BSing academics protected from fake news law?

OMG. Our local academics can continue producing fake news without getting into trouble.

But let me begin at the beginning. On 11 April, 83 academics (only two based here, although there were 30 over S’poreans based overseas) signed a letter of concern about the proposed Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA). They sent it to the education minister*.

In a public reply, the education ministry assured academics that the proposed law will not affect academic work. The group behind the letter, Academics Against Disinformation, said that they are unable to accept that assurance from the Ministry until it is reflected in the language of the bill.

Here’s what I posted earlier about our very own local academics producing fake news:

Local academics propogate fake news?

Our brown-nosing constructive nation-building academics presented at the recent Select Committee hearings on Deliberate Online Falsehoods,

an alarming scenario of disinformation campaigns launched by foreign actors bent on attacking the island state, of cyber armies in neighbouring Malaysia and Singapore working as proxies for other countries in undermining national security.

Did they produce any evidence?

But the actual examples of fake news which have come up during this national debate have mostly been prosaic; a hoax photo showing a collapsed roof at a housing complex, which sent officials rushing unnecessarily to the scene; and an erroneous report of a collision between two trains on the light rail transit line.

As the BBC reporter wrote

Irritating and worrying for some, for a while, but hardly likely to bring Singapore society to its knees. In any case both Singapore and Malaysia already have plenty of laws capable of penalising false, inflammatory or defamatory comment.

So, as far as I’m concerned the row on Coldstore between PJ Thum and our brown-nosing constructive nation-building academics is “The unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable!” (Re Oscar Wilde)

Or  “A plague o’ both your houses!” (Shakespeare)

Btw, have to tell u that the reporter also said

It also gave Singapore academics and officials an opportunity to snipe at the US belief in free expression, the “marketplace of ideas”, which had allowed the abuse of personal data on Facebook to take place, in contrast to Singapore’s “better safe than sorry” belief in a more tightly regulated society.

Thinking about it, it’s reasonable to conclude that our academics (save two) didn’t sign the letter because they know they are producing BS aka fake news. Our local academics can continue producing fake news without getting into trouble.

Among academics in Singapore, it is an open secret that work is circumscribed by the government’s desires. At conferences and workshops, academics awkwardly and regularly “joke”, tilting their heads to glance over shoulders, about their remarks being heard by “the government”. Students and younger scholars regularly ask if they should avoid certain topics because of “sensitivities”.…/eaaab05200f0645e4451f748dc85ef7a

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*The letter outlined concerns over the law, in particular POFMA “will have unintended detrimental consequences for scholars and research in Singapore and for the global academy”. The letter went on to say that that the Act “discourages scholars from marshalling their expertise in precisely the areas where it is most needed – namely, pressing questions and challenges for which there are no clear answer or easy solutions”.



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5 Responses to “BSing academics protected from fake news law?”

  • Party Against Weak People:

    Have you all gotten the cue from the Nasi Daily stunt? You think he organised the meetup for fun?

    I am not against the gahbramen.
    I am against the weak people.

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  • pap double standard:

    pap wastes taxpayer money in employing BS mongers from Msia.

    why they never ending posting in TRE when talking shit is obvious.

    GD Star Rating
  • Free Press Index 2019:

    41) South Korea
    42) Taiwan
    73) Hong Kong
    149) Russia
    150) Bangladesh
    151) Singapore
    152) Brunei
    157) Turkey
    176) Vietnam
    179) North Korea

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  • Must talk just for show:

    Ask any U students or better take a simple survey on bootlickers in management team? If this is so’ then it does need much intelligence that they should worry abt gagging by faews? So as SIN political wayang is an integral part of smoke screening their gross inadequacies, the academis blickers response in the same xayanging spirit. If it is no wayang, the academic must bea group of brainless.

    The dead silence n passivity of the appt og a legal academic rookie to be Dean of Law with the only perceivable reason that he is the son in law of the President of Singapore. Many foreign fracternity wonders but when told the fact, all smile wickedly h long drawn oh….. GST wayangs that miniters paid millions means hood quality but what he didnt say is the number of ministerial committees ththey have setup to help them. Following his line of reasoning those whom the minister lengage to help him must be better in the job than him n their total worth will be billionst billions meaning minister pay is not just millions but with the adons which is CEO does not have the priviledge. In short, the minister is of poor quality fractionised by the frequency of jelp from ministerial committee n consultation even from seeking public input. Literally GST tells half truth. Judging by what n how miinisters justify in any issue, they r not even comparable to the o e intelligence of our top primary students. Abt ET, n his $2 m legal earning, GCT can only hookwink the masses but legal community will tell another stories if they r
    honest enough about their profesdion.
    It is damn sad that the 5 decades of PAP bootlickers ‘shielded fake info n threat of political persecution for adversed critics, SIN was told only way to survive here is to be more Hungerfmore greedy

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  • Must talk just for show2:

    n more aggressive
    The mmultimillion smart s dont even know greed is the top of all sins n publicly advocate aggression is the beginning of a decadent citizenry. Is this what gct, v3 n v4 ministers have in mind in their governing policy. Look like it is heading that way by the greed of self
    gratification n self glorification. it is better for SIN to be without these greedy aggressive political scum before they. get trapped in their filths.

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