Playing Singaporeans for Fools

Not once but twice in one day Chan Chun Sing took the mickey out of Singaporeans.

No conflict of interest, declared the Minister-in-Charge of the Civil Service last Thursday, on the appointment of the spouse of a political office holder as Auditor-General.

Goh Soon Poh, wife of Senior Minister of State for Defence Heng Chee How, took over as Auditor-General last month. She was appointed by the President on the recommendation of the Prime Minister.

Is there anyone fool enough to buy into the Minister’s self-declaration of no conflict of interest for such an appointment?

Chan Chun Sing then struck a second time that day in playing Singaporeans for fools.

He gave the assurance that the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee operates independently.

The committee, appointed and guided by the Prime Minister, usually before each general election, is made up of “senior civil servants who are knowledgeable in demographic shifts and population statistics,” said Chan.

He insisted that the committee “independently considers and determines how the constituencies are delineated.”

There is a word for such review and redrawing of electoral boundaries – gerrymandering.

Gerrymandering is commonly acknowledged as a process intentionally used to benefit a particular political party.

Let’s face it – governments around the world resort to gerrymandering. But Singapore’s ruling government stands out for insisting it is done independently and that the review and redrawing of electoral boundaries is not aimed at benefiting any political party.

Is there anyone fool enough to take the Minister’s word for it?

Since Chan Chun Sing is slated with Heng Swee Keat to helm the country’s 4G leadership, it looks like Singaporeans have many more years to endure of being played for fools.


Augustine Low

* The author is a proud but concerned citizen. Voicing independent, unplugged opinion is his contribution to citizen engagement.



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17 Responses to “Playing Singaporeans for Fools”

  • NotMyProblem:

    @Augustine; you may be surprised that people believe him!! Well the 70% remember?

    Singaporeans believe everything from the PAP, unlike Malaysians. Malaysians kicked out the thief of 1MDB.

    Singaporeans kanna conned, scammed, sued, lied and threatened but they still voted PAP in. When Singaporeans see politician’s hand in the CPF’s cookie jar, they look the other way, hoping someone else saw and do the talking.

    When PAP selected an Indian as a Malay President, the Indians were very proud for one of their race representing the Malay, and the Malays were OK with it. And this was not undermining national unity, having Indian minority, Malay minority, others minority!!

    Now, every GE, PAP divides the population as Pioneer, Merdeka and whatever Generations that would be coming. That’s not undermining national unity!!!???

    If we still vote PAP, the country would be divided in tribes!!

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  • 有难人民当,有福人民行动党自己享:

    Yo, you’ll be surprised how many pap supporters are truly fools, behaving like cult followers. It’s exactly like how CHC believers trusted KH so much and believed in whatever he preached?

    If Keechiu were to ask pap supporters, who agree what he’s said were correct, they’d proudly keechiu without stopping to think. Fools are fools. They don’t think. They just follow and agree with those who have brainwashed them, and sadly they’re the majority in sg.

    It’s scary to think what this country is becoming to with [email protected]@ked people in power and [email protected]@ls continue voting for them to remain in power.

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  • oxygen:

    IS THIS UTTERANCE TRUE -“In Singapore… we don’t allow any government to make promises on behalf of future governments…”

    If it correct of assertion, I am caught flummoxed (of confirmation) that

    - the Pioneer Generation Package and

    - the Merdeka Generation Package

    both stretching to decades of future government is a BIG FIACKING HOAX or a WILD SONG AND DANCE EXAGGERATION PROPAGANDA OF FAKE WELFARE CONCERN of the peasant poor i.e. an elaborate vote baiting scam in reality of substance.

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  • rukidding:

    When arrogance sets in,…..they start to think that they are “almighty” and as good and as powerful as GOD !

    Remeber this very CLEARLY,…their BIG BOSS already “declared” to the whole World that we are “Dafts” !!!

    What “caring interest” DO YOU EXPECT MORE from them ???

    Every 5 years,…we make the same mistake and “allow” them to be “YOUR MASTER & GOD” instead of knowing and accepting that there is only ONE TRUE GOD in Heaven !

    Wtf !….we deserved to be labelled as “Dafts”…even by citizens from 2nd and 3rd Under-developed countries !

    We all “ASKED FOR IT” ourselves !

    So,….are you going to be another DAFT in the coming “erection” ?

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  • He's the biggest Fool:

    He can only play us for fools only if u let him.
    So DONT.
    you’ll should know what to do by now.
    If not, only your MAKER can help u.

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  • paying 70% sheep for fools:

    all political parties need S$billion to function. the bigger the party, the more S$billion.

    clown pap is NO exception. najib created 1MDB for the S$billions. but was caught. clown pap has pap PA. approved by parLEEment. but every thinking clown pap clan member knows in the heart of hearts it is theft by using taxpayer money for clown pap political purposes. to cover up tracks, the one heading pap PA is pap clown himself. no conflict of interest? hell NO.

    all ethically set up organizations, political or otherwise, MUST do utmost to remove any doubt of conflict of interest. none other than pap clown papa himself who wrote in door stopper volumes emphasizing why he would never entertain any relative for anything to avoid being seen as in conflict.

    but pap clown pap lky talk only. when pap clown wife chief temasick, pap clown papa lky no a whimper. because pap clown has set the benchmark, all other pap clown clan members today no problem conflict of interest. wife can be chief of this board or that GLC or that government setup.

    none a single honest Lj or Cb in parLEEment voiced anything. because all hands equally dirty. all hands in same cookie jar by omission or by commission. all have lied and are no different from filthy rags.

    how can blatant abuse be said as NO conflict of interest? every dictionary on earth says conflict of interest. probably only clown pap dictionary is different from every other dictionary on earth. WTF.

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  • ThePainfulTruth:

    “it looks like Singaporeans have MANY MORE YEARS to endure of being played for fools” – make that HUNDREDS OF YEARS Mr Low. us oblivious frogs are too smug and contented living in our dark and dank well. we are terrified of sunlight itself, let alone taking a peek beyond the walls of our confines.

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  • Mariner:

    Tell that to the marines.

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  • Immoral Practice - NO MANDATE!:

    When 100m is not within, how you going to whack them with “Conflict of Interest” when simply, the wife appointment is not the same as the husband?
    that’s how PAPi plays with the English.

    But there are the moral issues here of course;

    We should be concerned with any immoral practices that will affect the Professional Judgement to serve the country and the People of Singapore bearing we are the tax payers and We are the Singaporeans.

    Sadly, an “un-people” elected position like MiloIndianCumMalay, one wonder whether the judgement will be similarly affected and impaired.

    These raises very serious concern and is not a trivial matter.

    Singaporeans should seriously consider helping out to put right the system back in order by implanting more capable OPPOs watch eyes into Parliament. I should think as least 50/50 considering Foreign “talents” cum new citizens would be “leaned”.

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  • Plain Common Sense:

    Don’t blame them, dafts voted them to self certify, without any other checks how else are they supposed to do it??
    Dafts expected PAP to tell there is a problem with the system they formulated? How stupid can that be?

    This is the outcome dafts voted for.

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  • MarBowling:

    Look at the picture showing the NODDING head of the FFace of Bugs Bunny Chan….telling Sinkaporean that his PAPIGS is gerrymandering in the coming GE. So what can all of you do to them! His look tell you that he is damn Arrogant and confident that his fiacking PAPigs will emerge victorious with at least 80%!

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  • Fools that we are.:

    What about pillow talk at night between mr Heng and his Wife the auditor general.

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  • LIONS:




    SG N sgs are at GREAT RISKS having such DAULIGHT LIAR$ as leaders.

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  • Theoretical conundrums:

    Hypothetically speaking, if the head of Temasek and the head of GIC and the Republic of Singapore were to be intimately related, would there be any conflict of national interests whatsoever?

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  • Tarented parasites:

    PAP govt is really great n that lky has left a group of hungry, greedy n arrogant tarented parasites which they pride themselves as v4 after the v3 shitheads. They r so tarented to spend $28millions of Singapore Sate Fund to gain themselves honours of hosting what they think to be historic meeting. Historic meeting it is but not international history but Jokes of the century. Do Singaporeans think that the Vietnamese Govt will be just as tarented as the PAP ministers to spend millions for the meeting which failed before even it started or just to feed them Viet glass noodles all the way.
    Really imbecile. What a disgrace to Cambridge dons to have produced such tarented scumbags? Now PAP has tarentedly told the world how arrogantly morons they r. Vote them out before every nation will take advantages of these bloated ingrates n tarented parasites.

    They have shown their feather r of losing their power. Singaporeans should let them experience what they are fearsome abt if they r completely wiped of SIN politics!

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  • IB betrayers of People:

    You know there are Bobbles on cars that bobble the heads?
    Mine I a plastic puppy and I pasted a human photo on it.

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  • Alternative Media:

    From the chosen one
    To the unwanted Child.

    Hong Kan Seng

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