Mahathir warns fake news laws may be abused by Government

Stunning. Take note my dear fellow Singaporean’s. Take careful heed.

Speaking at a press conference to wrap up a series of annual Ministerial meetings during Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s visit to Malaysia on Tuesday (9 April), Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir tells Pinky quite literally to his face that the real problem with fake news laws is not fake news but Governments abusing such laws and perpetrating fake news themselves to maintain power.


I know that this fake law will be passed into law here but forevermore let the record show that Lee Hsien Loong failed, neglected and/or refused to contradict Mahathir on his levelling the most damning indictment of the law our parliament will soon pass that anyone let alone a Prime Minister could level against such a law.

Let history never forget this day and what happened on the global stage for all to see for even before this law has been passed we have the Prime Minister of another country literally forewarning us here as to the true intent and purpose of the fake news law.

If Mahathir one of neighbouring Malaysia’s most authoritarian leaders in the past is not qualified to tell us what the game plan for such laws are, who is?

It is a very rare sight indeed to see one Prime Minister of one country make another Prime Minister look so small that that Prime Minister probably wished that a hole would open up on the ground beneath him and just swallow him to remove him from the misery of suffering Mahathir speaking truth to power.

Watch Lee Hsien Loong’s body language and facial expressions of both of them in the video recording of that segment of the press conference.

Acknowledging on the one hand that there is most certainly harmful content on the internet, Mahathir pointed out that on the other a “Fake News” or online falsehoods law suffered from the fatal flaw of the possibility of an abuse of power.

Between the two possible harms, Malaysia feels it is much worse to allow a Government to have such powers that it could abuse to maintain power than to allow harm from fake news which he felt Malaysia would find ways to manage.

I have said before on an earlier post on Facebook.

“This will become the most egregious attack on our freedom of speech ever. The proposed law will not save us from falsehoods but will consign us to a future of PAP falsehoods. The proposed law will allow the ruling party to propagate it’s false propaganda and stop Singaporean’s from challenging their falsehoods.”

While Mahathir said this:

“For us, we need to learn how to handle such fake news. When we have laws that prevent people from airing their views, then we are afraid the government may abuse the law as it has happened in the last government…”

We do not want any government, whether this or succeeding governments, to make use of this law in order to tell and create fake news in order to sustain themselves. Of course it will be difficult to handle, but we believe we can accept the challenges and we can handle that,”

Is there anything in what Mahathir said that was relevant to Singapore? I say every word he said was relevant to us in Singapore.

Singapore of course has clearly chosen to not just put our country in a position where power may be abused but worse it is my view that the PAP Government will appropriate for itself powers that it will most certainly abuse for political gain as it has done time and again.

Don’t take my word for it. Listen carefully to Mahathir.



Khush Chopra



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26 Responses to “Mahathir warns fake news laws may be abused by Government”

  • oxygen:

    THE WORST THING OF DECISION-MAKING IN CRISIS MANAGEMENT is to try to make a run for it RESORTING to the HOLISTIC (sledgehamer) “solution” instead of the CONTEXTUAL which is ever evolving in unmanageable turbulence.


    The turbulent environment keeps changing the contextual and that is the REALITY OF THE CONTEXTUAL CONTINUALLY INVALIDATING THE HOLISTIC PERCEPTION OF IMAGINED STATE OF CRISIS ENVELOPING – THE DECISION-MAKER blind or blissfully ignorant of.

    It is like the proverbial emperor living the mountaintop experiences detached from the governed and peasantry. The peasants supply the tax/wealth, bring the food, and removing the palatial waste excreted. Cool winds, fresh air and unobstructed beauties feasts the mind and vision of fake security and calm pride WITHOUT KNOWING THAT RAIN AND WIND KEEPS ERODING THE BASE OF MOUNTAIN ROCK. One fine day or night of quiet blissful enjoyment, the palace tips over and fell into the ravine thousands of metres below. The incumbents didn’t know why sudden death came visiting and the nation vanishes thereafter.

    The moral of this illumination?

    Crisis is managing PAPpypolitics now, not the other way around. Mahathir learns from experience and PAPpypolitics resides in their old irrelevant mindset of self-delusion and utter failure.


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  • NotMyProblem:

    PM Lee is doing precisely what Dr. Mahathir anticipated; “.. We do not want any government, whether this or succeeding governments, to make use of this law in order to tell and create fake news in order to sustain themselves.”

    After this law is passed, nobody will be allowed to ask anything on GIC’s, GLC’s, Temasek’s CEOs are paid. Nobody is allowed to ask about the Reserve.

    Nobody will be allowed to say “abuse of power” and “conflict of interest”.

    To cut it short; Only PAP is allowed to spin “Fake news”, all others cannot. When PAP spread Fake News, it is true, because only a Minister can say it is fake. So when Ministers don’t say anything it is true.

    Every waking hours, Ministers will be busy looking out for fake news to gain brownies points. When a Minister says he/she is busy, that’s what he/she doing.

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  • Good Pap's nonsense:

    I always enjoy critisms from Phillips, Roy, Chopra, Kenneth JB, S Gabriel(recent hardly see him/her around), maybe got warning from PAP etc. and many people more esp from SDP. WP is hopeless after voted into the parliament. In the next election, I strognly believe that WP will be voted out! Dr Chee, Mr Lim Tean etc should be voted in. Rumours that FTs said PAP is very greedy of money which indeed is true. That goondu is certainly embarassed and more meaning to Dr M’s comment.

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  • Oscar:

    Vertigo call make one feel like the ceiling

    Flying away.

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  • Pro.state:

    One of them has something special the other does not have.

    Give that man a Tiger!

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  • Pro.state:


    While the garment can do what it likes, pass any law it likes, the People can still deflower them in a day. GE .

    But they have NO COURAGE.

    This means the people has No Power.
    Which means there is no Democracy.

    There is no way to enforce democracy when the People are gutless.

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  • Mahathir is late to say the ob:

    When the Cabinet Ministers r legalized to be above the laws n the Judiciary with its Bench n Chief Justice do not come out n yell contempt of the constitution not just the Court, the rest is self explanatory. As long as the CPIB is under the wing of PM n house in PMO n the Judiciary, Bench n Chief Justice remain quiet, the rest is self explanatory. If a Cabinet Minister nicked rotten banana publicly declared that Conflict of Interest depends on the person success in his career without definitive description of what is meant by success n at what level of such success, the Judiciary, the Bench n Chief Justice, needn’t have to mention the President for she knows just as much law as her former neighbours n the rest is obvious remain dead silent, the rest is self explanatory n obvious.

    So Mahathir is too late to say the obvious but perhaps he is wondering aloud in shock that r Singaporeans really that daft, stupid, boloh, chun to know the self explanatory n the obvious n thus the quiet comment! But who is LHL, preacher with a mission to nurture a hungry, greedy n aggressive population but He n His bootlickers, brownnosers, fart worms, ball carrier, polanpas will always be the pinnacle of hunger, greedy n aggressive. This Mahathir didn’t have to wonder n not shocked enough to pass a comment for it is self explanatory n obvious to him but he did wonder n shock why Singaporeans internationally demanded talents except SIN don’t see n know as if they r blinded n deafened by the pinnacles which will stutpdnnnctfnj now no need the meaning Sue Them Until Their Pants Drop Now No Need Has court To Fine has N Jail.

    China sees big banana rots but small bananas still US bound like many their own home banana find it their top priority to breed white banana bast**d. Boy Kim think the banana r easily digested n he proves it. Trump obvious n self explanatory.

    So Singaporeans, wake up n be the talents you impress the international in their country. Get rid of the junks, scumbags n shitheads n let them rot inthe hunger, greed n aggressiveness.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    This the Warrior who took on the Best in the world with his words and ways…

    He took on The Mighty Soros and the USA under Clinton the REAL CROOK…The man who Con You is a Piece of cake for him…

    and NOW the little emperor??? aiyo!!!yo!!!yo!!! Pondek lah! PONDAN!!!

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  • Opposition dude:

    We don’t need Mahathir to tell us what we already know. The moment this new law was announced we already knew what PAP was up to liao.

    And the ridiculous thing about letting ministers decide what is fake news is just absurd. Ministers overnight become judge, jury and executioner. Just wait for a couple of them to determine a series of fake news, I am watching Shanmugam and $8 heart bypass for this.

    You can expect any tough talking wannabe minister to just declare something as fake news, I am sure you have your own list of these people in your head already

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  • Be honourable:

    Ya lor. 90 plus is wise, logical and fair.

    Cannot be one sided. Otherwise can be easily abused lah

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  • Bapak:

    Definitely, the Sham guy admitted that if you do not know if the news is fake and so there are thousands spreading it you are not charged. Why they charge LSH?

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  • CTP 32:

    AS far as older true blue Singaporeans know Chia TP was locked up for 32 years without trial; he never had his day in court.
    Was it then fake news?
    Nelson Mandela is weeping in his grave for him.

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  • LIONS:

    In Sin City,very easy to pass FAKE NEWS LAW,WHY?

    Unless ThEY ARE FAKE MPs!

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  • so happy this happened!:

    The Master putting the Apprentice in its place!
    Maybe The Loong thought Tun M was going to have similar views.
    but Dr M showed him up good and proper!
    how we wish we had a wise pm like Tun M.
    Malaysia will surely prosper and surpass Sinkingpore in few short decades with their ‘new mindset’ leadership.

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  • PC Ong:

    Please lah, Mahathir talking about his own country, why you think he is talking about Singapore? Mahathir has no right to say anything about Singapore. Mahathir is only interested in one thing – getting higher price for selling water to Singapore. Mahathir is a very poor leader indeed

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  • RDB:

    Khush Chopra,

    It IS still relevant today and always and not was as you said.

    “Is there anything in what Mahathir said that was relevant to Singapore? I say every word he said was relevant to us in Singapore.”

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  • No Dafts or Dogs Allowed:

    The primary difference between “Anakin” (aka clown prince) and “Yoda” (aka old fox) is that Yoda is wise, knowledgeable, experienced, thoughtful and realistic and has the support of intelligent voters.

    Anakin is just a poseur whose base consists primarily of the ignorant and easily duped. The personal comparisons may be apt (for the short term), but the differences in countries, and their political structures are way, way off.

    Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for the opinions above, as apparently one of my dogs has learned how to type.

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  • Asd:

    Dr M is right …

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  • problem of a pliant parleement:

    look at the picture carefully.

    as Sporeans clown is such a shame to look at whereas the esteemed Dr Mahatir is so kindly with gravitas which clown is just such a shame to be next to.

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  • rukidding:

    I agree whole heartily that sad to say,…our Prime Minister Lee certainly look “intiidated” by Mahatir !

    Body language and vocal speech and speed “indicates” a sign of “Guilt” and a great indicative sign of “admitting sub -consciously” that he has been “check mate” !

    How silly and dafts Sinkaporeans are indeed !

    I should say that Sinkapore is indeed “sinking”

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  • pc ong messed up again!:

    @PC ONG
    of course we know Dr M is talking about his own country!
    seems like its only you who managed to miss the whole point.

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  • PVBG:

    2 Soviet jokes:
    Q: Is it true that there is freedom of speech in the Soviet Union, just like in the USA?

    A: In principle, yes. In the USA, you can stand in front of the White House in Washington, DC, and yell, “Down with Reagan!”, and you will not be punished. Equally, you can also stand in Red Square in Moscow and yell, “Down with Reagan!”, and you will not be punished. ”

    2. Q: What is the difference between the Constitutions of the US and USSR? Both of them guarantee freedom of speech.

    A: Yes, but the Constitution of the USA also guarantees freedom after the speech.

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  • MarBowling:

    The face expression and body language of both PMs is a BEAUTY to watch!

    Especially the Complete relaxation and the little smiling of face by Dr M.

    And the sheepish fface look and the Rolling of sneaky eyes of Mai Hum!

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  • Hum Chi Pan:

    When Malaysia implemented the fake news law, Malaysians responded by voting the incumbents out. We shall soon see what Singaporeans will do in same situation. This will be the last chance to salvage whatever is left of this nation, because after the fake news law is passed, the gate will be closed shut for good.

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  • Homeless Cat:

    PC Ong:
    Please lah, Mahathir talking about his own country, why you think he is talking about Singapore? Mahathir has no right to say anything about Singapore. Mahathir is only interested in one thing – getting higher price for selling water to Singapore. Mahathir is a very poor leader indeed

    But the fact remains that Mahathir has a point, and the disgraceful cunt of a leader you follow is unable to. It is also a pity you cannot see it either.

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  • Faker & faked fake the other:

    The recipe for Chaos: legal absolutism grows until discursive civil discourse is almost abolished.

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