Apply the law with discretion

Your child has done something wrong.

Do you, as a parent, apply your discretion on how to handle this matter or do you refer to and stick with the SOP?

I believe that most parents will take a decision that is in the best interest of the child and not follow the SOP blindly.

The same discretion should apply to the police and the judge. I like them to take a decision that is in the best interest of society and not follow the law blindly and rigidly.

I know that when there is discretion in applying the law, some decisions might be wrong. But I trust that most decisions will be right.

I also believe that when judge decide with discretion, they are more likely to make the right decisions, rather than adopt the rigid approach.

Many people take the view that the law should be applied rigidly. I see this view expressed frequently in posts in the page. I do not agree with them.


Tan Kin Lian



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13 Responses to “Apply the law with discretion”

  • NotMyProblem:

    The problem with our authorities is “they look at who’s the owner before hitting the puppy”, just like “white horses” in the army.

    @Mr. Tan; there is no SOP in a family. Just look at the Lee’s family, after the death of the parents. I supposed the father’s will was the SOP, what had become of it?

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  • Rozak:

    TKL thinking is like rojak or roti prata.

    I don’t agree as it can be abused.
    To avoid discretion or indiscretion, whatever ways you want to look at it;
    A “RANGE” of punishment based on severity of the crime has been thoroughly considered before the LAW is enacted. For example fine of between $100 to $10,000 or jail not exceeding 3 months or both… And the court must be the final judgement of the discretion.

    If the LAW had allowed minor offences to be at the discretion of the Police, then so be it. Otherwise when the LAW has been set, then it must be respected and obeyed. Otherwise the whole society will be in a mess.

    Make no misunderstanding about it;

    I am disagreeing with the POFMA allowing the minister to make the discretion and be the judge and arbiter of what is truth. I am electing them so, I want to judge for myself what is truth.

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  • Animal Farm:

    Hi Kin Lian

    Who appointed the CJ ?

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  • Mockery:

    TKL must make distinction between minor offences [miscellaneous act] versus Penal code criminal crimes.

    Discretion are very subjective. That’s why you have panel of juries, judge, lawyers, lower court, upper court etc..

    No one singular person can judge. Otherwise no need so difficult study law. It makes mockery of our judiciary system isn’t it.

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  • I like lyCHEE, hate LOOGan:

    Mr Tan, you ho seh bo? Sorry, I also don’t agree with you.

    Unless you stand for election in the coming GE, Mr Tan, win and become our Law Min, I’d trust our police and judge like you do. BUT for now, with that Shameugam taking charge and our country fully controlled by a Loong-ger, sorry, there’s no way I can trust that they’ll make right decisions most of the times.

    Most likely, people related to activists and oppositions will often get the wrong decisions while the well-connected to pap, their PLPs and FTs will always get the right decisions.

    Don’t say my view is bias or I’m pessimistic but there’re just far too many unfair treatment on vocal people who speak up against the pap that anyone not stupid or blind can see fairness does not exists in this country. So how to allow discretion to the untrustable people?

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  • Bapak:

    TKL, is time to shut up. The more you open you mouth, the more stupid you look. You have costed too much unnecessary damages to Oppos as well as yourself without realising it.

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  • Is he my brother?:

    That is the practice, loudly stated in Parliament by both sides. So must be true.

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  • Speak No More:

    There are Laws and there are Laws but some are more equal than others!

    You compare the misdeed of a child (parents) against a crime against humanity (police and judge)and suggest same discretion should be applied. Are you senile?

    Perhaps you may wish to write to our PM and suggests that we do away with the legal system (we’ll save lots of money)and just use discretion to determine cases. Speak no more or you will lose whatever little credibility left!

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  • My name Longan Lee:

    Uncle Tan

    Do you know why you lost?

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  • Society Have Rules:

    Society have rules. If you break the rules, then you must pay for it. No such thing as using discretion. Then every other things can come into play such connection, wealth, position in society, parent influence, friendship, etc.. There will be no limit.

    That’s how we survive as a society.

    I completely disagree with you.

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  • Don't utter garbage, ok?:

    TKL, is time to shut up. The more you open you mouth, the more stupid you look. You have costed too much unnecessary damages to Oppos as well as yourself without realising it.

    It’s time for this uncle to go to the jambam.

    Suffering from a bad case of verbal diarrhoea.

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  • MarBowling:

    In the coming GE, the PAPIGS is expected to win again, maybe with a lesser majority. And most likely Mai Hum will send Woody packing! So his post, ESM(Extra Senile Minister)is up for grab. Think, Tan KL should apply for the post. As a former Ex-NTUC Income Insurance Indian Chief and a suspected PAPIGS Mole, 101% he will receive the Green Light from Mai Hum! What do you think?

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  • Zonk:

    TKL boycotted the POFMA protest.
    He seems like going back to his DNA roots again. Whiter than white.

    Or maybe he cannot sleep, thinks there is a Social Credit System of China also copied by Singapore and implemented here and so to sleep better he try to earn some points using his spare time?

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