Citizen’s dividend

The Merdeka package and the earlier pioneer package are important policy promulgations that recognise that there is monetary value contributed by citizens to the wealth of this country.

The mere fact of living and working here has contributed to the money value of this place. If there was nobody living in this place, the place has no monetary value.

So, how to calculate the value of each citizen’s contribition to the value of singapore in monetary terms?

The way is to base it on our sovereign wealth fund if only we know what that amounts to. But some knowledgeable people have estimated it at over one trillion.

At 6% ROI this should yield $60,000,000,000 per year. Say half is retained for reinvestment and the other half paid out as an entitlement in the form of a Citizens’ Dividend, this is $30,000,000,000 divided by 3,500,000 population or $8600 averagely per citizen, man, woman and child per year.

With an average family size of 3.16 persons this would get $27,090 per family per year or $2,260 per month.

This in effect is the Universal Basic Income which even Christine Lagarde of IMF had advocated. But in our case – without even without taxing foreign investor profits – we therefore entice them to invest here even as we provide UBI for our citizens. And if we also tax the robots our UBI will even be bigger if we need to to tackle inflation in costs of living.

The $8600 average dividend per year per person should not be paid out as an equal entitlement but be pro-rated by years of service life to Singapore.

New citizens and children get less. Oldies get the most. Living healthy and long pays! Having more children also pays! This is a totally monetized society after all!

This is strategic economic justice of our totally monetized democracy.. a beacon to the world!


Tay Kheng Soon



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15 Responses to “Citizen’s dividend”

  • self-inflicted poverty:

    Most Singaporeans are living under self-inflicted poverty. They could have voted off this selfish government and voted in one that will enrich them.

    If only they know that they are entitled to 1000s of dollars every year.

    Not too late.

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  • all the president's dogs:

    mr tay,hope you join Dr Tan Cheng Bock or Dr CHee or Lim Tean.

    a man of repute like yourself should win over many singaporeans’ hearts if you stand for election.

    Third World citizens better than sgs of $in City where even civil servants like perm sec can go for gourmet cooking lessons in europe with whole family whilst poor elderly sgs got to collect cardboard under hot sun at 34 degees

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  • LIONS:

    mr tay,hope you join Dr Tan Cheng Bock or Dr CHee or Lim Tean.

    a man of repute like yourself should win over many singaporeans’ hearts if you stand for election.

    Third World citizens better than sgs of $in City where even civil servants like perm sec can go for gourmet cooking lessons in europe with whole family whilst poor elderly sgs got to collect cardboard under hot sun at 34 degees C to earn a few cents to buy plain bread,not even Yakun Toast???

    HSK,if you all got balls,why not raise G$T before GE,why wait till after GE SINCE you can justify THE INCREASE so eloquently?

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  • 有难人民当,有福人民行动党自己享:

    This article is yet another proof that there are plenty good hearted citizens with good brains in sg but sadly, none is found in Ah Loong’s Cabinet.

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  • rukidding:

    Ya lor,….$$$ that most would never be using or get to use at all !

    What a “scam”

    nd here we have another Tay who is as good as Cynical .

    Beh Tar Han !

    All the jokers and clowns !

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    Tax hikes continue to soar relentlessly like heartless beasts on the loose, in that case, there is this something fishy wrong with this government, per se based on your logical deduction.

    Taxing the poor, jobless, People with Zero income is KNNB anyway, we need to VTO this Insincere, heartless, unfilial to his old man, good for nothing garatament.

    Frankly nothing good to say about them.


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  • Asd:

    Peanut to monkeys… ownselves take meat

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  • clown pap group think:

    where have all the CPF money gone?
    white monkeys have pocketed them every one.

    why are the white monkeys so filthy rich?
    70% sheep voted them in power every time.

    why is it CPF money is not 70% sheep money?
    white monkeys say it is not that is why.

    where is the wise among the 70% sheep?
    none of them existed GE2015.

    where will be the white monkeys GE2019?
    it depends on 70% sheep having learned or not.

    when will 70% sheep ever learn?
    when they cannot even drive PHV.

    when will they ever learn?
    when they serve NSF NSR at rank pay due to no full time job.

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  • Lhaha:

    Are you drunk ? Are you dreaming? Why are your projections so far from reality? Something must be very very wrong.

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  • Bapak:

    Pinky’s preference is specifically do not want people of Tay’s calibre in his team. A very narrow-minded & insecured people who’s always watching his own shadow if his shadow is going to kill him. He doesnt want people smarter than him.

    Tama is 10X smarter also got sidelined. And this shining head could easily find a higher pay job anywhere including IMF but chose to stay put to be put down by Pinky. This, I never respect such kind.

    This article is yet another proof that there are plenty good hearted citizens with good brains in sg but sadly, none is found in Ah Loong’s Cabinet.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Please note good people of TRE

    There is not ONE instance of any money being spent that did not return to the hands of the MIW.

    Whatever is given is ALWAYS taken back – one way or the other.

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  • Pimps And Prostitutes 3:

    The lack of university places by giving priority to Singapore supported scholarship foreign students led to a PAP call to the parents no to betoo concerned with their children performance in schools nk supported by plp ST reporter coming out with a featured article of dropouts including gangsters becoming millionaires. What the report deliberately occluded from the report is the humiliation n shut out by the society n how they struggle to get to what they r n their percentage of making it.A minister even lied with unblinkimg eyes that PAP will appoint non degree holder ministers. What is more bizzard is a minister in his address to NTUC unashamedly advised Singaporeans thar if they need a job they have to steal it from the foreigner (in Singapore their homeland) but to do so they have to be hungrier, greedier n more aggressive than the hungry, greedy n aggressive foreigners he n his cabinet ministers have rampantly imported to kick the arses of Singaporeans as pap has publicly threatened. Greed is universally labelled as the evil of all evils n PAP advocates it. Aggressiveness implies aggression n it is the eternal headache of diplomacy n yet pap advocates it. University education is the national target of most govts for their citizenry but PAP discourages it.

    Do Singaporeans really need such a rogue government with no human values left except their greed, arrogance n self gratification n self glorification n bootlicking,brownosing, fart worming ball carrying, polanpaing ..,habits flourishing in them?

    Do Singaporeans need a government thinking abt their welfare 6 months of their term before next GE wile looking after their own interests n benefits even betraying the citizenry n nation the rest ofthe time or 54 months out of their 60 months term?

    Face it shits will always be shits n scumbags will always be scumbags!

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  • Wow daylight robbery:

    Wow, working 6 months n the rest 54 months on own business n funking around with foreigners. Eh Gorilla using SIzn monies to funk around with foreign n paid dearly for the funk around. Gosh really daylight robbery. Singaporeans must be really what Zhou EL’s banana said daft or chun like his little puppy Singaporeans nicked as berakchan Stupidus Sin in one of the posting.

    One minister est by some netizens as $4-5m a year excuding getting foreigners n expert to work n daft SIN to work for free. So for 6 months work Daft Singaporeans paid$20-25 m for PMO work while the other ministries from $5 th $10 millions. In total just for 6 months of vote buying project Singaporeans paid billions to make the Cabinet a multimillionaires private Club with all activities blanketed n all speculation on what r hiding prosecuted till the pants drops. In fact including LHY/LWL complaincy allegation, Singaporeans not only sued until pants drop at least these pants strippers have the pleasure of speculation made public but the entire citizenry young n old, male n female, all rejigious faoths n all races r silently but deadly screwed n then paid like the Prostitutes in the backlane for another cycle. Arm in arm, glorrilla and the Pimps n Prostitues paid billions to be screwed via negative investment n mocked at by ingrates like themselves thinking they r high class Prostitutes.

    Congratulations Sinkies. Your 10% govt is more interested to import foreigners to screw them happy while they screw Singaporeans paiying them to be screwed by there counterpart ingrates. Glory be to the Pimps n Prostitute n looking forwards to another cycle of begging the outsiders to screw them all the way to the banks.

    Gosh what a nation of stupid sheep., a nation of eunuch or polanpas chained by the noses by the Pimps And Prostitutes!

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  • James Lee:

    Notwithstanding all those valuable deliberations,the least those in the corridor of power in present and future government can do to honor the contributions made by the earlier PG and MG is by implementing without conditions, the following:

    1)Provide without conditions, free hospitalization and health care to the cohort of PG and MG ;by so doing,the S$30,000 to S$40,000 sitting their Medisave Accounts can be withdrawn to meet the high cost of living in Singapore they all call “HOME”

    2)Waive all fees and charges payable for their Singapore Passport .

    3) Help boost their standard of living, by unconditionally giving each of them a monthly cash payment of S$400/= for the ensuing 15 to 20 years of their remaining life span.

    Please do the needful before it’s too late!!!

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  • Anon:

    This is the kind of bold progressive thinking that is needed to remake Singapore as the envy of the rest of the world to live in.The country badly needs the kind of fresh, imaginative and fertile mind of this near-octogenarian to reinvent itself. Kudos to TKS.

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