Locals Heavily Marginalised By FTs In Singapore

Recently, had a friend, ex PMET came back from State after hearing all the stories from our state media that Singapore is booming and needed local talents to return to help. But after his return, months turn into year, he already unemployed for more than 1 year.

He told me he went to many interviews and the hiring managers he met are mostly foreigners and almost all are from third world. And he checked out their linkedin profiles, all of them have inferior qualifications and unrecognised degrees. Some don’t even speak good English and yet they are management in Singapore. But he sees a trend, most have become new citizens. Against all odds, he  still tried very hard and many occasions, he performed really well but he wasn’t selected and days later, he found another foreigner  hired. For example, a Pinoy will hire Pinoy and Indian hires Indian. In one classic case, the human resource from UK company HQ  was so impressed with him, they put him to the local Pinoy GM in Singapore, he was not selected because Pinoy GM felt he was not  good enough. A few days later, another Pinoy was hired. But the UK head hunter wrote a thesis to tell him to apply later for other  position. This signals something to all Singaporeans reading, the heavy discrimination of locals have become very significant with our  FT working population breaches 50%. Singaporeans may not hire Singaporeans but FTs will 100% hire their own skin.

So my friend decided to go WSG workshop, all he got was to re-write his CV. He told me the trainer can’t even write a better CV than him and he had to pay to attend such lousy class. In addition, the WSG asked him to be a security guard! The reason WSG said was it is better to have food on the table or to remain unemployed! And later, I heard from many PMETs who went to WSG, they were advised the same, all asked to be security guards!

Singapore management jobs are reserved for FTs, Singaporean experienced PMETs are only capable to be security guards. A third world inferior qualification and degree can be management in Singapore, our local degrees can only be underemployed, unemployed or self employed.

Remember FTs are ruling the corporate now, they maybe inferior but they are management and supported by PAP and also they have become new citizens, no longer FTs on paper. If you been hit, it is almost impossible to land another job as these FTs continue to discriminate and growing in numbers. We are heading towards 10M, so another 4M of FTs to import and convert to PRs and new citizens.

Last GE, 69.9% voted for such situation. My friend who came back from US is a very pro PAP supporter and today, he felt with disbelief that the main stream media is cooking up stories of vibrant economy and asking local talents to come back, its all fake! And he is now extremely disappointed and felt betrayed.

The next GE if you vote for them again, just dont cry for Argentina, you voted for it!


DuGu QiuBai




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16 Responses to “Locals Heavily Marginalised By FTs In Singapore”

  • Python 5:

    The traits of the 70%: SHALLOW, GUTLESS, COMPLACENT and DEBT RIDDEN.

    I will savor and relish when all the DEBTS, DIVORCES, DEPRESSION, DESTITUTIONS AND DEATHS overwhelm the 70%.

    Because the 70% are WAY TOO STUPID to not even realise that they are THAT STUPID.

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  • The Other Hard Truths:

    This is a thinly-disguised plot by the PAP to achieve their wicked aim to entrench themselves in power.

    1) Viciously alter the electorate composition, so that an ever-increasing % will be made up of these rubbish new comers, who are beholden to the PAP.

    2) Break the spirit of the “old” citizens, by allowing and encouraging the so-called FTs to marginalize and keep out the old citizens, causing the latter to “accept their fate”, having to struggle to just keep alive, with no esteem, no hope, no aspiration, no energy to resist the PAP.

    This is tantamount to high treason : taking in foreigners to oppress the locals, so as to remain in power. This is a total sell-out and betrayal of the highest order.

    The punishment for these MIW has to be “五马分尸” torn apart by 5 horses

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  • Kong Lee Yew:

    Their vision of a 10million population sg means doubling the population but the landspace is the same using more high rise flats. And the roads are the same or not much more can be created. This means more congestion, more erp more coe.

    This means for every job, there will be double the applicants and half the jobs will be taken up by foreigners turned pr turned citizens.

    I am VERY HAPPY for the majority who dare not Speak Out and dare not attend protest rallies.

    You Freaking Asked for this.
    You Freaking Deserved it.
    You Freaking Allowed this to happen because of your Powerless People due to Self preservation which backfired.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Welcome back to $G, the island of “You die your business”. Where Indian can become Malay overnight and Milo is the official drink at the Istana.

    Over here fake talent becomes real talent because a minister says so. Since nothing will change you better think three times before it is too late for you.

    Before you waste more of your time here it would be your life-saver to return to the States where real talent is appreciated.

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  • 70% sheep voted lying pap:

    There are two big lies which 70% sheep does NOT realize.

    1st, local Us are world class. But when looked against employment statistics, it is that pinoy U from manila and that ah neh U from new delhi that win the employment race, in 70% sheep own land of birth.

    2nd, local hospitals employ by the tonnes medical doctors whose first degree is NOT recognized by smc. Mostly pinoys from manila Us and some Aseans from Asean Us. Now the rub is this. Their degrees are NOT recognized. Yet they can attend some postgraduate diploma from local U and by virtue of that diploma they become legitimate. Do stop for one second to reflect. If basic medical degree is suspect, how come can be accepted into postgraduate diploma which subsequently provides the legitimacy?

    Cheap cheaperer cheaperest by pap thief zorro killed the world class standing of Spore long long time ago.

    Yet 70% sheep voted the same pile of shit to make Spore worse GE2015.

    70% sheep deserve more shit since they voted for it.

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  • More Pain Needed:

    When pain is enough , change will come, but will that be soon enough to reverse the rapid decline?
    You might be alright now, what about 10 years later? 20 years?
    It took nearly 3 decades to build a Singaporean core, it just took just a decade to destroy it. So clown and fools think that a new core will take shape?

    The circumstances of the migrants then and now are vastly different.
    It is very clear that more will be transient in nature, moving back when time is up. It is seen clearly that few of the many 1990s high-tech students and workers from China are still living in Singapore. Many have gone back to China.
    Fewer of the real talents have taken root, now is just mainly cheap third world workers. Singapore’s economy has moved down the value chain.
    Even the next wave of IOT entrepreneurs are not taking root despite heavy EDB’s involvement. The EDB of today is just a shade of the past.

    Many of our own have also moved. Those who can’t will have to stay on and fight.
    But will they wake up in time? It is for the dafts to decide.
    The last figure stands at 40-60, a modest improvement from 30-70, despite all the continuous failures of PAP.
    What will the result of coming election be? Will there be a new dawn and lifeline?

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Your FREIND should and MUST identify these companies and NAMES to be Credible and NOT 3rd party Fake News…

    What has he to lose??? as it is we are all LOSERS NOW!!!

    What is there to FEAR but FEAR itself???

    and LASTLY…Exposed the FRAUDS & LIARS and Live The REAL Truth and NOT the BS “Hard Truth”

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  • Another PAP's bashing:

    Very happy to read another PAP’s bashing and evil doing! Also happy for the 70% supporters. Your days are numbered! Jobs created here are for FTs and helping them to be above locals. There are alot of vacancies for security guards. Out of curiousity, I asked the guy at the small booth that he could get many Malaysians to work but his boss said Singaporeans first. I could not stop laughing inside. Mind you they are looking for Certis police and security guards.
    Egoistically he said alot of young locals applied for the job. Again he is lying and started to sing praises of PAP’s policies. No wonder he is working there. The 70% love to be screwed! and continue to enjoy.

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  • LIONS:

    FTs are CITIZENS,singaporeans are residents???
    *residents*?…sorry,WE HAVE FT PoLEEcy.

    VOTE PAPies,get FTs.

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  • KNN:

    Well, he has nobody to blame except himself. More PAP supporters need to be screwed.

    If he was so good why leave the States where he presumably should have a good paying job? I won’t be surprised if it was becoz he kena retrenched or contract not renewed.

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  • Fake Fake cried ministe Jail!:

    This will definitely shouted out as Fake by the Ministers self gratified n glorified to be above Laws n more legal than the bench n chief justice. Repeal, but as LKY children other than the d**honourable warned abt compliancy, what would be the outcome. Seniors will remember how a former AG Wong suddenly fell from grace n now an academic under Torny foreign son in law from the Brit Covict Continent down under wherein lies a mysterious exile of Singaporean international known Constitution Law Expert now Dean Of a neighbouring country which houses disgrunted LKY son and a former SDJ Khoo suddenly left n now a SC. So it can be seen the power does not have faith in the national judiciary despite the allegation so lawmust be in the hand of minister rather than the institution. Even a indochin minister rally her support of AG on conflict of interest allegation as free of the allegation because she think he is successful n hence thr career success supercede relationship clause which was not declared as fraudulent by the institution doubly the evidence that Cabinet is law n conctitution defined independent judiciary is of no significance n value. Conclusion cabinet is law n above law by the most recent fake real parliament saga!

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  • Dongfan Bubai:

    This has happened since early 2000, yet we have 2006, 2011,2015 to reverse the situation, but sinkies choose not to rock the boat, 3 chances gone, now is too late, white party will import fts to make up the votes.sad…sinkies will be extinct in due course.

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  • NO hope:

    Some things cannot be undone. It is too late.
    Find better pasture elsewhere if you can.

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  • Value$ MAMA Shop:

    Thing is even Singaporean employers will fire their own countrymen and hire foreigners. Says a lot for our morality, doesn’t it?

    All old citizens should migrate and set up another country.

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  • indeed we r in trouble:

    yes we are indeed in big shit. the fts are in control almost every sector. I face the same problems. but I voted oppositions last 3 elections as I realized then when woody was in charge.

    Singaporean better wake up otherwise like old man said your wife would be the maid to the fts one day.

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  • True facts:

    The situation has been very bad here almost a decade most locals are unemployed while FTS working now.

    Many FTS have also converted to new citizens and PRs thats why most of them employ their own people here.

    Very bad situation now.

    Stupid of him to come back here to work.

    Hard to find job now all taken by FTs.

    Locals even if working on temporary basis not permanaent and most on contract basis 6 months only.

    Really a v bad country now due to FTs.

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