incompetency despite them drawing very fat political salaries from our people.

Their incompetency and slackness are too many and I will just list some of them in points.

1) Under the PAP government, our total fertility rates has been falling for years until we now find ourselves to be the world’s lowest. Please share which PAP minister lost his/her job over this “outstanding” performance?

2) We are one of the most unequal societies in the world. Dear Mr Heng, should we citizens be proud of this “achievement”?

3) Any more compassionate and empathetic defence minister would have at least attended the wake of a departed soldier who died during training and on his watch. Our defence ministers could not be bothered, not once not twice but so many times. How can that be good for our nation-building, our citizens continued support for national service and our soldiers’ and national service men’s morale?

4) Singaporeans were told in no uncertain language that when the new Sports Hub is completed, all future national day parades (NDP) will be held there and the floating platform at Marina Bay is only a temporary venue. But look what actually happened? A Sports Hub that cost more than $1 billion dollars to build was only used for one NDP and found to be unsuitable to host future NDPs and so NDPs return to the floating platform quietly and permanently. Dear Mr Heng, did any PAP ministers lose his/her job because of this?

5) In the true spirit of accountability, why didn’t the Prime Minister or the Finance Minister update our Parliament periodically about the performances of our sovereign wealth funds of GIC and Temasek Holdings etc.? To add salt to injury, no PAP MPs bother to ask about them in Parliament as well. If that is not incompetency in discharging their roles without fear or favour, then what is?

6) Often times, PAP MPs and ministers’ attendance of parliamentary sittings were pathetic and also, many of them were seen to be sleeping outright in their comfortable seats even if they were present. If that is not slackness at the highest level, what is?

7) I wonder if Heng is aware that our elderly suicide numbers have hit record levels. Does he really believes that old people jump from tall buildings for fun and last but not least, our well-intentioned and public funded skillfuture credit was cheated by a syndicate using only very basic kindergarten level ploys and to an unbelievable tune of $40/ million. Again, which minister was removed?

Due to space and time constraints, I will stop here but trust me, I can easily go on. If all these and more are not incompetency and/or slackness, I really don’t know what is?

In parting, the current standards of the lack of it pale a great deal when compare to this LKY’s standards, “Everything works, whether it is water, electricity or telexes and if it doesn’t, I want to know why and if I am not satisfied, which I often am not, the chief goes”.

Need I say more?


Simon Lim



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18 Responses to “Defending incompetency despite fat political salaries not the way to go”

  • Asdd:

    Cover you cover me … you take i take… one happy family…

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    The Pigs live in AFFLUENCE in Glass Towers…Chanting 4 legs are Good but 2 legs are Better…

    Dogs are trained to bark and attack on the Pigs Command still walking on 4 legs but well FED…

    The Cows – Horses – Sheep – Chicken & Ducks(2 legs but with wings that do not fly as they are clipped) are kept in their respective places and fed the crumbs

    Sound Familiar???… Dick wrote a song and call it “This is HOME truly”

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  • MarBowling:

    Everything works, whether it is water, electricity or telexes and if it doesn’t, I want to know why and if I am not satisfied, which I often am not, the chief goes”.

    Response:like this Grandma statement made famous by Lee Kayu. When he was squatting on the Imperial Throne, no one I say again no one dares to fu*k around with him. WHY? It’s because he is the ONE & ONLY Indian Chief around. Whenever Big National Problems or Issues had arisen, he stood up at FACE them squarely, solved and resolved them ASAP! How about NOW? Yes, we do have an Indian Chief BUT a limbek one(soft like a Chee Cheong Fun) and few self-proclaimed Little Indian Chiefs to absorb most of the Heat and Blame whenever there are Big National Problems and Issues occuring. And most of the times, he is hiding under a skirt….popping his Head out ONLY when everything is solved or resolved! And also he spends a lot of his precious time plotting to FIX and FINISH off the Opposition!

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  • opposition dude:

    Yup the feeling amongst people now is that these monkeys aren’t worth the salary they are being paid. No accountability, no transparency, letting others take the blame while the minister in charge keeps quiet until the whole thing blows over.

    This is the kind of ministers we have today ladies and gentlemen, the type that does not take responsibility and to top it all off, have a so called 4G leader come out to say that they will put things right AFTER so much shit has happened. One wonders if these clowns the meaning of the words that spewed out of their collective mouths.

    Telling us all you will do this and that isn’t going to convince anyone this time round PAP, your bochup attitudes are becoming far more obvious as the years pass. You have got a worse than useless leader who has shown that he just will not take any steps to remove useless ministers nor even bother to do things right when lapses occur.

    The next major lapse is coming fellow voters, complacency simply does not vanish overnight!

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  • LIONS:

    TEACH LESS,LEARN MORE,our kids at schools are told;their parents too.
    Meanwhile,pay more for private tuition$?

    Same,same,WORK LESS,PAY MORE for the $cholar-gahmen?


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  • PC Ong:

    Ahh simple simon, you can whine on & on…

    This current govt will still be in-charge even after this coming election is over

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  • rukidding:

    The oldfart already openly called you guys daft so many times,…even openly to international press !!!

    What more can I say about how “they” perceived of their own supporters ?

    Those 70% are “beyond hope” !

    Just like those “weak girlfriends” who will “willingly submit themselves” to their boyfriend the moment their boy friend mention about “breaking up”….as if “they”( thse silli girls) will die without that “stupid boyfriend” !

    Yes, thats how those 70% are….Kia Si !

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  • Old man rolling in his grave:

    Pinky in sleep mode.

    His useless eunuchs are in self driven and self denial mode.

    You die your problem. Hehe… can check cpf statement every month leh…

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  • HarderTruths:




    Enough said….

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  • Tremendous:

    Yes, I remember LKY saying the chief has to go if things don’t work. Here, members of a certain party belong to the strawberry generation.

    As for CPF amount, you don’t need to see the numbers.
    CPF contribution channelled into fund <
    CPF that has to be paid out + investment gains – investment losses

    It's not just about how big the portfolio is.
    Since the investment losses cannot cover the investment gains, it means that today if everyone stops contributing to CPF, the board will not be able to pay all account holders due to the last dollar.

    This is why delaying the drawdown age, including with small prints hopefully gives them time to recoup losses or keep their hegemony. Our budget chief, and top public economists should already know all these but having the conscience to own up is another.

    From my estimation, we are less than 7 years away from survival as a nation. They say the budget is going to be comprehensive. Comprehensive to the point that they can turn the TFR around sharply ? They know the outcome is bleak long ago.

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  • oxygen:

    @ Simon Lim, HSK national conversation fade into mausoleum silence. He is steep on rhetoric, low on substance.The Committee on Future Economy (CFE) has no recommendation forward, what does he has to say about that? Who chaired the CFE?

    My expectations in 4G is very very low, so any disappointment won’t be earth-shattering for me.

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  • Go tell uncles n aunts ur 1st:

    Genetically lacking sensibility is excusable but talking stupid costing Singaporeans billions is moronic but supporting these bastardly moron like conflict of interests is mnot an issue if one is successful but evidently this is talking cock when it is really who is involved counts which mean corruption by abuse of power n is legally chargeable but cpib would rather goes after the lowly paid operators who helped to char the dead including the rich n powerful who just receive angpao from grateful bereaved average family unlike the ingrate billionaire/multimillionaires once again thru abuse of power to self gratifying themselves.
    Bureaucratic compliancy allegation is a serious allegation but what are alleged is more serious as it once again corruption by abuse of power in obliteration of responsiblity, accountability n above all justice. If the angpao of a few $ is culpable, what would bureaucratic compliancy if what LHY/LWL alleged r valid with evidence backup culpability?
    Besides, the CPIB is constitutional independent public institution, isn’t the very fact that it is housed in PMO suggesting it is controlled by the PM is violating the Constitution n isn’t violating the Constitution is serious legal issue or Indiani claiming another moronic excuse which will be official n another case of abuse of power. Wow a devious cyclic end to end culpability! Is this the reason why LHL rather broke his public promise he made with LKY n GCT that any such allegation should be brought to the Court of Laws or else it implies the allegation is true n resignation is only honorable to keep the zero corruption image?
    These r extremely serious cases of accountability demanded of the job n sworn oath of office on the holy book representing the divine faith they abide.
    So Simon, awake the daft whom LKY referred to the blind faith of the 70% citizenry by talking to them of your awakening beginning with your extended family n friends families.
    Netizens know what u r talking about except the diehard blind nepotic following akin to death do they part but as medicare is only affordable by the politically legalized multimillionaires nepotists n their plps, their rising potential of retrenchment n the escalating cost of living n children education, the chances they will come to realising why they should vote extreme arrogant self gratifying n glorifying egoists to insult their relative miserably low wealth n to do as they please to worsen their intolerable attitude to the citizenry as clearly implicated by the arrogance of PAP new assistant secretary Chan Chun Sin.that he has no problem to import more foreigners to displace Singaporeans! But talk the walk is still necessary.

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  • Christopher Bong:

    Heng Swee Kiat has just shown Singaporeans what a weak leader he is or will be. Expect more complacencies and tardiness under his tenure. Is this what we want?

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  • a PG:

    Mr Simon Lim, thank you for a masterpiece, and in fact, there are a lot more. E.g. CPF saving is our own money and for own uses after our retirement. Why are they implementing and changing so many rules against us? Why should they tell us how much we can withdraw? They should let us withdraw our money according to our own needs or urgency, and NOT the other way round, right?

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  • oxygen:


    Here is the weblink.

    The Incredible Shrinking Singapore Stock Market

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  • If PAP honors LKY?:

    LKY publicly stopped President Ong Teng Cheong from seeking his second term which he announced well before the PE.. because as he claimed that President Ong has a serious medical conditions n hence constitutionally forbid to seek another term.

    He also duly declared that there wasn’t a constitutional position for a First Lady n hence Mrs Ong’s photograph placed side by side in all government establishment was ordered to be removed. Only after Tony Tan has his wife photo hanged beside his did Singaporeans realize that the constitutional bit is but a timely vindictive invention of LKY to publicly embarrassed President Ong who acted on his real constitutional rights of reviewing the national financial books which LKY in his rage at President Ong dare and as he has publicly stated that anyone opposes him or his policy is his enemy would be relentlessly stamped out n as event unfolds, it also included the President constitutional Head of the Nation.

    Heng has a heart attack which to most is a serious premedical case n if the v3 n v4 Papists respect LKY, he should be out of the race for premiership which means the shit Berra Chan who threatened Singaporeans that he has no problem to import more foreigners to displace Singaporeans from their job n insulted the citizens who patron what he disdained as filthy wet market foodcourt n slimed The Food vendors for providing food Not Worthy of the Price they charged as for example he cited his $10 chai tow kwei.

    This implied that if berra chan took heng’s place PAP will be seen to be a party which will be led by berra chan to boot out all Singaporeans n self gratified by surrendering the islands to the foreigners he has threatened to import n that Singaporeans would not be that stupid to destroy their own motherland n would have booted out pap instead.

    Nevertheless the 70% supporters of pap owe allegiance to their idol dead n gone n v3 n v4 ahave no respect for him n as anyone not with him is his enemy n also their enemy n should be punished or booted out.

    This message should be made aware to the 70% diehard followers of LKY that if they vote pap v3v4 shits they r voting the enemies of LKY n that would be mean to their idol.

    Vote PAPv3 v4 out in GE 2019 leaked out by the plps to test the ground.

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  • Dr. Chan:

    If die die must continue Lee dynasty. The only credible Lees are LHY and his son. Singapore still got hope with these 2 Lees as PMs. They at least have real compassion and a brain to go against Ah Loong.

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  • Re mabowling cont:

    It becomes crystal clear that v3, 4 PAP nepotists n plps r governing on caste system wrt freedom, rights, crimes n justice. From these political shits media posting n media reports though rare, the caste system goes from nepotists, grades of plps according to degree of poing described by siok factor for rewards sustained by similar survival mechanism as that of the Draculas, neutral dafts down to pap adversaries.

    Voting pap in GE 2029 leaked to be in Sept intentionally as usual to test the ground would be voting in a packed of traitors whose greed sweeping off them into the Gorilla den n beyond compared with the pigs n dogs.

    PAP much interpreted by netizens as Pimps And Prostitutes is in fact insulting the pimps n prostitutes as they r often the victims of the oppressing greedy n aggressive govt struggling to survive in particular the prostitute to provide national service to young hotbloods to sustain their sanity as the rising cost forced upon them by the greeds of self gratification n self glorification of their wrongly placed trust on the political scums ito abandon their desire to marry n have a normal family existence.

    As the Chines would say. 他们更本不是东西连猪狗也不如! 一羣人渣哦

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