Lax enforcement of rules a shame to Singapore

This PAP government is very good at passing legislations and laws in Parliament because of their absolute majority advantage. We have laws against many offences and irresponsible behavior. But laws on their own, if they are not backed up with serious and regular ground enforcement efforts, is a toothless tiger at best.

Examples of lax or no enforcement are too many.

They range from users of personal mobility devices zooming at fast speed in and out of pedestrian walkways. Some of them are even more blatantly on the roads but no enforcement ever happens to the riders. Residents in my block are holding lighted cigarettes going up and down the lifts even with a CCTV inside the lift, but nothing ever happens to them.

People crossing traffic junctions even when the red man is on happens so often all over Singapore and nothing ever happens to them. Indiscriminate littering all over Singapore attract little consequences on the offenders too. Last but not least, indiscriminate lane cutting at the Woodlands causeway almost always have no consequences on the offenders despite the presence of many surveillance cameras.

When enforcement efforts are lax, few and far in between or almost non-existent, it will only embolden offenders’ behavior.

The utterly hopeless non-enforcement is a glaring disgrace to the achievements, good names and reputations of the old guard Ministers.


Simon Lim



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16 Responses to “Lax enforcement of rules a shame to Singapore”

  • oxygen:

    @ SIMON LIM,

    PLENTY OF LAWS BUT SELECTIVELY ENFORCED – even grassloot leaders know that they are (in their mind correctly) above the law. When challenged, you find reported instances of pushback like “YOU KNOW WHO AM I”?

    So a lot of peasants now live by the mantra – what law? Just do it & don’t unlucky and get caught.

    THERE IS SOCIAL ANOMIE AND DISINTEGRATION – foreigners even attack our security guards with immunity. Taxi drivers and civic passer-by protecting our taxi uncle got bashed senseless at Suntec city and the assailant GOT his permanent residency approved not long after INSTEAD OF DEPORTATION ON CHARACTER GROUNDS WHICH THE MINISTER OF IMMIGRATION HAS POWER TO ENFORCE UNDER THE LAW.


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  • Tatman:

    Not lax, but a scam!

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  • RDB:

    It is like this as leekaryew was a lawyer lar!

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  • oxygen:

    @ Simon Lim

    THE INFORMED PUBLIC MIND WILL REMEMBER MICHAEL FAY’s backside got a caning discount of two stroke in 1994.

    This is not fake news. Public chats in kopitiam in 1994 (no internet then) saying this – yellow backside 6 stroke, white backside got discount of 2 stroke after US politicians intervene.

    THIS IS FOREIGN INFLUENCE in the chats of kopitiamers then.

    Right now, LIKE IT OR NOT, my mind keeps haunting that the ghosts of Briginshaw Law some how keep re-incarnating in LEE-jiapore when both corpses were in reality long buried in some plot in Australia.


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  • Flabbergasted:

    White shit assaulting locals get away with a slap on the wrist, locals retaliate in self-defence kena prosecuted until pants drop.

    BTW, what happened to the stanchart robber? white shit in this so-to-be shit place got licence huh?

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  • oxygen:

    @ Tatman

    EXACTLY RIGHT THERE, selective inattention to wrongdoings of their own tribe. Those from Ah Kong’s GRCs who lost peasants Ah Sengs Town Council reserves millions in Lehman Brother mini-bond was NOT TAKEN into the legal forum and GIVEN A VERY “BIG PUBLIC KISS”

    But if you belongs to a wrong tribe, it will be a showbiz for insane public entertainment.

    Tatman: Not lax, but a scam!

    In LEE-jiapore, corruption law is narrowly defined obviously – IT DOES NOT INCLUDE MERITOCRATIC CRONY CAPITALISM in public administration.

    In Australia it is widely define to catch such corrupt conduct. For example s.8 of the Independent Commission Against Corruption such as

    Corrupt conduct is also any conduct of any person (whether or not a public official) that adversely affects, or that could adversely affect, either directly or indirectly, the exercise of official functions by any public official, any group or body of public officials or any public authority and which could involve any of the following matters:

    (a) official misconduct (including breach of trust, fraud in office, nonfeasance, misfeasance, malfeasance, oppression, extortion or imposition),

    (b) bribery,
    (c) blackmail,
    (d) obtaining or offering secret commissions,
    (e) fraud,
    (f) theft,
    (g) perverting the course of justice,
    (h) embezzlement,
    (i) election bribery,
    (j) election funding offences,
    (k) election fraud,
    (l) treating,

    blah blah blah……


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  • oxygen:

    That means white backside got a total of 4 strokes instead of 6 sentenced.

    oxygen: This is not fake news. Public chats in kopitiam in 1994 (no internet then) saying this – yellow backside 6 stroke, white backside got discount of 2 stroke after US politicians intervene.

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  • smoking /non smoking area:

    leisurely smoking cigarettes just under the ‘NO SMOKING’ sign at a small hdb canteen food court that i frequent.
    there are even provided small tin cans for their cigarette ash !
    maybe im wrong, but is there a ‘Smoking’ area in a small hdb canteen foodcourt ?

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  • no cctv cameras at all zebra:

    yar lor. how come no cctv cameras at all zebra crossing which many times motorists just quickly drive pass when people are about to cross / waiting to cross ??? in deteriorating standard in sinkie land, the same level of motoring conscientiousness and consciousness of the past (kiasi & kiasu) is not so much present in sinkie land leh ???

    caveat : opinion lar not fact lar.

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  • justice for sgs:

    sg security persons getting bashed for no reason by big burly angmoh.
    was justice served?
    that video should be proof…or has that angmoh oredy chabut out of this sinkingporen land?

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  • Singapore Fooled Again N Again:

    Not only this e-scooter lack enforcement. Traffic police, NEA, etc all lacking in enforcements.

    For Traffic Police, you just need to stand near a road junction and see how vehicles beat red lights, using phone while driving, turn without signalling, or cutting over pedestrian crossing without stopping for pedestrians. In just 10 minutes at 1 spot, you can easily find at least 10 t0 20 offenders.

    For NEA, just go to any places you can see smokers smoking in illegal spots, throwing cigarette butts or normal littering. Just stand at a single location, covered walkways, there can be a few smokers can be seen illegally smoking knowing well the chance of getting caught is lower than hit by lighting strikes

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  • LIONS:

    The ONLY THING the PAPigs are on the ball is when they want to COLLECT MORE MONEY from sgs.


    ANYTHING ELSE that benefit us or for our safety n welfare,they fiack care?

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  • oxygen:

    ARE THERE ANY PROTECTED SPECIE OR SPECIES EXEMPTED from the fake news legislation law?

    If there is/are, the fake news legislation is FATALLY FLAWED OF ITS CONSTRUCTION – IT IS FAKE allowing only preserved protected specie/species to PRESENT FAKE NEWS to poison public minds.


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  • if you want good 'lawyers':

    //ARE THERE ANY PROTECTED SPECIE OR SPECIES EXEMPTED from the fake news legislation law?//

    when 4 = 5 and selected = elected, what do you expect ? and secret commi-T until no longer secret. only protection is that you join the brotherhood (as in he is not my brudder) ???

    the white idiots and monkey gang are amazingly versatile with their own interpretation and can invent new bastardized reasoning (in double quick time) to penalize those that they feel like penalizing (and protecting those that they wish to protect).

    ‘inside is not within’ is one classic case (like magic, someone could suddenly appear inside a place without contravening the very meaning of the english word to be ‘within’). if you want good ‘lawyers’ and ‘english teachers’, ask any of the white idiots, they the best in the market.

    caveat : opinion lar not fact lar.

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  • What no poilce seenable:

    No policemen can be seen nowadays. Pimps And Prostitutes want u to believe that all are safer than when foreigners here r less tan 5 %. But the fake is policeman may get into deep trouble if he saw a PAP polanpa in the form a leader of the grass no sorry not gress but no seenable roots bashing up an elderly because of the root little puppy perhaps telling the elderly n those around him than Singaporeans r of less significance to the Pimps than his puppy And the Prostitutes like him has to spread the real news. What to do fake contining real. No worry to the COIAG n the Bench because now Laws no in Court n handled by Bench but in Cabinet managed by Minister.

    So plps r there in mane but in reality billions rushing to Swiss Bank as GCT didnt complete his sentence when promising Swill Standard not of living but of banking if you habe millions to tuck away to keep away prying eyes like Roy, Simon n the fake story tellers which Cabinet would shut on them n release the little puppy plps like the grassroot leaders.

    Those who like to go to Johore Mall by bus or car may now having Tatwan lan climbing all over them n their purchase. So an advice is to learn tai wan hway to be closer to lausiang or old friend esp our overripe bananas!

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  • 行动不利落的老人!:








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