Contacting TR Emeritus with a free Gmail email address

Please be informed that effective immediately, we will NOT be answering any emails addressed to TR Emeritus (TRE) from a free Gmail email address ([email protected]).

This is because Gmail (a product of Google) has set its email servers to be so restrictive that statistically if 100 emails were to be sent from 100 different domain names via 100 different mail servers, less than 50% will get through to a Gmail email address, i.e. bounced.

We came to this conclusion after testing 5 different domain names with various mail servers setup, but none managed to get an email through to a Gmail account. These 5 test domain names were setup on email servers with all the necessary rDNS, SPF, DKIM, etc.

Our techie also studied and implemented all recommendations on Gmail’s official support pages, but to no avail.

We have therefore decided that we will not be wasting any more time trying to fix an issue which is not any fault on our end.

However, while we are unable to reply to a Gmail email address, our mail server is not as restrictive as Gmail’s and can still receive emails from our readers.

So, if you are only submitting an article and NOT expecting a reply, that is still possible. Kindly use a non-Gmail email address if you would like us to reply.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


[email protected]



P/S: It appears that we are not the only ones affected, there are many others on the internet with the same experience [ LINK ].



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5 Responses to “Contacting TR Emeritus with a free Gmail email address”

  • rukidding:

    An “ang Mo” company ,”submitting” to Pimps and prostitutes “in return” for “permission” to Operate ????


    So…ang Mo is finally “NOT SO tua kee” ???

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  • opposition dude:

    If possible, have this important bit of info running as a side scrolling ticker on the top of your page or sticky it if possible.

    It’s easy to forget you know. Thanks TRE.

    Tech: A good suggestion indeed. Will have it implemented soonest on the Announcement bar. Thank you.

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  • Whistler:

    How come we not aware that there is such email we could have used?

    Channel newsasia has new live channel on YouTube.
    Does it give them any access to people who post comments on their videos?
    Any one can share your insight?

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  • Bon Joey:

    Now they paid YouTube for a live news channel. I think I will avoid posting there in their videos in case they given Big Data by YouTube.

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  • SureDie:

    My Facebook account has been disabled. Comments were very critical of the establishment, nothing vulgar or sleazy injected into commentary like some here yet, it was disabled after active for several years, despite not meeting the terms of “identity”(the government/lackies are litigious and vindictive so go figure). I guess the accumulated commentary built up over time could have some impact, especially on the coming election.

    Well, I guess all popular free social media tools will have some form of direct and indirect governmental regulations and deterrents to blockade uncomfortable revelations etc. Good luck living under the serpent lies and grip of death. Live in Sin, dies in Sin – and that was not said by me

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