Ageing population issue will worsen in future, high percentage of new citizens above 40

Phillip Ang

* The author blogs at LikeDatOsoCanMeh.



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13 Responses to “Ageing population issue will worsen in future, high percentage of new citizens above 40”

  • HarderTruths:

    So older $ingaporean-born voters will have to fight for the scraps thrown from the garbage-bins of the MIW.

    Sounds a fair deal for all the years these of faithfully voting the MIW in. No good deed goes unpunished by the MIW.

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  • LIONS:

    when PAP minister$ say HAPPY AGING for our older citizens,they actually meant HAPPY ACHING…heart aches,body aches,bank ac aches,watever oso aches….
    the PAPie$ will make sure you *ache* all over.

    ONLY THE PAPIg$ and their doggie$ will enjoy HAPPY AGING IN $in CITY.

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  • use parleeement to exonerate:

    every where is so ffffing crowded.

    that is with less than 6.9m mouths.

    imagine what happens when 10.0m mouths?

    don’t they know disease tension everything bad happens when there is over crowding?

    where the ffff are their brains? stored in S$m bank vaults?

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  • 大成巷阿明:





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  • 70% voted for this system:

    hope the 70% are aching all over by now. more pain coming in every form.
    they asked for it!

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  • To cast their votes for them:

    They need these people to vote for them. As easy as ABC…. XYZ

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  • Tremendous:

    I don’t think members of a certain party bother about the aging population. The chief, chief designate, deputy chief designate kept their mouths shut and did not come up with effective plans for years. They are just hanging in there because the money is still good. 7-8 years later, when the dependency ratio crumbles the nation, they will not be around. Fertility is the single most important factor affecting the country’s extended short term survival, not any other factor.

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  • some 'fake' experts:

    //Ageing population issue will worsen in future//

    never mind. wait white idiots will wayang out some ‘fake’ experts & some wayang ‘expert study group’ to propose 20m ? becos of the wayang narrative that you need more young people (more than 1 ratio ?) to support the old as though the young people will never grow old in the future ? that’s how the pyramid gets expanded at the base ?

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  • not lose too much sleep:

    //that is with less than 6.9m mouths.

    imagine what happens when 10.0m mouths?//

    aiyoh. do you think that the white idiots and gang are too worried ? they are compensated so highly (not mediocre compensation) for their experimentation that they will not lose too much sleep even if out of job.

    caveat : opinion lar not fact lar.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    @Phillip; PAP prefers importing foreigners turning them to citizen instead of improving on our TFR for these reasons;

    All imported citizens are of voting age, they vote PAP out of gratitude.

    They buy up HDB flats.

    They contribute to CPF and taxes.

    Whereas, by having more babies, the government;

    must provide childcare, schooling and have to wait for the babies to grow up, which will be a slow process.

    babies don’t buy HDB flat.

    more importantly, babies don’t vote.

    Minister doesn’t need to provide small space for sex.

    Ageing population will be the problem of the next government. Kicking the can down the road is easier.

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  • one question, and one only:

    pap says car lite. which pap Lj or Cb today is bus mrt?

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  • Dr. Chan:

    When all the smart and young/capable people choose to emigrate to Real First World Countries, and leaving behind 10 million aged.
    Singapore will then turn into an island of nursing home/old folks home.

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  • their truly hungry skills:

    //Singapore will then turn into an island of nursing home/old folks home.//

    by then, the white idiots and gang would have made their pile and cashed out ? and mostly the average daft sinkies will be left behind and put their truly hungry skills to good use after so many years of learning from competition via open-leg policy ?

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