Li Shengwu on the ‘contempt of court’ case against him

An update on my case: The Singapore AG’s attempts to retroactively apply new rules were not successful before the court. However, the court has nonetheless ruled that service of process on me was effective. The case will now move on to substantive arguments.

I am of course disappointed with the judgement. However, the AG will still need to prove beyond reasonable doubt that my private facebook post somehow scandalised Singapore’s judiciary.

It is now one year and 8 months since this surreal mess started. One wonders how much state resources have been spent going after myself and my mother? As far as I can tell, my uncle, Lee Hsien Loong, seems quite happy with the situation, even though it reminds everyone of his shameful conduct over 38 Oxley road.


* Facebook post by Li Shengwu.



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17 Responses to “Li Shengwu on the ‘contempt of court’ case against him”

  • Tua Boo Lee:

    The one way to save you, your mother, our country and our state resources, SW, is for your dad to join Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s PSP party and stand for election in the coming GE. Best would be for your dad to contest against your uncle in AMK GRC.

    I’m a resident of AMK. I’ve friends and relatives who are also residents of AMK. We can’t wait to vote out the shameful big bully who won’t even treasure his own family. We also can’t wait to see if your uncle will still be happy after the next GE.

    Let’s hope your dad won’t just wait and watch and simply do nothing about what’s happening to you, your mother and our country.

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  • Shame or Dignity:

    It is my personal perception and opinion that this case against Li Shengwu has been deliberate and calculated; a case of personal vendetta making use of official channels – resulting in FOUR culpable crimes, i.e. abuse of power, misuse of organs of state, misuse of state’s funds and illegal manipulation of the legal process (deliberately putting one’s personal lawyer in a position that one can make use of as a stooge and as a cover to sharpen one’s axe).

    I am not making any accusation. This is just my own perception and opinion based upon whatever I have read in the news, reports, comments and discussions available in the main media, Facebook, Twitter, alternative media, official and unofficial channels, and coffee-shop talks. However, if the hat fits, then my perception is proven right. On the other hand, though, I stand to be corrected, depending on how the case goes.

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  • Boh Kia See:

    My view is that the rationale in pursuing the case is to ensure that the Clown’s son does not have any competition when his time comes to be PM. this is part of the dynastic planning.

    LSW will be convicted as certain as the sun will rise. In my view, it is a given. Then he will not be able to get back to Singapore as he will be in prison if he does. His next step is to apply for asylum in the US–for which he has grounds to succeed. In any case, he will be eliminated from the Singapore scene and pose no threat to the Clown’s son.

    So all these will fall neatly for the Clown and his Tom. It simply shows that the person has no morality or ethics or even simple decency.

    TCB should contest the next election standing in AMK.

    VTO the PAP for a better Singapore.

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  • He win you win:

    Historically Play, episode 1;

    Frankly, you knew the answer, but still clinching on the “surreal” thinking of the need to proof beyond reasonable doubt? for the “element” that brought you here into the mess is already so succinctly clear to you isn’t it? You think any doubt existed???? My God! You need to learn to accept it and resolve it ASAP.

    But things are not that bad. Because, It has come to the point that you and your father are readily accepted by the majority to take over as “afternoon”. We know that and so the devil also knew the same. You and your father instantly became a potential threat to the empire. You have a smart mother that did wonderful things for your father. She snipped a piece of the devil’s cake for your father and you. She also became the potential threat, instantly. Ace enemy Number One, I would say. The devil would have you all banished forever and especially you to seek any kinds for revenge for your parents.

    Can you be a dirty, cunning hypocrite? Smiling at your enemy, looking into the eyes and zab it? Nope you are not, you can’t do it. I am saying, your enemy will do it. Got it!. So, you are not ready to fight the devil. The devil has been possessed by power and greed, as holyjinx whisper dirt into his ears.

    The only way to save it is to remove it from power and greed. Then it would come into it human senses to reconcile family ties.

    Here are the tips;

    1.0 The weakest time is the “volting” time. Any sensational news will be during this time. Devil knew, so, HDB antennae are removed, so no nearby Milosia foreign transmission can be received without it passing through the Gate. Same for star-hub cable transmission, going for optic gate. The latest of course, is for alternative media to remove sensational news as fake immediately instantly. I heard coffee shop people talking hoping the Milosia or ChinDragon will teach sinkies to be wiser during these period. You have a way? Is it possible? we ask.

    When power is reduced or removed, your problem is solved instantly and easily and all in favor of you.


    2.0 Quickly hypocritical smile and clear your huddle, pay the fines or whatever and get ready to be the future “afternoon” 10, 15 years from now.? But remember, the devil is possessed and will quench your bloodline.

    Not only your family, it is also the “Last chance” for all Sinkies and their families the way I see it. Otherwise all will be replaced, sooner or later.

    Good luck.

    End of story Play… “CUT”.

    Oh by the way…. TCB fire is submerged into abyss… I won’t bet a dime on it. The way I see it, only waiting for top high post, not common cause.

    Look for LT lawyer, that way, you can support$ each other, he win you win.

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  • let us be very practical:

    Mr Li Shengwu,

    1st remember your passport expires at end of 5 years. You must decide now your course of action before the 5 years are up. Don’t be caught in a no man’s land.

    2nd before your passport expires, Mr and Mrs Lee Hsien Yang and your good self must decide what you want to do. Stand against the evil lky clown in amk or just let things slide. As far as we know, many citizens do support your case even though there are the persistent 30% pap die hards.

    3rd there is no middle ground with an evil person. You either let the evil take over or you eliminate the evil. Trying to reason with evil is as good as telling the thief to stop stealing or the liar to stop lying. It ain’t going to happen. Because it is NOT in his blood.

    Whatever you and Mr and Mrs Lee Hsien Yang decide to do, best wishes to you. But we hope whatever you do, try to include the helpless 30% OPPO too.

    Thank you.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Young man, a Pliant court and dogs acting on COMMAND to Bark & Attack…what do you expect???

    An uncle??? renounce him and his Jinx the SHIM and you will feel good without a reminder of a Nightmare from Rochaliee Drive

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  • S.Perm:

    Only two ways to defeat AUTHORITARIANISM. Of singapore.

    1. There is no people power to depend on. The people do not have courage.

    2. External Forces.

    3. There is no other option.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Soon under One Roof.

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  • Bobo:

    His uncle, auntie and cousins are more humane than KIM. What do you think?

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Tua Boo Lee:
    The one way to save you, your mother, our country and our state resources, SW, is for your dad to join Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s PSP party and stand for election in the coming GE. Best would be for your dad to contest against your uncle in AMK GRC.


    Let’s hope your dad won’t just wait and watch and simply do nothing about what’s happening to you, your mother and our country.

    I think Opposition should leave AMK GRC alone in coming GE so that LHL would still be in Parliament to answer all the screw up and mess he created when the Opposition is in Parliament or reduced number of PAP’s MPs.

    As a MP, he cannot run away from the constituent. If he run road, there would be more Opposition in Parliament through by-election.

    I am wishing and hoping for the day that LHL has to run road or put in jail.

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  • LIONS:

    Shengwu shud stand firm n steadfast.
    Hr is a real lion unlike his cou$ins who are merely mummy boys.

    If oppo wins big,we welcome shengwu back home

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  • Get into parliament:

    In Singapore, Parliament is paramount. Singaporean can only change thing if only you are a elected MP. With Lee sheng wu’s credential and background, He can easily form a team to take a GRC.

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  • Citizen:

    LHY should stand to be the next President of Singapore.

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  • A Matter of Principles:

    The truth is that neither Lee Hsien Yang nor Li Sheng Wu will join any opposition parties and stand for the General Elections.

    The reason is very simple. Both have expressed, in one form or another, that they do not want to see the formation of the Lee Dynasty. If they stand for General Elections, they will be contradicting against the very thing they stand for. This is something they are not likely to do as a matter of integrity and principles.

    So please leave both of them alone!

    However, since Lee Hsien Yang had given public support to Tan Cheng Bock, Tan Cheng Bock is probably a proxy for Lee Hsien Yang in the next election. That is likely how Lee Hsien Yang would want to work things out. He is counting on Tan Cheng Bock to fight against Lee Hsien Loong without actually participating in the General Elections. In this way, he can fight against Lee Hsien Loong without needing to go against his early call that the Lee Dynasty should not continue.

    The best we can do now is to support Tan Cheng Bock (as if we are also supporting Lee Hsien Yang at the same time) and wish Lee Hsien Yang the best of luck.

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  • Re-read this article:

    I think all Opposition Parties candidates should read this article if they really want to win in the next General Elections.

    Bottom line – If the Opposition Parties want to win, they must convince Singaporeans that they are credible and can lead the country. And in the meantime, just stay out of troubles and don’t get locked up just before the General Elections.

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  • Immanuel Kant says:

    By a lie, a man… annihilates his dignity as a man. In law a man is guilty when he violates the rights of others. In ethics he is guilty if he only thinks of doing so.

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  • i doubt it'll happen:

    by the time alternative parties take over governance of SG, our country would be ‘pokai’ .
    so if ever LHY or LSW decide to dedicate themselves to sg politics ,a true test would be for them to take up a post without a salary like DT.
    like DT the LEEs are already billionaires…so a few mil$ a year is peanuts to them.

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