Sewol ferry tragedy and Facts

April 2019 marks the 5th anniversary of South Korea’s biggest ferry disaster where over 300 people lost their lives, most of them students from the same high school on a school trip to the island of Jeju.

Countless videos have been posted looking into how the tragedy happened, the failings of authority-coordinated rescue efforts that led to needless loss of lives, the inept of the captain and crew, the greed of corporations, the labryinth of intertwined companies to transfer and hide wealth of a select elite group, and most startlingly, the lies of the government.

In the early hours of the Sewol sinking, authorities put out as a fact that all passengers were rescued. This turned out to be false. As night fell, the government said hundreds of ships, flares, divers and tens of helicopters have been sent to the site to rescue trapped passengers. Again, this was false. As days, weeks and months passed, other lies by the government were perpetuated as truths, only to be discovered through investigative journalism and hard questions that authorities continued to lie to families of the victims and to the public.

Civilian divers and experts close to the scene revealed the incompetence of authorities and the lies being told through mainstream media. The government even went as far as to deploy over a hundred plainclothes police to mingle among victims’ families to “gather intelligence”, and thwart the efforts of civilian experts in order to cover its own incompetence.

Further investigation by local and international investigative journalists and other maritime experts revealed that government agencies forged radio transcripts, deleted key video recordings and tampered with data to disguise and distort the truth, all this in the effort to cover their own inept and failings.

Criticism of the government was harsh, but attempts were made to silence the critics. In fact, it was later revealed that the then President of South Korea, Park Geun-hye, who was impeached two years later on several charges, including her inexplicable absence in the hours of the tragedy, kept a 60-page blacklist that contained thousands of artists who had criticised her government over the handling of the Sewol crisis. These artists were then excluded from state funding.

The Sewol tragedy shows that no government is above lying to save its own ass, and South Korean government wouldn’t be the only one to prove this point. History has shown that any government given too much deference and power can abuse that power to suit its own agenda, be that prolonging its hold on power, accumulating huge wealth, or hiding any corruption.

When Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam said POFMA will only apply to statement of facts and not to opinions, he failed to recognise how “facts” can be manipulated, particularly by the powers that be, and especially one that has control over mainstream media.

It is a fact that Ong Teng Cheong was the first President to have been elected by Singaporeans through a country-wide held election. Wee Kim wee never underwent an election by the people. It is also a fact that in Singapore, children follow the race of their father, and President Halimah Yacob’s father is an Indian which consequently means she is Indian, but she is now installed as President under the reserved presidential election for a Malay candidate.

It is a fact that it takes more than one person to form a procession and an assembly is a group of people gathered together in one place for a common purpose but we have a Singaporean charged for being a one-man procession and another being investigated for participating in an illegal assembly of one man holding a piece of A4 paper and taking a photo outside the courts.

You see, “facts” can be manipulated by the government, and PAP is not exempt, and facts are not always what they’re made out to be. Governments, whether white, black, red or green, can manipulate facts to suit their own agenda, save their own asses or hide skeletons.

Can we really trust the government to uphold facts and protect Singaporeans from falsehoods when they may be the biggest perpetrators to manipulation of information?

Repeating what a Netizen said, if you are afraid to speak your mind because of your government, then you need a new government. Singapoerans, it’s time for a new government because the PAP is not about to listen to you, and will continue to rob you of your rights and freedom to protect their own asses.

Selected investigative videos on the Sewol ferry disaster: Diving Bell: the truth shall not sink ; The worst modern-day tragedy; Uncovering the web of intrigue ; Golden time for Sewol ferry ; Air pockets in the sunken ferry.






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10 Responses to “Sewol ferry tragedy and Facts”

  • Trust Govt Your Risk:

    It is common knowledge (EXCEPT in Singapore) that governments lie and lie and lie.

    just google “governments lie”.

    Singaporeans better not read those. Too shocking for them. Even a famous opposition leader says he trusts the government.

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  • liars and betrayers:

    this SGov is robbing us of our future.
    its our duty to STOP them.

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  • Fact or opinion:

    Are the following facts or opinion.

    (1) HDB flats will be worth ZERO at the end of the 99-year lease – Lawrence Wong

    (2) The price of HDB flats will never go down – Lee Kuan Yew

    (3) Anything not classified by Government as a “falsehood” is true.

    (4) Regime change is not a change in society. It is just a change in the ruling party.

    (5) Regime change is a change in society because it makes Singapore a real democracy with basic freedoms and free press.

    (6) PAP is not Singapore and Singapore is not PAP.

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  • LIONS:

    Even Xi Jin-ping thinks that Lee Ah Long shud stand at the corner of the room?

    Well,majority of sgs are not as smart or wise as Xi Jin-ping.

    Time to wake up.
    But,oppo sgs are also sleeping thinking they can go it *alone*?
    Without ALLIANCE,i am afraid the voters will not have the impetus to vote for Change for a better Sg.

    Oppo must first UNITE N SYNERGISE.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Inside 200M is not within 200M radius.

    Selected can also be elected.

    GRC is to ensure minority races represented in Parliament. Eh, only at the time of election, after election never mind.

    GRC is to give a better chance for the minority races to be elected in Parliament, as Singaporeans are racist. But now Chinese candidates are using GRC to enter Parliament. An Indian was elected into Parliament all by himself. So is Singaporean racist?

    Indian can be a Malay, as long as the community says so.

    Survey shows Singaporeans can accept a non-Chinese PM, but Minister said the older generation were not ready of non-Chinese PM. But the older generation elected the most non-Chinese MPs during that time.

    Can you trust this PAP government, which will be introducing a fake news law to further shut everyone up, except themselves? Only the PAP can spin fake news, no one else can!

    The above will be fake news very soon! This is the last time we can say these again.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    When you have a Surname like “Lie” as spelt in Indonesia…what do you expect???

    Lies…Lies and MORE Lies leh!!!

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  • I like lyCHEE, hate LOONGan:

    Even Man U has to pay a huge price of €105 million for POGBA to strengthen the club.

    But PAP doesn’t even need a single cent for POFMA to strengthen their power.

    Despite so many statements and concerns from people in sg and other parts of the world, POFMA will surely be passed as a new law very soon coz someone die die must have it to deal with his siblings who are posting FACTS (not fake news) on FB again!

    S’poreans can cry BA cry MA until the cows come home but we’ll always be silenced unless we vote for a new govt.

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  • mike:

    The coming GE will be the last GE i hope for a waken 70%.

    What else more i can say when yourself is represented by a group of people who you can hardly associates with?

    It simply means i am in the wrong environment.

    LWL and LHY, time does not wait for you. POFMA, for the very least, will restrict you both from further damaging the grip of power. If both of u still have any wisdom, you will know that a decision need to be made and your country comes before the family. Not everyone is your brother and sister, but also not everyone have the privilege to lead the nation out of eternal hell.

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  • Ah Peng Kia:

    Unfortunately, Singaporeans fall into the following groups:
    1. Politics is for the government, not my business;
    2. No choice lor, they are government mah;
    3. Better don’t say anything, don’t want trouble.

    Even if there are only 20% in each group, that makes up 60% of voters already.

    These Singaporeans don’t realise that:

    1. Politics is our business because every policy has an impact on our daily lives (e.g. POFMA, graduate mother scheme, 2 (children) only, subsidised HDB flat prices will include market price land costs, retirement funds [CPF] can only be given in drib and drabs after you turn 65 etc).

    2. A rollover and play dead (bo chup) attitude will not just kill yourself, but your future generations.

    3. If your government makes you live in fear, then you better vote in a different government.

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  • oxygen:

    @ Trust Govt Your Risks

    MATE, EXACTLY RIGHT, all govts lied and often lies to infinity – I agree.

    Trust Govt Your Risk: It is common knowledge (EXCEPT in Singapore) that governments lie and lie and lie.

    just google “governments lie”.

    Singaporeans better not read those. Too shocking for them. Even a famous opposition leader says he trusts the government.

    Look at the real world case history of Daniel Ellsberg’s ex-Rand Corporation employee releasing the Pentagon Papers to NY Times in 1969 to exposed the extent of political corruption in the Johnson Administration.

    “Further, as an editor of The New York Times was to write much later, these documents “demonstrated, among other things, that the Johnson Administration had systematically lied, not only to the public but also to Congress, about a subject of transcendent national interest and significance”.


    And when US govt prosecute D. Ellsberg of breaching official secrets and espionage, Judge John Byrne QUICKLY THREW OUT THE GOVT CASE WITHOUT DANIEL ELLSBERG DEFENCE BEING CALLED.

    The Government’s action in this case, he said, “offended a sense of justice,” and so “I have decided to declare a mistrial and grant the motion for dismissal.” The time was 2:07 P.M

    That means just 7 minutes into the trial obviously starting at 2.00 pm after lunch. Read this weblink.

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