Baey and Students Courageous for Talking Lead, Shanmugam Cannot Remain Silent

Minister for Home Affairs K Shanmugam’s continued silence on Ms Monica Baey’s case is telling. Under his watch, the police and AGC have not prosecuted the perpetrator, Mr Nicholas Lim.

Contrast this with the case of 20-year-old Edmund Zhong who was investigated by the police for merely saying that he wanted to throw an egg at the Minister.

Mr Shanmugam had then promptly said that the police could not ignore the comment and defended their action to investigate Mr Zhong – even gratuitously releasing information regarding Mr Zhong’s views on weed.

In another case, Mr Shanmugam had also acted quickly when he directed the police to investigate the driver who had picked up and filmed PM Lee Hsien Loong’s son. In that incident, Mr Shanmugam even divulged the man’s past record.

In the NUS matter, however, Mr Shanmugam has chosen to stay tight-lipped even though the situation has caused much anger and fear among students at NUS.

Such double-standards is troubling.

The lack of concerted action by the authorities over the years has contributed to a situation where more than 20 cases of sexual offences have been committed on campus over the last three years.

To underscore the severity of the problem, two more cases of voyeurism have been reported just in this past week at NTU.

University campuses and hostels have become a haven for sex offenders.

But even when the problem is brought to the fore, the Home Affairs Minister remains reticent. The SDP commends Ms Baey for her courage in dealing with the matter and NUS students for their commitment to holding university officials accountable. Their initiatives highlight the need for the authorities to act.

It is imperative that Mr Shanmugam addresses, without further delay, the problem of sexual harassment at university campuses as well as the broader point regarding the intended effects of our criminal justice system.

There are three aspects of the criminal justice: retribution, deterrence and rehabilitation. Retributive justice speaks to the issue of making the offender pay for his actions where the punishment must fit the crime. Additionally, punishment seeks to deter potential criminal behaviour. Rehabilitative justice, which is an equally important consideration, seeks to re-educate and reform the offender and give him/her the opportunity to get back on the right path.

Those looking into the situation at NUS must necessarily consider these aspects when it comes to handling crimes and offences committed by its students. We must find a wise balance between achieving justice for the victim and granting compassion for the offender when it is warranted.

Students and parents seek the best – not perfect – outcome for all concerned. The overarching objective is to create an environment where students can freely and safely go about their activities.

To this end, Minister K Shanmugam must pull his head out of the sand and lead the effort for reform.


Singapore Democrats



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17 Responses to “Baey and Students Courageous for Talking Lead, Shanmugam Cannot Remain Silent”

  • Bapak:

    The Sound of silence, is deafening.

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  • thumbs up to ms baey:

    ms baey’s parents brought her up right.
    not to be afraid to speak up against injustice.
    which we all should be doing, but alas…

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  • Regime change is the solution:

    Another compelling reason for regime change.

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  • NTUC a useless organization:

    Straits Times: Singapore might not have weathered early crises if not for close relationship between PAP, NTUC: Heng

    Bullshit. What did NTUC do when Singaporean PMETs were (and still are) losing their jobs to “cheap” (no CPF) foreigners?

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  • oxygen:

    VICTIMS OF CRIME FACE TOO MUCH OBSTACLES in seeking assistance, protection and rehabilitation.

    That must change NOW.

    Victims have rights too.

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  • I like lyCHEE, hate LOONGan:

    For just commenting that he’ll egg the minister, kena investigated.

    For just giving a ride to prime ministers’s son, kena investigated.

    For just sharing a post about corruption, kena sued.

    For just opining and comparing 2 country’s judges, kena charged.

    For just sharing and commenting with the same guy about the judges, kena fined.

    These are just recent cases.

    It is obvious enough who are the ones getting the biased protection here.

    If you’re just an ordinary person, even if you just touch a strand of the elites’ hair, you’ll be in trouble with the law.

    But if you’re just an ordinary person and is a victim of a crime instead, they’ll just sweep it under the rug in order to keep the crime rate at a nice low number.

    One kay kiang fella still tells us to trust the ‘poolice and cot’. For what happened and how they handled the NUS voyeurism incident, even their Head is now lost for words and don’t know what to say, still burying his head in the sand like SDP says.

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  • rukidding:

    You “chosed” those Pimps and prostitutes (P.a.p.) to “managed” your Cuntry.

    Now you get One Cuntry and Two systems …

    Whose fault ??

    Sorry to say,….its you ( that 70%) that “wanted” those Pimps and prostitutes (P.a.p.) to “fcuk and screw” you !

    “Blame” yourself for being “fcuked” for 5 years each time and being “fcuked” more than 10 cycles of times over and over again !

    Its whether you “want to change” or “remain” status quo….entirely up to you !!!!!

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  • nothing to rejoice in sg:

    Labour Day today…what has the ordinary sg / sg worker got to be happy about?
    no minimum wage but..
    bring in hoards of foreigners to steal our jobs , then tell us we got to be hungrier to steal jobs from these same foreigners!
    what a useless gov!.

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  • Sri Nair:

    May be suffering form selective amnesia.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Everyone just wait until the Fake News law is implemented. There will be more of such biased cases.

    When the minister is given the judicial power, we would see more and more of abuse by ministers.

    Not only you say you want to throw egg, you cannot even think about throw eggs. Minister will order you to take down that thought, otherwise jailed or fined. How do they know, they just ask the bird!

    Well, just hope Singaporeans are smarter than the Malaysians.

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  • LIONS:

    Oftentimes,the VICTIMS OF OFFENSIVE ACTS suffer becos the POLICE got no time unless you are related to some BIG TIME blokes like gra$$LOOTER$ or official$.


    And,tell common sgs,*YOU DIE,YOUR BUSINESS*?

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  • Talking Lead:

    TOC what is “Talking Lead”?

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  • Head in the sand hehehe:

    Q: Why couldn’t the ostrich fit in with the rest of the chickens?
    A: It was ostrich-cized from the chicken coop.

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  • @ thumbs up to ms baey:

    One important point U failed to highlight she not local.

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  • NextIdiotInPower:

    Considering the number of reported cases, the campus must be quite a sexy place (probably at nature’s most vibrant). Considering that Singapore uses law very liberally on its citizens to keep them In constant state of fear and repression but these repressive laws were unable to suppress hormally charged young males, though well educated and very well informed about how their laws are, or can be, deployed mercilessly at offenders under their unique interpretation at times.

    These are the future leaders of Singapore under the rule of law – repressed and suppressed(many we know are culpable too but fear kept culpableness in till their cleverness fail them one day) but weak in the knees when come to sex and …. Money(name your price).

    You only need one idiot, elected/appointed into power, to ruin a nation.

    And you never can tell who is the next well educated, and ruled by law, idiot will take the helm.

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  • problem of a pliant parleement:

    70% sheep has it all wrong. because 70% sheep measure a true human by S$ the BS makes. when actually ability to make S$m does not mean, never meant, an honest human, but just a S$m making human.

    And we all know, heart of hearts, making S$m most times need a heartless human, since making S$m means needing to BS the 70% sheep kind of S$ donors.

    But, luckily, all S$m makes die, sooner or later, and needs to account for all the evil they have done to make their S$m, just like pap evil lky is accounting now with regret to his maker.

    dont for any second think all the S$m the pap clown and S$m liar gang are cheating for themselves is of any good. wait till everyone meets them on the other side and see, finally, their regret for all the lies they have made for the S$m for which they have cheated and for which they now regret deeply.

    GD Star Rating
  • Who will die for Singapore?:

    Yes COURAGE.
    Without courage who will die for Singapore? Who will protect the properties of the rich ?
    This fun video asks Singaporeans to die for Singapore.

    If no courage , how to die for Singapore?

    First we need to find our bal… I mean courage to speak out. Hong Lim park is a litmus test for courage.

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