Six uncomfortable truth facing the PAP in GE 2019

The six uncomfortable truth facing the PAP in GE 2019:-

1. White versus white

For the first time in it’s 60-over years ruling history, the PAP faces someone who has turned against the regime in the mould of Dr Tan Cheng Bock – a six-term PAP MP who has recently received in-principle approval of his alternative Progress Singapore Party.

Even though Dr Tan is not in the mercurial mode of Dr Mahathir who has single-handedly turned the table against the Malaysian ruling party Umno in the recent election backlash across the straits, he can still gather ex-white dissidents and form a strong coalition with this disenchanted group.

Many critics have lamented that for the PAP to fall off its pedestal, there has to be another white group who will rise up in strength to dislodge it.

Moreover, Dr Tan is a former white MP and in all likelihood, he would have known the intricacy and winning formula of the PAP’s election machinery that is famed for being well-oiled and efficient – it will take an insider to exploit the inherent weaknesses (if any).

When Dr Tan announced that he will form a alternative party, many finally saw that there is at last some hope at the end of the dark PAP tunnel and only time will tell if he can do a similar Dr Mahathir in this coming election or many more to come.

Thus, the ruling party will focus their attention on Dr Tan and his party in the coming GE and the only opposition party in Parliament right now  – Workers’ Party – may for once come to realise that they are not the only dominant alternative to watch anymore.

For Dr Tan to continue his influence in alternative politics, he has to first win a seat and predictably it will be easier  to contest  for a win in a SMC so that he can cement his foothold in Parliament first. If not, he will just become another loud voice in a sea of unseated opposition politicians in our congested arena space.

This piece of unprecedented news must be the PAP’s worst nightmare in it’s seventh decade of power and not even our late strongman LKY could have envisaged such a happening – a white turning against another white.

Fear factor: 8/10

2. Loopholes and scandals

There must be at least five major screw-ups in our country recently and unfortunately for the ruling party, it all happened within the recent two years – leading straight up to the general election this year.

The recent demise and bankruptcy of Hyflux has put pressure on the government as it is very much owned by Temasek Holdings and a multi-million bail-out seems likely much to the dismay of the ordinary shareholders who will lose alot of money when they decided to plough into a sure-win golden calf many years ago.

As this time of writing, a disenchanted group of local investors will be organising a protest to voice their displeasure at Hong Lim Park over the weekend.

Moreover, we must have being the only country in the world that periodically leak out personal data from agencies that are supposed to keep confidental information private.

Blood donors, HIV sufferers, civil servants among others were exposed to the public eyes and many critics have pointed their finger at a government who is slipshod in the way they awarded IT contracts – often to a bogus company at the lowest bid.

Many foreign companies set up in our country are often shell companies with minimal pay-up capital and over-rated talent with ambiguous educational certification. Their integrity is in question right from the fishy start and it is no wonder that after a few years, many such info-tech start-ups have started to lose its sparkle and reveal it’s ugly truth.

It is unknown how much damage the government has to face in the run-up to GE 2019 and whether it will adversely affect their strong 70% mandate in the previous showing but definitely, the PAP will not be sitting comfortably in it’s current embarrassing frequent data lapses and high-level screw-up.

We are not even talking about the several other high-level corruption cases with one involving the PM’s ward Ang Mo Kio Town Council among others.

Fear factor: 7/10

3. Lim Tean

Out of the opposition rung rose a mercurial opposition leader in the mould of Cambridge-trained lawyer Mr Lim Tean helming a party he formed – People’s Voice Party.

He has ruled speaker’s corner since he quit National Solidarity Party (NSP) as Secretary General and has since became a household’s name by ingeniously using social media video with his magnetic booming voice.

Moreover, he has managed to gather a team of co-labourers over a short span of time and campaigned widely in Singapore – meeting many of his supporters in the process.

Not many opposition candidates have his zeal and energy and it is foreseeable that Mr Lim has the potential to win a seat in Parliament going by how popular he is in the social media arena.

Many of his own podcast videos garnered well over 6-figure views and if this is to translate into votes he can easily win a seat hands-down.

He has also organised several public meetings at the speaker’s corner – which is also a first by any opposition leader and has raised many issues which stirred public sentiments.

The ruling party must have being watching in dismay the popularity of this fast-rising opposition leader and know that he is very close to winning a seat in Parliament in GE 2019.

Fear factor: 7/10

4. CPF

The CPF issue remains a constant thorn in the PAP camp and many Singaporeans are beginning to distrust the government – especially over the automatic opt-in of a later withdrawal age at 70 years old unless the person decides to opt out.

Many people are sceptical of a government that constantly shifts the goal-post of CPF withdrawal mechanism and if given a choice they will withdraw all their money immediately though that option remains only for those who have given up on their citizenship.

At least one thousand Singaporeans have decided to give up on their citizenship yearly – many doing so because they want to cash out their CPF money.

Many have also speculated that the government has poured in alot of our CPF money into illiquid funds through the two sovereign funds – Temasek Holdings and GIC and there have being huge multi-billion losses recorded so far over the years.

With many Singaporeans nearing their retirement soon in our fast-aging population and many have solely depend on their CPF money for retirement purpose, it is not surprising that this issue remains the top-most agenda for voters in this coming GE 2019.

Political freedom and human right issue may not move Singaporeans much but when it comes to anything that hurts the pocket, our voters may vote otherwise if the opposition could seize the initiative and make this topic one of their main campaign slogan.

Fear factor: 7/10

5. Poor succession plan

The PM has being delaying his succession plan for a while and even though finance minister Heng Swee Kean is ultimately seen as to be the next PM-designate, many Singaporeans remained unconvinced that it is a good choice.

Called a “safe pair of hands”, Mr Heng will in all likelihood continue the policies of the government without much innovation and change.

Singapore needs a leader now who dare to steer the ship into unchartered waters and yet have the ability to coax a country to follow his leadership. Mr Heng does not appear to have the quality of a game-changer but more of someone who will follow the status quo and not try to rock the boat too much.

Moreover, he is leading a country which is caught in the tricky trade war between two superpowers – China and US – and with Dr Mahathir now helming Malaysia he has to manovure his way through the controversial water agreement and the terse water way. Though Mr Heng looks all articulate and professional, he will probably lose hands down to an old political adversary in the mould of Dr Mahathir.

We have being sailing comfortably into stable waters for the past few decades but truly we need someone who dares to challenge the status quo and forge a new direction for the country.

Our over-dependence on foreign investment viz-a-viz multi-national corporations (MNC) is most troubling and is an easy way out at the expense of our own local SMEs which are mostly languishing and merely surviving as most of it’s business is being edged out by larger foreign companies.

MNCs also tend to bring in their own people and the notion that they will train our own local people at the helm is but a myth – no foreign companies will do that and only our government could spread this propaganda to appease a country that is increasingly being sidelined through job replacement by incoming foreigners.

Unless the government dares to minimise it’s reliance on foreign investment and start focusing it’s attention on our lacklustre local industries, doomsday may arrive when something adverse happens to our country and scores of MNCs decide to pull out amass leaving us high and dry. There is no loyalty when it comes to foreign investment unlike local businesses as their livelihood depends on growing the economy at it’s own shore come what may.

Unless Mr Heng decides to change tact and goes against the grain, we will continue to see a very top-down kind of governance and Singaporeans will still face up to a ultra-high cost of living and widening social inequality.

Fear factor: 6/10

6. Lee Hsien Yang/Lee Wai Ling

The infamous pair of Lee siblings – Hsein Yang and Wai Ling – may prove to be the PM’s failing if they decide to spill more blood during GE 2019.

The two have began a month-long online tirade two years ago against the older PM brother which were picked up by worldwide presses – much to the embarrassment of the government.

Singaporeans are hoping that they will do the same in this coming GE so that voters can know the real truth and leadership of the current regime.

Asians tend to treasure character and integrity of their leaders alot and may tie their voting choice to the person despite their sterling performance in office.

The two younger Lee siblings enjoy a cult-like immunity from being persecuted and it is no surprise that during this GE 2019 they may spring another prolonged online tiff with the older PM brother to try and change the course of our political history.

If this happens, it will be the government’s most nightmarish experience in any general election ever.

Fear factor: 8/10


Written by: Gilbert Goh



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19 Responses to “Six uncomfortable truth facing the PAP in GE 2019”

  • Regime change is the solution:

    Missed the most important truth – HDB flats are basically depreciating assets so their value will decline steadily and be zero at the end of the 99-year lease, as stated by Lawrence Wong, MND Minister.

    To make matters worse, most Singaporeans have their retirement money (CPF) tied up in the over-priced, depreciating flats.

    To make it even worse CPF will be allowed to buy older HDB flats. This will put even more retirement money in these flats. CPF money is used to “take out” CPF money. Isn’t this a Ponzi scheme?

    GD Star Rating
  • oxygen:

    HDB HOME OWNERSHIP CON is now fully exposed – it is just a bundle of rights to to occupation use paid for 99-yr rental in advance.

    Asset enhancement is actually LIABILITY EXPANSION DECEPTION.Ah Seng woke up to the dismay of moralising Ah Lian.

    GD Star Rating
  • UniQ:

    May I add a 7th which affect more than 90% of Singaporeans ?

    HDB announcement that its a 99 year lease and the many flips about having ZERO value at the end to recently some amount ??

    Sinkines know ZERO is ZERO, some residual amount is ??

    The long statement that more than 90% Singaporeans owns a home turns out to be a HOAX !! I think its the greatest Fake News of our time, which affect more than 3Million people !!??

    The avoidance to address HDB leasor agreement against the many taxes and high interest paid by HDB owners over their tenancies will definitely be the sorest wound among Singaporeans for this election.

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  • Opposition dude:

    Good writeup by Gilbert but I think a few of his points won’t have any bearing.

    Dr Tan is seen as the one who might topple PAP but other than himself the rest of the ex PAP people in his party are unknown names to the general public and they have no pulling power.

    The scandals will cost PAP for sure but how much remains to be seen. Losing 1.5 million patient records is a big thing and having HIV info spread so soon thereafter will only strengthen the publics’ perception that PAP is tidak apa. Not to mention 4 SAF deaths in under 2 years!

    CPF won’t be much of an issue because if it was then the continual raising of the Minimum Sum would already ensure that PAP would lose seats. Lim Tean may be an online star but this does not translate to winning a seat in parliament. How do the pioneer and merdekas feel about him is most important at this point in time.

    Nobody really cares about PAP’s succession because the current leadership is pretty lousy already. The last point on goondu Loong’s siblings is the real wild card here, we don’t know if they will reveal anything once the election date is announced. And even if they do it has to be seen what kind of announcement it is to know how devastating its effect will be on PAP.

    GD Star Rating
  • LIONS:

    Lim Tean,you mentioned?
    Yes,indeed i wish to see him as MP.
    Truth is how much can he do as SOLO hero?

    What we need is a REAL OPPO ALLIANCE.
    Else,we,and the oppo sgs themselves,will get disappointed too.


    I always feel that oppo parties,with their individual qualities n limited resources,should SYNERGISE to their ADVANTAGE.


    GD Star Rating
  • LIONS:

    Sgs n oppo sgs always say the PAP gahmen work in silos n NOT WITH sgs but arent the oppo parties doing the same themselves?

    The oppo has a COMMON TASK but refuse to align completely for greater success?

    In a way,this is something the PAP hope will not happen as the PAP WILL ONLY FALTER against a STRONG OPPO ALLIANCE SIDE.

    GD Star Rating
  • PAP: Money MI SS 2:

    full of sin, molest, violence, cheats, theft…. Can you tolerate to be threatened by the minister MP you have elected to serve n help you not to be retrenched n have to learn how to be greedier, hungrier n more aggressive than the foreigners they have imported n threaten to import? With foreigners more than the number of citizens, think is there any meaning of national securities or national service? Do u really believe your elected PAPMPs n Ministers advice not to worry about your children education as they claim dropouts even gangsters can EASILY become achievers like the graduates? Why r they giving billions to educate foreign students from primary to universities. Think r u being conned n fooled as LKY said u r daft or Stupid stupid not dove or love Stupid n all pap worshipping or polanpaing lky believe what lky said. Vote these shits out n really find out what they have been hiding that they r so afraid to tell. Without voting them out u will never know what they have done to u n your country! PAP loves to self praise n if they have done good to u n the country why r they hiding them, they will have been shouting with all the polanpas echoing loudly all over the island n the world for days, months n years! So wise up n boost up your desire to know exactly why r they hiding n refuse accountability for those open secrets?

    GD Star Rating
  • Ndy:

    You forgot to mention HDB which affect some 80% Singaporeans

    GD Star Rating
  • MarBowling:

    Great insightful comments by Mr Gilbert Goh.

    GE2019 will be the toughest erection Mai Hum and his PAPigs have ever encountered! Knowing his Sneaky and Dishonorable character, Mai Hum May spring a Mother of all PAPigs surprises by stepping down temporarily citing health reason(relapse of cancer) to make way for Heng Heng Sweet Cake to warm the Imperial Throne! This way, Heng Heng will be TASKED to organize and hold the GE and thereafter liable and answerable for any adverse result in the coming GE! Heng Heng will be left holding the unwanted baby(GE2019)all night LOONG while Mai Hum will be smiling and enjoying with his wifey Holee Jinx in some Overseas exclusive RETREAT hideout recuperating from his wayang cancerous illness! What do you think?

    GD Star Rating
  • Ndy:

    You missed out the HDB issue which affects 80% Singaporeans

    GD Star Rating
  • NotMyProblem:

    @Gilbert; you don’t have to worry a bit, PAP is not worry at all. How could it be worry when PAP tells you that GST and other taxes will be increased after GE?

    The simple reason is, 40% of the population is ex-foreigners now holding SG passport, they are all voting age and will vote for PAP out of gratitude. Not all of the 60% of SG is eligible to vote, out of which, some depend on PAP for oxygen. So you see at least 50% will be voting for PAP.

    Furthermore, this is the killing part, 7 out of 10 Singaporeans adults holding a degree and the rest with some other qualification. Malaysia has less than this, but Malaysians are smart and could sense something not right with the billions in 1MDB and they kick the culprit out.

    These smart Singaporeans are totally oblivion to “the six uncomfortable truth” mentioned by you. They are more interested in the cell phones and texting. They stay with their parents without knowing that fees and tariff will be increased after GE2019 and their parents have to pay more, including their phone bills.

    So PAP has nothing to worry or feel uncomfortable about the truth!!

    GD Star Rating
  • LIONS:

    $ucking our money all the time in everything everyday,thats the GREEDY PAP.

    Almost every sg buys tbings from NTUC like MILK-POWDER(JO TEO,WHERE R U?)


    She paid for a citizen who forgot her purse,leaving it at home,while she was QUEUEING to pay at a local supermarket(NOT OWNED BY GOVT)?


    DO U THINK SUCH KIND OF SELF-$ERVING LEEder n his bootlickers shud stay in GOVT?


    GD Star Rating
  • UnitedWeWin_DividedWeFail:

    an alliance amongst the opposition parties is the right way to go for sg.
    unity is strength…and we’re all fighting for the same values arent we?
    hope that will bring the needed win & success at the next GE.
    Thank you to all parties who are working so hard to bring some much needed change to our country.
    Waiting in anticipation,
    a Senior Citizen.

    GD Star Rating
  • For Cambridge's sake .......:

    “God created and governs the world invisibly, and has commanded us to love and worship Him and no other God; to honor our parents and masters, and love our neighbours as ourselves; and to be temperate, just, and peaceable, and to be merciful even to brute beasts…I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people… What goes up must come down.”
    [Sir Isaac Newton,
    "Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica"]

    GD Star Rating
  • Bobo:

    We need to lend vote counts from new citizens. But it’s really difficult, because they are also quitters. They LL have to vote for lightning in order to stamp their roots here.

    GD Star Rating
  • apek:

    No politician ever won telling his supporter he has a programme to make them poor.

    GD Star Rating
  • Asd:

    You should take out the succession portion out of the article….

    GD Star Rating
  • S.Perm:

    There is only 1 problem this GE and it’s the same since the first GE.

    Singaporeans have been very unhappy with many draconian laws and rules. The numerous tariff and cost hikes. The lack of transparency, cpf retirement sum and hyflux issue. But the growing number of dissenters have been unable to understand why they are unable to change the system or vote them out.

    Voting is for a Democratic country. But voting is not able to replace the regime. The peasants scratch their heads and balls unable to understand why. It’s simple. *VOTING ONLY IS EFFECTIVE IN A TRUE DEMOCRACY* BUT SINGPAORE IS NOT A TRUE DEMOCRACY SIMPLY BECAUSE THE PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE THE COURAGE TO AFFORD PEOPLE POWER. WITHOUT IT, VOTING IS NOT EFFECTIVE. SELF PRESERVATION GUARANTEED THAT THERE IS NO PEOPLE POWER. Loose sands cannot effect people power cannot effect democracy. Thus voting is effectiveless thus the peasants have never been able to vote them out. This GE will be no difference. Thus the Audacity for the 10million population which means 5milliom foreigners will be taking away your jobs and becoming new citizens. *Game Over.*

    GD Star Rating
  • Singaporeans should note:

    Singaporeans should learn n observed what’s happening to Malaysian politic. Some of these r

    It is impossible to get the real truth on the previos administration without completely wiping out their power n to remove key bootlicking bureaucrates

    Bootlickers of previous regime r easy source of kicking off the investigation once they know their jobs r secure

    Recruiting not just experts but people who r critical of the policies for the investigation

    Immediate clearance of Constitution n measures that favour ruling party wherein Singapore r Minister salary, benefits n pension, CPF, GRC, independence of Judicial System, electoral rules n regulation etc etc

    Singaporeans should appreciate that wrong political decision adverse to the interest of the nation n her people esp commitments r hard to undo n its ill effects if any r hard to correct. Mahathir due to the wilful commitments of the previous regime r hand tight so much so he is reduced to the worst national decision of selling national assets. Greed breeds rash consideration n ill conceived projects esp mega projects can drastically affects national stability n bind the hands of future govt. So a prolong govt is not a good thing.
    as error built on error will continue to eventual calamity as in CPF management n transparency. Seriously it can be seen that the ad hoc measures taken to appease n correct the long opacity of the matter make matter worse for the citizens as it seems citizens lr left with pap self legalized action to punish instead of heeding what r in the mind of the citizens helpless n frustration amidst the trust in the govt.

    The advocation of greed n aggressiveness for job securement is most evil a political leader can do. So also the surrendering of encouraging the citizens to achieve the best they can r advice of nation wrecking, No sane n patroitic political leader would discourage the citizenry to reach the best they can whilst they liberally spending their assets on foreigners n enhance resources to accomodate them with billions alienating own citizens in the planning. No political leadership would threaten citizens with foreign interests n compromising national security amidst their call for unity n sacrifice which become all fakes which breed more fakes to cover earler fakes until reality smothered them to denounce facts as fake n adversary to their comfort as fakes. The outcome will be disastrous esp with liberal dispensation of judicial judgement with drastic element of conflict of interests all amounting to LKY outburst of his awesome power to be obeyed n not challenged in those historic horrific words that antone not with him or his policiese are his enenies n should be relentlessly dealt with. This this essentially is no difference from Hitler n Emperorism!

    GD Star Rating

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