Budget 2019: PAP’s worst policy is to increase the diesel tax

Heng Swee Keat said that he decided to raise Diesel Tax by doubling it because he wanted to “curb pollution”. Even though he had studied Economics in Cambridge, he does not seem to understand Economics at all.

Over 95% of Commercial Vehicles in Singapore run on diesel. At present, they have absolutely no alternative to diesel vehicles. How would doubling the diesel tax “curb pollution” when there is no alternative to diesel for commercial vehicles?

It would mean that the demand for diesel is inelastic and will hardly be affected no matter how much the diesel tax is raised. The only effective way of getting air pollution off our roads is to replace all diesel vehicles with electric vehicles in Singapore!

On the other hand, such increase of diesel tax will increase cost of business greatly! This is especially so for the logistics sector which has already been suffering a drop in business due to the ongoing trade war!

This is no doubt the most stupid, untimely and brainless policy that Heng has put up in Budget 2019!

But PAP government is not really interested in that as they have cut off the incentive given to hybrid and electric cars, while there is insufficient investment in building up the necessary infrastructure for electric cars!

Such poor excuse of “curbing pollution” is aimed to generate more revenue for PAP. It is not amusing but disgusting.


Goh Meng Seng



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14 Responses to “Budget 2019: PAP’s worst policy is to increase the diesel tax”

  • Harder Truths:

    You misunderstand his statement

    To ‘curb pollution’ means to ‘clean up his backyard’.
    For which he needs to pay a cleaner or a gardener
    Plus a new swimming pool and other assorted outdoor decorations.

    This means he needs a raise in salary. Or he will be shamed by his peers in private businesses.

    So he needs more diesel tax to claim a rise in GDP to get the raise.
    and the new pool. And the other goodies….

    That is what he meant.

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  • "MakanYou" Budget:

    He wanted to “curb pollution” or wanted to enrich with more money?
    Fake blow-Up 8 billions “MakanYou” Funds to further reason the collection is it?

    Actually, any reasons will do as they have overwhelmingly oppressive Power to enact new laws as they like, for further tax collection or drag CPF payment to 100 years as they have the majority in Parliament isn’t it? Is a fact, right?

    So, What you think?

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  • NotMyProblem:

    The next tax will be taxing the air you breathe. There is always a reason to tax citizens, rightly or wrongly, reasonable or unreasonable. This is when you have one party rule.

    Every government wants to tax the citizens as much as possible. Only problem would the citizens allow it.

    In Singapore, citizens voted for it. Even when they know there will be a 2% increase in GST, you will see the idiots would vote for it.

    In Singapore, 7 out of 10 working adults are graduate with the rest with some other tertiary educations. They must be smart, right?

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  • MarBowling:

    Understand quite a number of big salon cars are running on diesel. Most are manufactured in Europe. Come 1 April 2019, all these diesel cars that are currently enjoying going into JB with empty tank, will be subject to the fiacking regressive 3/4 tank rule which was imposed donkey years ago on all petrol-driven cars! It’s a double whammy for owners of diesel cars. Double diesel tax plus fiacking 3/4 tank rule. Did they vote for the PAPigs to apply the screw on them?

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  • Jo Teo:

    Focus your eyeballs on the ballot box

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  • RDB:

    HELLO! Electricity for charging electric driven vehicles is also supplied by driven diesel driven power plants. So, pollution is just transferred to their sites. Sg is a small island and so winds can still blow that now massive pollution out to sea or inland. Common sense.

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  • built so close to one another:

    //Diesel Tax by doubling it because he wanted to “curb pollution”.//

    aiyoh. curb pollution ? sinkie land. much pollution already as compared with last time. dust, noise from constant (sometimes wasteful) upgradings works where good tiles and flooring are taken out when they are still good & nice. houses built so close to one another (air circulation bad) and now so much nearer to roads where sometimes condos are also built so near to road junctions ?

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  • not 1st class honours:

    the truth is every Chinese family never lasts 3 generations.

    so the same for famiLEE.

    heng is 4th. so might as well accept the demise.

    fact is from lky to wooden goh to clown all 1st class honours. heng is not.

    besides being 4th generation and not 1st class heng also timid as ffff worse than the 1st generation jiak liao bee 12 years NSF deferment tony tan.

    70% sheep sure to kaput if they continue to vote clown pap GE2019.

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  • The Other Hard Truths:

    This is about the lamest excuse that has come out from the PAP, particularly from a guy who is supposed to be the guy to sit on the throne.

    I have a better suggestion : if we ship all the 82 PAP MPs and all their cronies off to Antarctica, Singapore will have its pollution reduced by at least 10%

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  • Tatman:

    Wah lau, why every year Budget comes, there is ALWAYS mentions that prices to increase this and that. They want Singaporeans to die???

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  • LIONS:

    Whoa! Very pro-environment indeed!
    So,does F1 produce no pollution or CARBOM EMI$$ION N NOISE POLLUTION?

    Still wanna use DIESEL TAX REVENUE TO SPONSOR F1 again???

    What a bunch of hypocrite$$$!

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  • Tom Lee:

    Diesel Tax will increase business cost, which will in turn be passed on to consumers. Cost of goods and services will surely shoot up. Cost of living will rise further, even before the next GST hike. But the 70% can never understand it.

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  • rukidding:

    A total failure and mistake by Mr Heng indeed !

    So, why not “banned” all “electric ” powered aircon ?…and go “solar” powered aircon ?

    What about cars running on 98Ron?….go full electric oso lah !

    Not “smart”…don’t know how to “lie and make excuses” like his past colleague leh ???

    But cannot blame him,…its all GOD’s doings !

    GOD is now “showing” 5th generation P.a.p is the people what a “cock up” group this current 4th and coming 5th Gen is !

    Look at vietnam, KIM and Trump summit….nothing BAD happen..their security forces also succeeded in holding the summit .

    What does that mean ??? Is Vietnam becoming better such that their security standards is now comparable or even better than Sinkapore ???

    Or is Sinkapore …making a BIG HOO HA ??…blowing trumpet ???

    How much did it cost Vietnam to host ??

    How much did it cost Sinkapore to host ??? ( $50m, $20m ??? )

    So,…like above,…GOD is again…making Mai Hum to “look like a fool” and maybe even a “????”.

    So,…sillyzeans please wakeup and choose wisely when you next cast your vote !!

    GOD is “telling and showing” you something !

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  • Lye Khuen Way:

    RDB, you are absolutely correct!
    $inkapoor, unlike countries with alternative power generating means of hydropower, windpower, wave power or reliable and sustainable Solarpower is just not able to truthfully curb pollution by switching to full electric.

    HELLO! Electricity for charging electric driven vehicles is also supplied by driven diesel driven power plants. So, pollution is just transferred to their sites. Sg is a small island and so winds can still blow that now massive pollution out to sea or inland. Common sense.

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