Chan Chun Sing again talks as if Singaporeans are naive and daft

Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing is a dead giveaway.

He started calling Halimah Yacob “Madam President” even before she had resigned as Speaker of Parliament to contest the presidency.

Over the weekend, Chan gave the surest signal that the general elections are not far away. He kicked off his election talk – well, more like snake oil salesmanship, to be precise.

Chan went to great lengths to emphasise that the political stability of the country must be taken “seriously” amid changes and challenges in the global environment.

He urged Singaporeans to send a “positive signal” to the world as the country prepares for leadership transition, so as to “inspire confidence in all investors to want to invest in Singapore and create good jobs for our people.”

Investors will not put money in a country if they do not know what is going to happen there in 5 to 15 years’ time, he stressed.

We will be hearing a lot more of such talk in the weeks and months leading up to the general elections.

The script goes like this: Unless the people vote overwhelmingly for the ruling People’s Action Party, the world will sense instability and investors will pull out or stop investing in the country altogether and Singapore will sink into economic despair, resulting in hardship for everyone.

Such a scenario is presented to Singaporeans every four years.

We have to wonder why politicians like Chan Chun Sing have nothing else up their sleeve. If such talk is so invigorating, why have governments around the world not latched on to it as a tactic for fear mongering?

Perhaps the likes of Chan Chun Sing genuinely think that they are being intellectually stimulating by indulging in such messaging.

This is even worse. The thought that politicians with such a mindset are supposedly the best the country can come up with ought to give us cause for concern.



Augustine Low

* The author is a proud but concerned citizen. Voicing independent, unplugged opinion is his contribution to citizen engagement.



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27 Responses to “Chan Chun Sing again talks as if Singaporeans are naive and daft”

  • I'm Halimah also jIak liao bee:

    Fear mongering, that’s the only thing these PAPIGS are good at, and aiming at the 70% daft who will just swallow what ever shit these Pigs vomit out.
    Since when did this Boy Scout Paper general deems himself worthy to be the next PM in waiting ???
    Why don’t he have the balls to stand in a a single ward and stand and see how unpopular he is, and that goes to all those balless Cronies as well, getting into Parly thru the back door..

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  • Dr Tan Cheng Bock, next PM:

    But… but the fact is, many of our local graduates are underemployed. So, Keechiu must be saying investors are not having confidence in our present pap gahmen and thus there aren’t enough good jobs for our people?

    Since our sg people are experiencing hardship now, it just confirmed that investors are not putting money in our country any more because of the present incompetent gahmen. Only a change of gahmen would bring a change for the betterment of our people.

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  • Vote for a change.:

    He does not even know that the world is wondering why this Dishonourable Son had done and they all have all lost confidence in him and the party.

    We are “seriously” looking for changes and have more opposition parties and they will challenge the current jokers and find out more about our CPF and the Temasick and also to remove the NOT OUR PRESIDENT and have a more capable person in place.

    Only then we will have political stability and a better global environment.

    Vote for a change and VTO.

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  • Want to huat, Kee Chiu:

    Boy, be good. Uncle gives you a small ang pow.

    Now, go….

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  • Asd:

    Told you before you all lan lan… now telling you all again… you also lan lan…

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  • Boh Kia See:

    What foreigners like to see is that there is a peaceful transition of power. They will then know that the system is mature and stable enough so that no matter which party wins there will be a stable government. That is the essence of a stable government.

    I agree that CCS is really a loud mouth pseudo intellectual that thinks everyone else are uneducated. Such a person being paraded as the “best of the best” should be a big worry for many citizens.

    There is nothing new in the PAP bag of tools even their intimidation and bullying are old tricks.

    It is time to remove the PAP from the scene totally before re-construction of Singapore can begin.

    VTO–the PAP–we can deserve better and can do better.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    For a Brilliant scholar who came from a very humble background raised by a single mum???…it is INDEED sad that he DOES NOT break the mould of a Dynasty of Evil where privilege is the core of POWER & GREED…

    “THINK” Ah Seng and you are!!!…why let someone Think for you??? your mother did her best when she “THOUGHT” the Best for you…

    “THINK” the best for your Nation The Republic of Singapore where you once served with Dignity in the Arm Force…

    or…is it “The Lure of Power & Money” far exceed the Dignity that your mum “TAUGHT” you

    Nothing is WORSE than to be a Dog listening to his Master’s Voice Record…and that is why RCA bought over and “THREW” the puppy out

    “Reform & Revamp”… and DESTROY the enemy the Dynasty and return The Republic of Singapore to the People!!!

    If you DARE as an ex-General to Lead from the FRONT and not the back listening to “His Master’s VOICE”??? Now DEAD!!!

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  • Bapak:

    This guy learns fast. This guy learned that Sinkies are stupid. PAP coming to GE chu patterns.

    Step 1:-
    The building up scare tactic.
    - The economy outlook is going to be bad, business around the www is slowing down – this Pink Panty already said,
    - Trouble times are coming – Kee Chui,
    - Show the overseas investors we have a strong government – Kee Chui again,
    - Highlights troubles in ME – Kee Chui again.

    Step 2:-
    Telling stupid Sinkies no one in the WWW can solve problems except PAP.

    I don’t blame them, cause sotong bolampar 70% Sinkies believe them.

    To get rid of PAP, first must get rid of these blur bolampar sotongs, aka Sinkies70.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Liao liao he did not ask them to kee chui.

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  • Once Bitten Twice Shy:

    The same old gramophone record every 5 years like His Master’s Voice (HMV). Putting fear into people such as political instability, economic peformance, relations with our neighbours, etc.

    But they stop short of addressing cost of living, healthcare cost, housing lease, employment of citizens over foreigners, CPF withdrawal, etc

    Telling voters to be united and close ranks will be no easy ride this time round. Here even middle incomes are struggling and there you guys draw big fat salaries.

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  • Too Late:

    No, it is because he knows for a fact that 70% if Sinkies are cowards and fools.

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  • TK meet again mana S$28m gone:

    With such arrogant nfi scumbag like him, Indiani n IndianM, worjing for mai hum but ah kua, Singaporeans were fleeced $28 m just for the Gorilla shitpot to self glorify themselves with fouler stench of hosting the moronic meeting. The second meeting is necessary to celebrate they have conned the stupid self glorifying v3;4 political idiots for the $28m garbaged.. Perhaps they have felt shortchanged. LHL cabinet should seek Singaporeans’ help to access how they have been shortchanged by publishing the full account how $28m was spent. Was the sum budgetted n approved by Parliament in the year when Parliament discussed n approved the sum n item. If this is not, where did the money come from n has it been publicly auditted n by AGO.

    Yes if the top does not committed to accountability, is it Justice to expect anyone to be held accountable. In other words, justice n laws r non existent as accountability of one’s action is the reason why justice n laws forms the governing principle of a nation. If the top defies accountability, it defies the judiciary system upon which the Laws of the Land are constitutionized to give it the structure.

    So would the Cabinet publized how S$28 millions were spent to stage Kim Trump eeting in Singapore just to restore the importance of accountability n much publicized pledge of zero corruption with the billions $ payout to the Cabint!

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  • rukidding:

    Don’t be fooled by Lee Ah Long and his gang !

    Ah Heng will “suffer another stroke” ( wayang)….then this clown will take over the seat !… simple as that !

    You think Lee Ah Long will “so easily” let ah heng “drive and steer” the ship ?….NO lah,…they are all the same,…for sure kee chui will be taking over at some point down the “ah heng’s” reign of rule !

    If you are “smart”…NEVER Vote for them ANYMORE !

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  • Sgp PSP > Msia PH:

    Sporeans are same or better the Msians when it comes to politics.

    1st, if Msians can topple najib BN via Dr Mahatir PH, Sporeans can topple clown pap via Dr Tan CB PSP. guaranteed.

    2nd, even though BN najib did not sue his own brother, sister, and nephew, yet he was toppled, pap clown did and is guaranteed to be toppled.

    3rd, BN najib paid a lot of money yet was toppled. pap clown pays only S$200 per citizen, chicken money, and so guaranteed to be toppled.

    pap PA paid IBs very active in Internet now trying to BS 70% sheep. GE2015 departure of pap evil emeritus lky gave clown pap some votes. GE2019 is different. because ang mo raffles ain’t going to do the same trick for clown pap as pap evil emeritus lky did. so clown pap guaranteed to be toppled this time.

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  • LIONS:

    If this daft becomes PM,it is not becos of merit but for reason of protecting the throne for *HO-LEE* $on.

    Sg shud under Tharman as next PM if the PAP CURRENT LEEder$HIT IS NOT RACIST OR SELF-SERVING.


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  • MarBowling:

    TRE has put up a hilarious picture of this joker eating a plate of his boss favorite Mee Siam Mai Hum! Thumb up!

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  • Bosiao:

    F.. K the package. Then don’t need to fund anything. Tax the people to give the people to buy votes. Sinkies are really DAFT

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  • Ellen Degenerate Weird Ho:

    I heard all these before: basically Singapore will collapse without PAP. The sun revolves around them. The sun won’t shine unless they say so.

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  • John Lim:

    Every statement CCS makes, if you examine it carefully, is just empty rhetoric, devoid of meaningful content, and means nothing!!!

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  • oxygen:

    WE DON’T WANT THE STATUS QUO, we want change. The status quo is a SINKING DYING ECONOMY with no inflow of capital supporting commerce and industry development.

    NO WHERE IS THIS DECAYING ROT is more clearly displayed and evident than this -

    The Incredible Shrinking Singapore Stock Market


    CCS should therefore read this weblink provided and tell us how he could change the situation around INSTEAD OF HARKING IRRELEVANTLY why the status quo of failed PAPPys governance for two decades of rot should extend into stupidly and blindly giving in to the 4G leadership aspirations totally undeserving.

    PAPpys have done enough damage to the country. Let others who can do a lot better a chance to have the next try.


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  • Wake up / VTO:

    We’re paying far too much for this shameful bunch of clowns masquerading as our gov ministers.
    …who every 4 years regurgitate their doom & gloom speeches n recycle their dirty tricks…

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  • Retirement Existentialism Now:

    Actually, the Merdeka generation wants to withdraw its CPF lifetime savings back in a lump sum – no hanky panky tweaking from the bosses please! Would things change if we voted you in again? Hehehe, come on, for once shake your honest-bone.

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  • Dr. Chan:

    Imagine if PAP gets defeated in the GE. All GLC, GIC got dissolved, will these Jia Liao Bee Fake scholars, paper generals, blood sucking monsters able to find and hold onto a ‘Real World’ job (provide real world service – not lip service)in the private sector based solely on their skills and job competency? Not connections? Chances are slim to none – they never had real world experience.

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  • Perspective:

    Confidence can only come from the leaders. If the people have no confidence in the 3Gs after all the mess they have seen in the country, they have even less reason to be confident in the 4Gs. What have the 4Gs done for the people to win their confidence?

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Dr. Chan:
    Imagine if PAP gets defeated in the GE. All GLC, GIC got dissolved, will these Jia Liao Bee Fake scholars, paper generals, blood sucking monsters able to find and hold onto a ‘Real World’ job (provide real world service – not lip service)in the private sector based solely on their skills and job competency? Not connections? Chances are slim to none – they never had real world experience.

    That’s the reason these people must have PAP!! PAP is the oxygen they breathe in.

    These Jie Liao Bee, fake scholars, paper generals monsters with no skills and incompetence not only affecting GLC and GIC but holding up SG’s progress with them sitting at the top.

    Only Singapore and its citizens suffer, with poor productivity and no innovation.

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  • Bystander:

    Come election time, always remember CCS is GCT the second, another seat warmer. You wanna continue the Lee Dynasty?

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  • Who needs it:

    What we want ie our cpfunds in full, they wont or cant accede to our request…so,
    They can just put their merdeka package where the sun dont shine.
    For sure its a can see but cannot touch package, wrapped up in deals with plenty of conditions!

    GD Star Rating
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