Is the government here to serve the people or are the people mere economic digits to enrich the government?

In the coming GE, Singaporeans will face the clearest choice in 6 decades over the type of government we want.

Are we to have a Government which serves the people or will we have a Government which exploits the people and treats them as nothing more than economic digits to enrich Government? That is the crucial question Singaporeans must ask themselves for the coming GE.

When the Government increases the price of water by 30% with nothing but nonsensical reasons as justification, when $3.3 billion in ElderShield premiums are collected but only $133 million in claims are paid out, when Government claims that an additional 2% in GST is needed to take care of an aging population but the cash inflows exceed cash outflows every year for healthcare, when PUB marks up by 600% the price of water which it sells to Singapore consumers, and the SP group makes around $ 1 billion in profits annually and has been doing so for the last 13 years, you realise that the PAP government treats Singaporeans as nothing more than mere economic digits from which enormous and obscene profits can be extracted.

Is this the function of government? Is this why we elect a group of men and women who are supposed to serve us?

Peoples Voice believes in Putting People First! We believe that the People and not the government are the Masters!


Lim Tean



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16 Responses to “Is the government here to serve the people or are the people mere economic digits to enrich the government?”

  • Lol:

    The Pappies protect n serve themselves………..they give themselves $million salaries…….the cabinet is running with a lot of sleepyheads at $50 million.

    Then they enact fact news and will prosecute those whose views are ‘fake’.

    Then they make appeals to go to the miniSTIR before the courts……….this isn’t protecting themselves? Then What is it?

    And when caw cannot get his way, he ask Pappies to stay behind him and ask eng hen to conduct army recall.

    So now that he got along with Lek……he stole all the THUNDER.

    Wait you see pm retreat n see what comes out……….old fox will squeeze his balls.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    @Lim Tean, every waking hour of PAP’s minister and MPs is scheming how to milk more money from the citizens and how to fix the Opposition and dissents.

    Have we ever heard in Parliament that MPs was debating how to improve the lives of the people? Do we ever heard MPs talking about employment of citizens? Have you ever heard Ministers talking about healthcare, except finding ways to hide lapses!

    Have any MPs brought anything from meet-the-people session into parliament?

    The only time we have had a full house Parliament was the PM using parliament to exonerate himself from allegation of abuse of power.

    Every other Parliament session, we could only see a few PAP’s MPs and Ministers using Parliament as a place for siesta.

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  • No Dafts or Dogs Allowed:

    No, until some form of real and loving democratic-socialism emerges, we’ll continue down the dark path on inequity: luxury and want, decadence and desperation. Some serious soul searching is required for this coming election.

    Not to mention the silencing or purging of citizens who question Govt. decisions and practices.

    Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for the opinions above, as apparently one of my dogs has learned how to type.

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  • Only One Important Rule:

    Vote PAP out. No to all their candidates.

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  • LIONS:

    hahaha,the PEOPLE $erve the PIG$ N piglet$.

    work till u drop dead,peasants n lesser mortals so that you can keep Paying And Paying us.

    you are the labourers,WE ARE THE REAPER$.
    IF there is NO ENOUGH TO REAP,WE SHALL *RAPE* you till you drop dead.

    hahaha,how foolish can you ,peasants be.

    you keep voting for us even after you get $CREWED GE AFTER GE,why you so stupid one?

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  • Bapak:

    No one can blame the suckee if you are a willing sucker. Just like someone said the best bribe a is a willing giver and a willing taker.

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  • Coffee with LT booking:

    When can I have coffee with you before you become the next PM? At least minimum a photo session.

    Where are you going next for your bread for lives walk.?

    OK I carry flag and banners for you service free.

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  • hih:

    Prices of goods are sky now and cant imagine 2020 when GST and satellite ERP kicks in.

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  • LT Super Hero:

    We need you to stay healthy and safe.
    Obviously you know that you are under extreme microscope now in every bit of your movement, down to your 9 generations.

    So please exercise super caution. I don’t want to be disappointed cannot cast my vote.

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  • HarderTruths:

    No prizes for the right answer. This is too easy.

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  • LIONS:

    actually,the GAHmen SERVES *$*.

    there is now a NEW RELIGION and most of the PAP BIG-WITS are into this “faith”.
    they worship “$”?
    they sacrificed the people for their god *$*,can they deny?

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  • rukidding:

    A drastic change from “People’s action”….into …”Pimps and prostitutes”

    I guess its $$$ and Power for themselves ?

    Sorry guys,…you were “Conned” because you were all Dafts and “Ball less”

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  • Soliciting Elitism:

    Well, the guy at the top of the pyramid was boasting just years ago about importing billionaires to invest in our island economy so that “all that wealth will just trickle-down” to us little fellows in the lower strata.

    And What Do You Know?
    Oxfam International has ranked Singapore near the top for income inequality worldwide. By the way, the guy at the top also insisted that he wasn’t concerned about the high Gini coefficient of our political economy. But we’re very concerned that our hard-earned lifetime savings have become the legalized property of the government, and our retirement is a foregone delusion in their dirt-rich Singapore.

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  • Employer:

    All citizens must know that we are the ones that employ the employees into parliament to work for all citizens. They took the oath of serving the citizens on a 4to5 years contract.

    These employees main roles are to bring up all the problems, worries, concerns etc of the citizens n brainstorm in parliament for solutions. All must pit in to debate n put their genius mind to work n live feed must be aired to see which employee deserves another 5yr term contract.

    Now if any one of the employees do not perform or honour their oath. We as employers must do the right thing to terminate their contract n employ a new employee to fill in their position.

    All citizens must readjust their mindset that these employees work for us n if they r not fit for thè job, we must change them out n recontract another employee to work for us. We must give chances to all potential candidates n not judge purely on papers only. If the potential employees r ready to serve us, we must employ thèm into parliament to work for us.

    Remember that mixed variety of employees would deliver a much wider scope of views n would usually surprise us the employers with out of the box solutions.

    We must remember that we call the shots as we r the employers!

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  • Always Remember:

    In SG politics, “Singapore” is not equal to “Singaporean”,

    “Serve the people” is the not same as “serve the ordinary people” and

    “Serve” has different meaning for the elites and ordinary people.

    Do ask for the precise definition every time.

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  • tax the consumption (spending:

    //Well, the guy at the top of the pyramid was boasting just years ago about importing billionaires to invest in our island economy so that “all that wealth will just trickle-down” to us little fellows in the lower strata.//

    well, the top white idiots (via their policies) can rent seek / tax the consumption (spendings) of the billionaires while the average daft sinkies have to keep up with the inflated cost of spending / living (much discretionary) of the rich and all the same still get taxed / rent sought by the white idiots.

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