The evils of GST

Everyone knows that GST is a regressive tax which hurts the less well-off in society far more than the better off. It is the antithesis of a progressive taxation system which recognises that those who have more have a duty to help those who have much less.

The Government is no different from a Father to its citizens, who are his children. The Father has the duty to look after the well-being of all his children equally. Those children who need less care have a duty to help care for those who need more. Only in this way can we build a strong community of citizens.

Yet, we have a PAP government which believes that taxing the rich more is punishing the best people, which must be avoided as far as possible. To them, the rich are model citizens who through hard work and self-discipline have achieved their success, and who have earned what they have and deserve to keep it. Our tax system is skewed towards helping the rich and the better off.

The PAP and Mr “New Taxes” Heng claim that a 2% GST increase is needed in order to take care of the healthcare needs of an aging population. Yet this is the only government in the World that makes money out of healthcare , with its cash inflows for healthcare exceeding its cash outflows every year. It allowed an ElderShield Program where $3.3 Billion in premiums were collected over the years and only $130 million paid out in claims-Surely, the most profitable insurance program in the world! And it is a Government which refuses to disclose the actuarial reports on which ElderShield, MediShield Life and CareShield Life are based. We are very sure that the assumptions made in those actuarial reports must be the most conservative possible.

Where is the Accountability and Transparency in our healthcare system? Singaporeans have all the more reason to demand for it as the PAP and Mr “New Taxes” Heng now wants to increase their tax burden with a 2% increase in GST if the PAP wins the next GE.

A Peoples Voice Government will never increase GST. In fact, we will be looking to reduce the GST burden on Singaporeans because We believe in Putting People First, so that we can Make Singapore Our Home Again.


Lim Tean



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10 Responses to “The evils of GST”

  • opposition dude:

    As long as PAP is in charge you can only expect the cost of living to go up and never stabilise.

    9% GST next year followed by perhaps 12% in another few years. The kiasees don’t seem to mind it one bit though.

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  • LIONS:

    Ageing population coupled with earlier n earlier joblessness mean more FINANCIAL BURDEN to older sgs.
    G$T is indeed regre$$ive,who can deny?
    With joblessness comes wagelessness n DIS-SAVINGS which is,in effect,NEGATIVE INCOME.

    HIGHER GST IN HIGH COL SIN CITY means older n jobless sgs pay much more for basic needs that include OREDY HIGH MEDICARE COSTS for aged sgs.

    It is time for the gahmen to act more responsibly.
    Taxing sgs especially older ones with HIGHER GST is going to further WIDEN THE INCOME GAP.

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  • Regime change is the solution:

    Another compelling reason for regime change.

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  • 鸟龙的人:

    甘依老母吔超鸡拜 畜牲

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  • DavidLKSee:

    (1) PAP-inspired Political SICK JOKES:

    SG = Screwed-up Gabra-men (NOT S’pore Govt)

    PC = Political Clown (NOT Personal Computer)
    TCM = Talk_Cock Minister (NOT Traditional Chinese Medicine)

    MSG = Money-Sucking Govt (NOT Mono Sodium Glutamate)

    ERP = Everyday Rob People

    COE = “See Hor Yee” (Hokkien for Pay And Pay Until DIE STANDING)
    GST = “Gasak Sampai Teruk” (Malay for Pay And Pay Until DROP DEAD)

    PAP = Pay And Pay
    PUB = Pay Until Bankrupt
    HDB = High-Debt Bankrupt (BLOODY Hell, HDB new/resale flats so BLOODY Costly — no thanks to that two BLOODY Million-dollar Ministers Mah Bow Tan & Khaw Boon Wan!!!)

    (2) REMINDER for Fellow S’pore Voters:
    This coming GE2019 is our absolutely LAST CHANCE to VOTE OUT the Whole Bunch of Obscenely-Overpaid clueless/hopeless/useless PAP Muddle-headed Multi-millionaire Ministers.
    Please double-up your efforts to encourage AS MANY VOTERS as possible to use their PRECIOUS VOTES to deliver both a TIGHT SLAP IN THE FACE and a BIG KICK IN THE BUTT to the PAP (= PAPigs And PAPpy dogs).
    [ Note: In GE2011, we were perhaps “too kind” in giving the PAPpies just a TIGHT SLAP IN THE FACE. }

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  • 2% add gst wont be the last:

    May God help us all and our SG!

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  • Uncaring Government:

    Uncaring Government: :
    September 8, 2018 at 2:31 pm

    I have a uncaring government.

    At $4,000 a month income, I hardly can make ends meet, let alone make any saving out of it. Yes, Lau Goh would labelled me as mediocre.

    But let’s say I manage to save 20%, so 80% is spent.

    So $4,000 X 0.8 X 7% GST = $224 of tax per month.
    So for 1 year $224 X 12 = $2,688 of tax for year.

    So for 5 years term, I would be paying $13,440.00 GST tax to them [in return for nothing].

    And that is aside from the personal income tax that I still have to pay to them, which is cheaper in reality, considering those “Reliefs” that can be applied [Wife, parents, children etc].

    And for those sad enough not working, can’t find a job. Logically, Zero Tax.
    But in reality, the GST is a form of tax even if he is not working.

    So effectively, I have a uncaring government that prefer GST collection over Personal income tax, since it is a definite collection whether you have a income or no income and additionally “Relief” cannot be applied. It’s illogical isn’t it?

    To think of the impending increase to 9% when many are out of jobs is even worse, can’t blame me to think that my government is uncaring.

    I have a uncaring government.

    Anyone promise me to cancel GST will win my “VOTE”.

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  • Crony-capitalism aside:

    “Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone … By a continuing process of inflation, government can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.”
    - John Maynard Keynes

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  • You Die Your Business Govt:

    I am a 69 years old unemployed man. For more than six months I have a very serious skin infection problem all over my body with rashes covering three quarter of my body and resulting in me scratching all over my body everyday.

    I was recommended by then Polyclinic doctors to see the specialist doctor at Changi General Hospital. But they informed me that I could not use my Medisave to pay for the consultation and treatment because skin problems is not under the Chronic Disease but Aesthetic category. I need to pay by cash whjioch is about S$150 per visit. I have more than S$50,000 in my Medisave Account . Perhaps the PAP govt want me to save to pay for my coffin in the future.

    I cannot imagine an old man like me wants to be vain or aesthetic .

    I realize that maybe Temasik needs my Medisave money to invest in more banking shares in the US. Indeed you die your business PAP government.

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  • Kiam Siap:

    One thing that will hold LT back is his Kiam Siap no balls GST treatment. Just Look at TCB&CSC, I heard abolish GST completely. Winner!

    Win First, Talk Later, now is not the time to be calculative.
    Lawyer need GPS or direction finder?

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