PAP will increase new citizens intake to offset increasing number of elderly supporters kicking the bucket

Phillip Ang

* The author blogs at LikeDatOsoCanMeh.



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7 Responses to “PAP will increase new citizens intake to offset increasing number of elderly supporters kicking the bucket”

  • LIONS:

    Lee Ah Long has cemented his position with the appointment of Heng Ah Kiat as DPM.
    Now that TEO N THARMAN become SM,Lee Ah Long will likely become MM?

    Looks like LEE DYNASTY will carry on when H$K recruit HO-LEE SON subsequently when HENG becomes PM.

    So,author is right,expect MORE FTs if the PAPigs win next GE.

    Oppo must form ALLIANCE IN ORDER TO RALLY sgs behind them.

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  • Ca:

    Is it that’s why many pmd to

    “Kick” from behind?

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  • Harder Truths:

    Circular logic here by the government. Bring in one FT who bring in two or more parents and dependants who are old and use the public health housing and other systems that were meant for locals.

    Then bring in more workers to take care of these old FT who bring in more old dependants.

    Never ending cycle of more for less. A Ponzi scheme for the businesses that thrive on the old folks’ market.

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  • Opposition dude:

    I see this might not work out for PAP. Sure the new citizens are expected to vote for them but once these citizens hit their 40s and 50s they would be replaced by a younger new citizen and then what?

    Do they stay on and suffer if they can’t find a job or balek back to their country of origin? It would not be an easy choice if they have children who have been brought up here.

    And furthermore I do not believe that these new citizens are as daft or kiasee compared to the kiasees. They are from different countries where the political environment is different.

    And lastly PAP isn’t the party you once remembered who know how to do things right. We are all witness to how many things they have got wrong these last few years alone. With the way things are going I would not be surprised if they lost another few GRCs this year. Their insane plan of having 10 million on the island will definitely cause some new citizens to vote against them since there is no way to continue creating well paid jobs for this very expensive country to live in.

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  • Add at least 34,000 more:

    PAP will need to add at least 34,000 more new citizens to offset the votes of Singaporeans who will be voting for the opposition after they lost their savings by investing in Hyflux. They are upset MAS allowed Hyflux to sell “junk securities” to the public and rightly so.

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  • Nurtured by System:

    From the way so many YouTube foreigners are selling Singapore to attract immigration, we can tell what is their strategy.

    The domestic market is a growing market of awakened , younger people. The elderlies are old dogs that can no longer learn new tricks. Either for or against. Carved in stone. Unchangeable.

    But foreigners only know what’s good about Singapore.

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  • MarBowling:

    In the coming GE, unless all the Opposition parties are able and WILLING to form an alliance to kick out the PAPIGS, we TRUE BLUE SINGAPOREAN have to DEPEND on Heaven and the Barn Owl to do the NEEDFUL for us: make the FamiLEE DieNasty and Gang DISAPPEAR from Planet Earth! Period.

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