Medical charges for foreign workers

At present, foreign workers have to pay the full medical charges and do not enjoy any subsidy. In some cases, they are treated in A class wards. I find this situation to be quite ridiculous.

I am in favor of giving subsidized health care for foreign maids and workers. Here are my reasons.

a) The cost of the health care has to be borne by the employers anyway.
b) The employer already pay a monthly levy to employ the maid or foreign worker.
c) If the foreign worker pays the subsidized rates, they can be treated in B or C wards, i.e. they do not get treated in a higher ward than citizens.
d) By adopting the same charges, we simplify the billing system for the hospitals.

Employers do not pay any levy for foreign workers on E-pass. Perhaps it is time to introduce a levy for these workers as well.

If it is not possible to introduce a levy for E-pass holders, they can be required to pay the unsubsidised medical charges on their own, i.e. not provided by their employers.


Tan Kin Lian



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8 Responses to “Medical charges for foreign workers”

  • can we report CI to police?:

    Unless these aliens FTs PRs serve NSF NSR we don’t for a second agree to use 70% sheep S$billion to subsidize their medical care.

    70% sheep S$billion is to be used for citizens only, and to be used to reduce GST from 7% to 3%. already clown pap has wasted too many S$billions so that GST remains at 7% when it should have been reduced to 5% after GE2015.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    @Mr. Tan; The subsidy money come from the taxpayers. It is only right for Singaporeans to be subsidized and not foreigners, whatever pass he/she holding. When employers have to pay higher charges for foreigners, so be it. Everything cheap; salary cheap, no CPF and cheap medical some more!!

    Anyway, subsidized or not, you go to JB, medication is cheaper than subsidized rate in SG hospitals.

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  • Bapak:

    Mr. Tan, please be more sophisticated. If monthly levy money collected is used to subsidized foreign workers’ medical bill, where does Tomboy gets so much money to buy high sell low?

    The chain effect is great. Imagine,
    - Milo Promoter doesn’t want to promote Milo Kosong no more,
    - Marketing Promoter (MP) doesn’t want to promote F(p)arking App no more,
    - That arsehole inspector will go back to Punggol Kampong,
    - All Kangaroo will run wild – no, is hopping mad,
    - That One-Arm-Swordman will give up and go back Penang,
    - IBs will be very angry will not promote fake news no more.

    Who feeds them?

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  • Asd:


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  • HarderTruths:

    I propose charge all of the employers double the maximum rate.
    Pass the revenue to $G who cannot afford MOH fees.

    That is fair.

    Kin Lian – why do you want to bend over for them again?

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  • Perspectivie:

    On the contrary, most citizens cannot afford A class specialists and wards unless they are aristocrats, civil servants or those covered by insurance. Employers should provide health insurance for their foreign workers so that they do not put a fiscal burden on the state. But why should there be class distinction in receiving medical treatment? Shouldn’t all humans be given the best treatment to preserve life without discrimination? Patients should be treated by the best specialists available as their conditions require, not according to their social-economic class.

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  • Flabbergasted:

    uncle tan, are you getting senile? foreign shit already taking away everything and you still want to advocate subsidizing them?


    Grow up or get lost, having opposition like you, the incumbents will laugh all the way to the bank.

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  • LIONS:

    TKL,dont you think their EMPLOYERS SHUD COVER them instead of taxpayers who get screwed even for their own medicals?

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