Why 37,000+ sure to vote for PAP

I refer to Double confirm, ground not sweet for PAP where I talked of falling resale prices causing a problem for the PAP with those who bot resale flats. But this is not an issue for those received this special government grant for buying a home to live with or near their parents or children. A friend drew my attention to (emphasis mine):

The number of households that received a government grant for buying a home to live with or near their parents or children has nearly doubled, said the Housing and Development Board (HDB) on Friday (Feb 8).

Since the launch of the Proximity Housing Grant in 2015, about 20,100 households have benefited from the scheme as of end-2018. This compares to the 11,000 households that received the grant between 2015 and 2017.

The grant was increased in February 2018 to encourage more families to live near each other.

In total, S$377 million has been disbursed under the scheme. An additional 300 families will receive their grants once their resale transactions are completed.

Under the scheme, all Singaporean citizen families who buy a resale flat to live with their parents or children enjoy a grant of S$30,000. Those buying a resale flat to live near their parents or children receive S$20,000.

Eligible singles who buy a resale flat to live with their parents receive S$15,000, while singles who buy a resale flat near their parents receive S$10,000.

The proximity condition of “near” is defined as within 4km.

All Singaporeans are eligible for the Proximity Housing Grant once, regardless of their household income, ownership of private property or whether they have enjoyed housing subsidies before.

Those who own private properties will have to dispose of them within six months of the resale flat purchase.

As of Dec 31, 2018, about 20,400 households have applied for the grant. Of these, 53 per cent did not qualify for other housing grants, HDB said.

Families made up 83 per cent of the applications, while the remainder were singles.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/hdb-proximity-grant-number-doubled-live-near-parents-children-11222086

why will they not thank the PAP govt by voting for the PAP?

FYI, I got the headline number based on “Families made up 83 per cent of the applications, while the remainder were singles.” and “An additional 300 families will receive their grants once their resale transactions are completed.”

Every vote matters for the PAP.

Vote wisely.


Cynical Investor

Cynical Investor blogs at Thoughts of a Cynical Investor



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12 Responses to “Why 37,000+ sure to vote for PAP”

  • PC Ong:

    Aiyoh, this CI grossly underestimate, or maybe he forgot another zero….Our govt is guaranteed at least 370,000 votes, not a miserly 37,000

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  • rukidding:

    Simpletons just never learn from their past mistakes and bad experiences !

    What Government grants ????

    Have you NOT LEARN from the past ???

    Give you $1 …..later “squeezed you back” for $10 ????

    So,…dear Cynical,…you may be a “simpleton still”…but what makes you think that others are as “simple minded” like you ???

    Don’t forget,…those Melliniums are definitely “smarter” than you !

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  • Sure Price Drop if Vote of LT:

    Hello remember the Polyclinic Consultation Fees Mark Up [more expensive than Private Clinic] then discount. Since the HDB & Land prices are all decided by them, isn’t it stupid to base on the above discount enticement rather then comparing that of the Landed Free Hold Private Property Prices pro-rated to 99 years. PAPi kinds of tricks, never trust. I mean the “WORTHINESS”.

    Like I said before; In view of all the terms and conditions of the lease, inconveniences, types of neighbors you cannot choose [unlike private properties], car parking must pay monthly etc… the price should be logically cheaper than Private.

    The price of 5 room HDB [>100 m2] near MRT should be about $100K only considering HDB flat can build multi-units and multi-stories onto the same piece of land which after 99 years are supposed to be re-cycled.

    Further away from common amenities, the price should be even cheaper.

    If more expensive than above, do your calculation, reconsider, wait or vote for alternative “LT”, sure price drop like HELL.

    ComeOn, Open eyes big big, why give your hard earned money to them, those “Husband and Wife teams” and then control you and call you mediocre? Kick those “insincere” People away from your life.

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  • Focus on the ballot box:

    If over 50% vote against them, they will be forced to make major reforms to cpf, I believe.

    CPF is the biggest issue.
    But most only know 80% of the policies. They still waiting to be spoonfeed the details.

    Is cpf discriminating against the low wage earners?
    Is cpf policy discriminating those with shorter lifespans?
    Is cpf discriminating against the non gamblers and non-womanizers like women?

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  • Whole Life Savings Gone!:

    Entice you to create the Market Supply and Demand silly rush for the not so smart.

    Don’t rush, price drop itself, naturally.

    But in reality…”IT’S F**UCKING NOT WORTH THE VALUE” and will be diminished to “ZERO $” under the PAPi regime.

    Unlike Private Properties, the price and the land last forever.

    How can HDB flat be more expensive than Private FREE HOLD price[Prorated]? Ask yourself.

    Public Housing should therefore be around $50K at 120 metre-square.

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  • Tatman:

    Stupid and heartless 70% slinkies! Worse than murderers!!

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  • Greedy And Useless IB:

    We already know what the regime is capable of doing, shitty times never fail to broadcast as well but the devil is in the details. Only $4.50 payout for $12,000 cataract operation, remember? So why is IB parroting such articles again masquerading under eye catching catch praise.

    Yes ground is super sweet, have the election now.
    We want to get it over to start a new chapter.

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  • Power:

    CPF and HDB are the 2 hot potatoes that will blow them off.

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  • TRE to safeguard:

    Hello TRE, I think it is reasonable enough that if a poster here continuously gets negative rating here in TRE, then it is reasonable enough to conclude that this person is out to stir shits and is not contributing to your site.

    Just like PAP, as long as you make a rule, then no one can say that you are sided as TRE needs to safeguard other readers of the site. Form a committee just like PAP, with minutes of meeting to support your action.

    I suggest;

    if a person gets 50 [accumulative] negative ratings in a week out of minimum 2 of his comments, then that email he used must be ban for a month.

    I am sure we are not targeting PAP IBs, as they sure have the ability to generate millions fake email accounts if they wanted. Aren’t we fair people in the planet.?

    This is to avoid some People talk way out Nonsense that will anger and annoy your readers, I observed. Have some control, please.

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  • 70% sheep $ is stolen everyday:

    Greedy And Useless IB:

    So why is IB parroting such articles again masquerading under eye catching catch praise.

    the answer is simple. the pap PA paid IB is desperate. masquerading under eye catching catch phrases because nobody even clicks if it is known upfront it is from pap PA paid IB.

    we are also tricked some times. when title looks good, we click. but being seasoned OPPO supporters, we check author before reading or not reading.

    each time the pap PA paid IB name appears, we just stop reading and warn readers to be careful as reading can taint the mind, like being slow boiled until fully cooked finally. therefore stop reading is the best.

    after all what is there to gain from anything pap or pap PA or pap PA paid IB? NONE zero kosong zilch.

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  • HarderTruths:

    The biggest component of votes that will back pappies no matter what are those employed by government, rely on government contracts or the older folk.

    This is about 50% of voters I think. The remainder 20%? They can vote elsewhere. But time and again history shows they will not.

    I think this coming GE will be the same. No balls means no balls.
    No more complaints from 70% after GE please.

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  • Public Transport Voucher:

    Used to be $50
    stop for few years
    now only $30
    $30 for 365days: Less than 10cents a day
    Less than 5 cents in one-way trip

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