You have to ask where the PAP’s priorities are when the budget do not benefit Singaporeans

While reading the budget in detail I noticed that while defence spending as a % of GDP is going up to 4.5% and increasing by approximately $1 Billion. At the same time, I also see education dropping to 2.6% of GDP. This includes plans for $150m less on OPEX and an 8,800 reduction in headcount.

Now I don’t know where this headcount reduction comes from but when, in the same week I reported on us doing MOU’s in India and Indonesia to train the young of other countries, and against the backdrop where we know we spend million each year giving scholarships (and guaranteed jobs via bonds) to foreign students domestically, you have to ask exactly what are the governments priorities?

It seems they will splurge on submarines and planes and happily train our competitors at home and abroad but are cutting back on developing our own people.. did you vote for that?

We should be focusing on educating Singaporeans first. Aren’t we our only resource?

And by the way we should also go much father than Ong Ye Kung’s weak reducing streaming in 5 years time.

We need to open up our courses to as many of the students who have passion for them, not just fill quotas for an economic machine.

We need to remove the absurd need for Maths as entry even if the subject has NOTHING to do with Maths. We need all sorts of brains and not just left heavy (and maybe more controllable) types that do well at Maths.

And we need to stop defining a child’s future and promotion through the system by memory tests he/she did at ages 11, 16, 18 etc and by his/her actual experience and ability.

Education is a rung on the ladder of life and then its down to what you can do, at least in the real world.

Only in sheltered PAP land does it determine everything else but then again if the PAP “selected” ones had to really have experience and compete maybe they wouldn’t be where they are today so no wonder they don’t want to change the system?


Brad Bowyer



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13 Responses to “You have to ask where the PAP’s priorities are when the budget do not benefit Singaporeans”

  • 70% sheep is sheep:

    all humans are more or less the same. some a little kinder. some a little nastier. generally clown pap clan members are a little greedier, a little more lying, a little more cunning, a little more of everything bad.

    in a society of clown pap clan and 70% sheep, it is natural for clown pap clan members to take care of each other and let 70% sheep be sheep.

    because clown pap clan members need electricians gardeners chambermaids cooks and such, clown pap clan members con 70% sheep into believing all schools are good schools and local Us rank very high in the world. but which clown pap clan member sends own children to non elite school? NONE. which clown pap clan member sends own children to local Us if their grades can make it elsewhere? NONE.

    listen to how clown pap clan members talk. S$600k per year is peanuts. S$1m per year is mediocre. they need to be paid S$m per year to maintain their standard of living. but when it comes to minimum wage for 70% sheep, it is like over their dead bodies NO.

    we cannot speak for 70% sheep. we can only say what we are doing. since GE2015 we just don’t lift a single finger to help since we are suffering because of their sheep mentality. as long as we are allowed to vote, we continue to vote anything as long as not clown pap. when we die we are happy to tell lky on the other side we have never voted for his white lying party. never have. never will. we don’t believe for a second that lying evil lky has the balls to meet us at the cul de sac. because he is nothing but a lying ffff.

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  • Graduates are a threat to PAP:

    Graduates are more knowledgeable, more confident, more idealistic and likely more vocal. This makes them a threat to PAP political dominance. If they join opposition parties it makes them more credible and electable.

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  • I'm halimah also Jiak Liao bee:

    The PAPIGS have been brainwashing our kids since the day they step into those PAP run kindergarten.
    Remember the day when a teacher assembled her class and kowtow to a portrait of LKY ???

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  • LIONS:


    We dont need all our PEOPLE to excel in ROCKET MATHS,do we?
    Maybe we do need more CIVICS LESSONS than just those who ate good at COUNTING…MONEY?
    LEE AH LONG HAS GIT MATH$ TRIPO$ from CAMBRIDGE n thats probably WHY he cares only for COLLECTING N COUNTING $$$?

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  • Need Insight Into Dafts:

    Could you give some insight into the 70%, through your past interactions within the grassroots?
    You were one of them, but you are able to see the issues, obviously there are many like you who are not that stupid, then how did this 70% come about?
    The presidential election gave some valuable hint to the breakdown, 35 vs 35 vs 30, potentially 65% wanted change and not diehard pro establishment, what is your view?
    What is preventing them from taking the right step forward?

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  • Hagen Diaz:

    Shrinking the nation’s IQ’s through miseducation and misinformation should be the fundamental building block of their priorities; that’s the basis of duping and ripping off the masses in order to subsidize their obscene pays.

    Furthermore, it’s much easier to rip off an uneducated person. An educated and informed citizen is the PAP’s worst nightmare. Their end goal is to reinforce the power structure where every aspect of life is completely in the ownership of the 5% elites.

    The elites send their children to the best private schools that money can buy, thus further alienating the classes. After that, they’re parachuted into the ludicrously high salaries in political officialdom while the poor working class’s manufacturing sector disappears.

    A society that values wealth & materialism over education is doomed to collapse.

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  • watsUpDoc:

    sometimes i feel like the whole lot of PAPs are suffering from dementia, cuz they dont seem to know what theyre doing..

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  • PC Ong:

    Please lah, open your eyes wide wide can or not? Every country spending more on defence. Ok Saudi Arabia can afford they have money a lot, but so are we. China economy slowing down but they also spending more on defence. India don’t have much money but they also spending more on defence. Now the world is more dangerous with terrorism and cyber threats. Of course everyone will spend more on defence.

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  • Also please lah !!:

    PC Ong:
    Please lah, open your eyes wide wide can or not? Every country spending more on defence. Ok Saudi Arabia can afford they have money a lot, but so are we. China economy slowing down but they also spending more on defence. India don’t have much money but they also spending more on defence. Now the world is more dangerous with terrorism and cyber threats. Of course everyone will spend more on defence.

    Spent more on defence ????

    Then make NSmen pay same as professional soldiers loh !!!

    Make Singapore army a professional army like China, India loh !!!

    Talk cock like sing song as always.

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  • sad singaporean:

    why are we buying F35 and even considering aircraft carriers, education should be the top priority. the PAP must be voted out

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  • Asd:

    Fill own pocket

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  • Nicola Tesla says:

    “The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply, yet be quite insane… Most persons are so absorbed in the contemplation of the outside world that they are wholly oblivious to what is passing on within themselves.”

    * Isn’t our normative culture suffering from an Emotional (& Spiritual) Intelligence deficit in our general fetish for school exam grades?

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  • Anon:

    Most of what Brad says is reasonable. However the idea of dropping Maths is definitely not a good idea. Living in Britain, I am appalled by the general level of maths ability not just among many young school leavers going in to universities, but its almost laughable in the shop an cafes where shop assistants and cafe waitresses and even those working in banks can’t even count to save their lives. Maths literacy is a fundamental prerequisite in modern life and even more so in a digital age. Unfortunately, Brad is betraying his East London roots. For Singapore mastery of language and maths is a must to face the future confidently even if you plan to be an artist or musician or literary critic.

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