Photo Collection: World of Fantasy – Surrealism In Digital Art

Stock photography platforms can be a great source of artistic ideas and inspiration. Modern digital artists, designers, and photographers actively upload their artworks with a twist. This week we are going to discuss a new trend in the world of fantasy. We will discuss a combination of surreal photos and digital art as a kind of creative activity, which is taking place thanks to the artists, collaborating with Depositphotos artists.

The idea is to understand that one can always find some space for such kind of photography. For example, if Halloween is coming, so the more weird and surreal pictures you can apply for your Internet project. Also, surreal pictures are always the best for any printing materials, if they have to do with anything unusual, mystic, strange things.

Bleak and murky concepts

With photography, surrealism is in the lighting, in the colors and sometimes in something as simple as fabric in the wind. As we know lighting is the main tool of the photographer, some experiments like universe background, space wallpapers, and cosmic microwave background followed by a play of colors, some simple details, like a piece of fabric quivering in the wind create a certain mood. Dull and dark background coupled with the subject and bright lighting might become a great act of surrealist photography.

An old building in darkness

Dusk is perceived as a magical time when lighting conditions naturally become unreal. Things can look even weirder if some additional effects are applied. The beauty of this genre is that objects and lighting perception can form a new vision of the accustomed place. Singularity of usual things  is one of the basic surrealism art ideas.

The moon rests in her hands

The shot may be full of surrealistic notes created by the subtle fog and the intentional picturing of 2 moons: one as we usually see it, the other as we think of it.

Just from a fairytale

Image may look like it is from a fairy tale book. The simplicity of its idea makes the image remarkable for various reasons. It looks like a pleasant addition to other weird projects.

Downright from a horror movie

The ways of the genre imply that it might take on some dark motives, as photo with a skull. Anybody would agree that the look is quite spooky, but it is also obvious that here we can feel the taste of surrealism.

Mesmerizing forest in the dark

If digital art meets photography, everything happens, for example, like this: a fascinating forest, in the quietest hours of the morning, reveals an atmosphere of mystery.

Digital art picture of the crescent moon

Shades of blue, orange, turquoise and contrasting yellow are making the picture outstanding. The digital combination with photographic objects might convey us elsewhere. Recalling the viewer of the Melancholia movie, it is dark and slightly adorned with a note of mystery.

Backpacker and a deer image

Some things go far beyond our usual flow of life, and, for example, a digital photo of a person meeting a mystical animal in a distant forest whose trees are covered with moss. So this is a dream, as it is, right?

An astronaut meets birds

The bright concept can be realized with the use of appropriate tools and a fresh perspective. What is the story this image is telling the viewer? What does it all about? Perhaps anybody could find some explanations and individual understanding.

Digital art and a solar eclipse image

Digital art always tends to explore something barely similar to our usual picture of the world, some fantastic places, and surroundings. A picture of solar eclipse somewhere in the middle of nowhere shows only a few colors but intensively sets the mood.

Digital presentation of a maze concept

Digital artists like image right from your dreams and all the possible mind games are a common idea among them. An image of a maze and an obvious solitude of the stranger gives us a feeling of despair and decline.

A city of the future times

The slight touch of Blade Runner aesthetics is obvious in any shot. The complexity of this surreal piece of digital art creates a great visual impression, and a picture can easily become a worthy illustration for futuristic concepts.

If you appreciate our choice of surreal images, look through the whole collection of Depositphotos and find there some works that might support your projects. Depending on the specific occasion, the images of this kind always require our attention as many viewers will enjoy this sophisticated touch of art.



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