Shameful that Ministers should be the Sole Arbiters of Truth

Just before my evening walk I caught this segment of the meeting today between PM Lee and PM Tun Mahatir and I recorded my response as I have to say I was appalled and embarrassed by our Prime Minister’s response. Let’s not forget this is the most expensive Prime Minister in the world and this is what we get?

Meanwhile the PM of Malaysia displays an absolute contrast remaining poised as he gracefully responds to PM Lee and reporters that Malaysia trusts its people and that the government will have to learn how to handle any incidences of fake news that may occur; However, it is more important to allow the people freedom of expression.

In fact Malaysia has repealed the act which Najib brought in last year with Mahatir stating that such legislation could be used by the government to silence criticisim.

Peoples Voice agrees with Tun Mahatir’s sentiments that government should trust its citizens and that freedom of speech and expression should not be impinged to protect those whom hold power.
Peoples Voice have said from the beginning and we reiterate it today that we will repeal any Fake News legislation immediately, bring in Free Speech and a Free Press immediately.

Singaporeans remember this. There is not a single act, law, policy or piece of legislation which burdens us that cannot be undone swiftly when we vote the PAP out.

All the wrong that the PAP have done can be put right the day we vote them out. #VTO



Lim Tean



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10 Responses to “Shameful that Ministers should be the Sole Arbiters of Truth”

  • more tensions ahead ?:

    Loong looked shaken n nearly fell off his podium stand..
    loved the way The Tun was just looking around and up at the ceiling whilst Loong gave his ‘dictatorial’ answer to the journalist’s question.
    The Tun totally showed up The Looney.

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  • oxygen:

    IT IS ILLEGAL, ministers too are servants of the State, not the DIVINE JUDGE of the law. Nor are they above the law to judge others of alleged crime.

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  • MarBowling:

    Vintage Dr M.

    When PH won the MY Election, I have Commented that Dr M would proceed to put Mai Hum and his World Class $millions Ministers inside the Pocket of his Baggy trouser! True enough, he did just that. He fired the first salvo earlier in the maritime and airspace disputes btw the 2 neighbouring countries by asking his MEDIOCRE ministers to handle the matters. They were very GOOD….cool and steady, even could afford to smile. On our side, we have $8Cow asking the citizen to show unity AGAINST the ENEMY IN FRONT! Next we have Bugs Bunny Chan aka Kee Chiu, then future PeeM Heng Heng Sweet Cake, Cho Boh Lang Vivian, all trying to TALK TOUGH! During the BEATING of chest and War Cry, citizen near the taking off and landing of our airforce planes were subject to loud and booming noice when Minister of Defence Chicken HEN must have ordered our AirForce to SHOW Dr M some color and be ready for WAR. Cho Boh Lang Vivian was so CONFIDENT and BRAGGING about WINNING the case when Malaysia failed to raise the price of water in 1987 wrt to Water Agreement btw the 2 countries. Dr M responsed by saying that SinKapore is sure to lose if the case is brought up to International Court!

    Compare and contrast the BEHAVIOR and RESPONSE on BOTH SIDES(World Class Vs Mediocre). The RESULTS are as CLEAR as the BLUE SKY! I like this remark by Dr M: to talk and discuss in a “CIVILIZED” manner! Notice the tone down manner by our World Class Ministers and Shits Times and the Shaking of Hands btw Mai Hum and Dr M, $8Cow and Anthony Loke!

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  • MarBowling:

    Take a closer LOOK at the FACE and body language of Dr M when Mai Hum responded to a reporter’s Q on the legislation of Fake News. Vintage Dr M…..they mean a thousand words!

    And now take a closer LOOK at Mai Hum when Dr M spoke! The SHEEPISH LOOK on his FFace and his body language! 69.9% what do you think?

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  • pap clown is a shame:

    we cannot speak for others.

    every time we see pap clown, we think he is just a piece of useless shit.

    we seldom watch pap news. but when we were switching channels we saw the above and our immediate response was, this Sporean pap clown is such a shame.

    especially when he is standing next to a human of world stature, the esteemed Dr Mahatir who came back to put right all the wrong things committed by Sporean pap clown durian selfie buddy najib and najib wife.

    one is a piece of hypocrite shit according to Mr Lee Hsien Yang and Dr Lee Wei Ling, the other is an honest man who forgoes retirement to put things right according to his dare in toppling Sporean pap clown durian selfie buddy najib.

    Sporeans used to have it good, when local born at 3m+ was majority in own land of birth. Sporeans today have it much worse, when local born is already outnumbered by aliens FTs PRs in own land of birth courtesy of clown.

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  • LIONS:

    is there a *FAKE NEWS* circling around that Lee Ah Long begs DR M for mercy?

    looks like he did just that behind closed doors for fear of shame.
    when *BASHING* sgs,lloks so HOW LIAN but in front of strongman,becomes like daft sheep.

    how to *STAND UP FOR SINGAPORE* like that?

    DR M is no easy meat,i reckon.
    good he teaches SOME OF THESE MULE$ a lesson but i hope DR M does not go back to his old habit of putting down SG N sgs???

    i respect DR M,he was the only ASIAN LEADER who dared STAND UP against ANG MOHS like IMF during AFC AND ,BEFORE THAT,he,VIA BANK NEGARA,challenged THE ANG MOH SOROS.He did lose some money but still he shud be respected for standing up for asians.

    lets hope DR M looks more favourably towards the common sgs and be nice to us,maybe even helping our oppo sgs along the way?

    well,tun,you have my respect for being a REAL MAN n not like some *FAKE MAN*.

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  • Free Press Index report:

    Despite the “Switzerland of the East” label often used in Singapore government propaganda, the city-state does not fall far short of China when it comes to suppressing media freedom. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s government is always quick to sue critical journalists, apply pressure to make them unemployable, or even force them to leave the country. The Media Development Authority has the power to censor all forms of journalistic content. Defamation suits are common and may sometimes be accompanied by a charge of sedition, which is punishable by up to 21 years in prison. As a result of judicial and financial pressure from the authorities, self-censorship is widespread, including within the alternative independent media. The red lines imposed by the authorities, known by journalists as “OB markers” (for out-of-bounds markers), apply to an ever-wider range of issues and public figures. The situation worsened significantly in 2018, with serious charges being pressed against five independent news websites and at least seven journalists and bloggers. The Singaporean authorities have also started sending journalists emails threatening them with up to 20 years in prison if they don’t remove offensive articles and play by the rules.

    Singapore: 151st position in the 2018 World Press Freedom Index

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  • Pritim Sing a song:

    If 20k protest at hong lim against anti fake news law, we may be able to stop them.
    And we don’t need WP. WHAT CAN THEY DO? WHAT HAVE THEY DONE?

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  • Pritim Sing a song:

    IT IS ILLEGAL, ministers too are servants of the State, not the DIVINE JUDGE of the law. Nor are they above the law to judge others of alleged crime.

    The Truth should not be determined by one man. The Truth is what it is and no one should be allowed to define what is the truth.
    Are Singaporeans smart enough ?

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  • Harder Truths:

    This is par for the course in a communist regime. Normally it is not a group of ministers or such – only one man makes the decisions and the rest rubber-stamp to provide a façade of ‘democracy’.

    This is how it has been in $G since 1965 – why is everyone so surprised?

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