Is the Merdeka Generation Package a vote buying bag of benefits or a tribute?

We were told the purpose or objective of the Merdeka Generation Package (MGP) is tributary in nature to recognise the contributions of that cohort to the economic and national development of Singapore “to honour them for what they have done for Singapore.”

As set out in CNA online is that: “First announced during Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally last year, the package is meant to express appreciation for the Merdeka Generation and help them with healthcare costs as well as to keep active and healthy”.

During the recent Budget debate in Parliament, we were again reminded that “the package is not meant to plug a needs gap” and was meant to be a recognition for contributions: a tribute.

Don’t look at it as a bag of welfare benefits but rather see it as a one-off tribute.

However the reality seems to be that it is social expenditure that is a vote buying bag of benefits. According to the Straits Times of today, ”The Merdeka Generation Package, like that for the Pioneer Generation, is custom-made to better meet the needs of Singaporeans in their silver years”. said Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat.

Mr Heng noted the Merdeka package was on top of existing schemes, and pointed out that the Ministry of Health expects to spend $6.1 billion this year alone – to subsidise patient bills through existing permanent schemes that all citizens enjoy. This does not include spending to enhance healthcare facilities, and to research more effective treatments.”

They can’t have it both ways. Please make up your mind and decide where you stand. Vote buying bag of benefits or tribute?


Khush Chopra



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12 Responses to “Is the Merdeka Generation Package a vote buying bag of benefits or a tribute?”

  • opposition dude:

    The moment it was announced it was already seen as a vote buying package. It was the same with the PGP back then too.

    So if you want to believe it’s a tribute as they are calling it it’s up to you.

    So just expect another package for those born in 1960 to 1969 in 4 years.

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  • N.Jungne:

    If MGP does not including Tengku AbdulRahman and rest, then it must be something conjured out of the bag.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Please don’t ask again, it is undermining national unity.

    I’m not sure when the population is divided into Pioneer Generation and Merdeka Generation and coming with other future Generations every GE, isn’t it dividing the nation? I’m not sure!!

    What about having representation for the minority. We have Indian minority, Malay minority, Other minority and the Chinese, isn’t this undermining national unity??

    I don’t know. WTF, I really don’t know.

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  • MarBowling:

    Look at smiling faces of these folks receiving the GENEROUS MGP in the above picture….happily waving the SinKapore Flag. Don’t smile too much, your denture may drop out! And Make sure you mark CORRECTLY on the ballot paper in the coming GE,

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  • Bapak:

    The only way to pay tribute to these Pioneer, Merdeka or Whatever future name Generations is to return their CPF money in FULL. All these TKSS paying tributes are just vote buying.

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  • LIONS:

    Many wont qualify for this item or that or that or this are not included.
    Ask the PG sgs who buy medicines from govt hospitals.



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  • No Dafts or Dogs Allowed:

    aiyah…Much ado about nothing. Whatever you want to call them, being better educated, tech-savvy and street-smart; the ‘baby-boomers’ actually don’t care a hoot.

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  • oxygen:

    IF IT IS NOT A VOTE BUYING BAG OF BENEFITS, why packaged and announced it with the budget which SHOULD AND MUST HAVE much higher priority of focus and funds allocation of spearheading the economy that has basically derailed of survival chances?

    CONTRARY TO PAPpys POLITICAL HOT FARTING that it needs to accumulate reserves before allocating funds for future spending ahead.

    STRAIGHT UP POPPYCOCK, I did say here.


    Very simple, the Pioneer Generation Package earlier is also a FUND ALLOCATION, not money in the hands of peasants. Fund allocation is just HOLLOW LOG ACCOUNTING in govt budget to store up extra funds harvested from taxation collection – IT MAY NEVER BE ACCESSED OF USE or applied to use as promised. One Pioneer Generation incurred over $10K for an eye surgical operation at the Singapore National Eye Centre and found to his RUDE SHOCK AND DISBELIEF, he can only access $45 in his own CPF account to pay for the bill. What good does this PGP deal for his predicament? FIACKING ZERO I hasten to say. So what is the reality of this funding allocation of PGP has in common with the Merdeka Generation Package? It is another HOLLOW LOG to store up financial resources from vigorous taxation harvest of the ineligible peasants. In financial accounting terminology it is HOLLOW LOG ACCOUNTING. Inside the hollow logs, a lot of cunning mischief of bait and switch can take place so that those well-targeted “beneficiaries” can see but can’t touch what is on offer to them in political vote baiting. THE CYCLE CAN THEN BE REPEATED.

    Can the PAPpys tell us transparently via audit statement of how much the PGP had been spent each year and offset against budgeted revenue since inception? If they don’t know, the PGP (and the MGP too) is a fiacking hoax or if not an extravagant propaganda exaggeration OF FAKE WELFARE CONCERN.

    The smart peasants and PAPpys know that MONEY NOT IN YOUR HAND is NOT your money. The one in control of that money can and will have a lot of incentive to play hide-and-seek of bait & switch (of votes from you in exchange for a mirage of benefits denied to you in subsequent).

    PAPpys could instead of cohort of Merdeka Generation, be taken care of by what SDP suggested – supply health care subsidy to all senior citizen -PROGRESSIVELY. Instead of MG, PAPpys can approach it by adding each year of those reaching (over 65) senior citizenry these benefits and budget accordingly also progressively.

    BY PROMISING ILLUSORY BENEFITS extending for a cohorts of such a wide base of 50 to 65 requiring long & unreliable projections of costs budgeting, PAPpys must be really PLAYING VOTE BAITING of “sick-and-die discount voucher.


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  • Basically, one has to be sick to enjoy the benefits.

    Seriously, which idiot would want that?

    The way I see it, $6.1 billion is only a figure on paper and no one will actually get to see real cash or be able to use it.

    Its a left hand to right hand thingy (MOF-CPF), anyone disagree?

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  • Merdeka to CPF!:

    On a scale of ‘North Korea-to-America’, how free are you today?

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  • Want to Know:

    The Merdeka Package is for Singaporeans born in the 50s. Does this means FT and their parents who were born in the 50s and became Singaporeans recently also qualify? If yes, ity a betrayal of native-born Singaporeans from all age groups.

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  • rukidding:

    Definitely , to me….it seems more of a Vote buying attempt ! Period !

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