Malaysia 1 year on: What Tun’s fans here don’t tell us

When Tun and his new gang took power around this time last year, anti-PAP types were so happy. They asked him to bring democracy to S’pore:

— Kirsten Han trying to defecate herself and PJ out of self-made crater

— Jolovan Wham: Nothing wrong in asking Tun M to intervene in S’porean affairs

Well a year later, they kinda quiet and it’s not only because he threatened S’pore over water and territorial waters

— Let’s gloat at Tun as he threatens us

— Tan Kin Lian thinks Tun is more sinned against than sinning

The M’sian economy is in a bad place with foreign investors giving M’sia a miss.  Deep divisions within the ruling coalition have prevented measures to increase government revenue, attract investment or create jobs. Poor Chinese died in a rush for food coupons: M’sian voters repenting?

Here’s what Reuters reports

Investor Concerns

Business sentiment has cooled after initial optimism that followed Pakatan’s electoral win, due mainly to a lack of consensus on the way forward for the economy, according to an April survey of 250 businesses by Ipsos Business Consulting.

“The continued lack of clarity on economic policies may lead to an increased level of anxiety among the businesses and further intensify the fear of an economic slowdown,” the firm said its report.

Investors in the survey also expressed concerns over currency fluctuations and slowing economic growth. The ringgit currency has slumped this year and stocks are underperforming regional rivals.

Malaysia has had to fill a revenue shortfall stemming from a populist measure to scrap a goods and services tax last year, while efforts to turn around struggling state entities that burden the treasury, including long-suffering Malaysia Airlines, have faltered.

In March, Malaysia’s central bank cut its 2019 economic growth forecast to 4.3-4.8% from 4.9%, on expectations of a significant drop in export expansion due to slowing global growth and the U.S.-China trade war.

On Tuesday, Bank Negara Malaysia became the first central bank in the region to cut its benchmark interest rate, in a move to support the country’s economy.

Mahathir has mended ties with China, reaching a cut-price $11 billion rail link deal, which is a welcome investment boost.

But with Malaysia’s debt-to-GDP ratio around 50%, public support waning and an unstable ruling coalition, it will become increasingly difficult for Mahathir to boost economic growth and win back disillusioned voters.

“With exports likely to remain in the doldrums, GDP growth in Malaysia looks set to slow to a post-financial crisis low this year. The government’s recent policies will make the downturn even worse,” Capital Economics said in a research note on Wednesday.


Already the Malays are repenting for deserting UMNO

Support for the government fell to just 39% in March, sharply down from the 66% rating in August 2018, according to a survey by independent pollster Merdeka Center.

Mahathir also saw his popularity plunge to 46% from 71% over the same period, although he says he doesn’t put much faith in these numbers.

Worryingly for Mahathir, Merdeka Center said Malay Muslims, who make up around 60% of Malaysia’s 32 million people, were largely more critical of his administration.

Most of the poorest people in the country are Malay and for decades they have been the beneficiaries of subsidies and other affirmative action policies pushed by UMNO.

Many in the majority community were also angered when Mahathir appointed an ethnic Chinese finance minister and an attorney-general from the Malaysian-Indian minority, and said cash handouts to Malays could be reduced.

Pledges to end the death penalty and rescind oppressive laws such as the colonial-era Sedition Act were also unpopular with traditionalists.

Vote wisely.


Cynical Investor

Cynical Investor blogs at Thoughts of a Cynical Investor



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14 Responses to “Malaysia 1 year on: What Tun’s fans here don’t tell us”

  • Regime change is the solution:

    Malaysia’s problems are difficult to fix because it has massive debts. Singapore problems are easier to fix because the Government has massive reserves and perennial Budget surpluses.

    So to vote wisely indeed.

    Vote for regime change and throw out the PAP.

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  • oxygen:

    VOTE WISELY? YES! Staying with PAPpypolitics and PAPpynomics is the sure route to EXTINCTION.

    GD Star Rating
  • oxygen:

    PAPpynomics’s Committee for Future Economy DOES NOT EVEN KNOW which is the way forward of our economic direction.

    Enough said of despair and blind bewilderment.

    GD Star Rating
  • C’est la vie:

    Sixty one long bloody years of comprehensive corruption and out of this world abuses of power and position, … to be tackled, tamed and tidied up, …… in twelve months !!! Only morons will expect such miracles, … and these same morons can always vote back in, BN !!!

    And CI’s subliminal message is, … stay with the PAP !!! Better the devil you know, right !!!

    GD Star Rating
  • vincent tan:

    here you go again..
    opportunistic, happy Boo-booing anti camp !
    Cynical, go ahead jeer as much as you want.
    Whatever happened up north Not necessary mirror in sg.
    Voters must stay focus on current pap poor performance.
    vote wisely 2019

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  • I like lyCHEE, hate LOONGan:

    Never heard of 长痛不如短痛? Is it not better to suffer short-term pain so that one will not have to suffer in the long-term?

    How would continue voting for a corrupted Nacheat help the country in the long run? If not for voting out the corrupted Nacheat, how would so many corruption cases surface?

    It’s been only 1 year since Dr M took charge. Just wait and see, and pap better pray that Dr M won’t improve Msia too fast or businesses in sg will move next door in no time.

    Yes, vote wisely. Only change will expose the skeletons in the closets. Change and improvement need time. Even the bumipeteras are smart and courageous to vote for change.

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  • Postmortem of a Megalomaniac:

    Najib’s crater shithole will take SOME cleaning: it’s stinking deep and gaping wide…

    GD Star Rating
  • The Point:

    See it as the Malaysians merely quicken their government to perform, but you will be silly to assume that they will vote back the N.regime.

    The point is the evil cheating regime has been overturned “FOREVER”.

    As to how they crawl back up and prosper again, it’s not important here, but I am sure they will be up and strong again, no doubt about it. [without the evil regime].

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  • Vote Wisely:

    ALL thanks to Dr M and the Malaysian.

    Otherwise the corruption would had erode Malaysia so deep that could have started a war, similar to the “Do or Die” situations like Iraq invading its neighbor Kuwait for money. When the “Debt” gotten so big, anything can happen including robbing and killing, right?

    We need to vote for change to restore true democracy [not the charlie chong or the PAPi kind] and prevent same Najib situation from happening here.

    Vote Wisely.

    GD Star Rating
  • Vote Wisely Indeed:

    The new PH government has just finished one year of rule and find difficulty in keeping their promises. The Malaysian voters may want to consider again or give them more time.

    The PAP government has got sixty years of rule and still CANNOT KEEP ITS PROMISES and make a mess of the voters lives.

    Indeed this coming General Election it will be a good time to consider giving them the Retrenchment Notice. YES Singaporeans Vote Wisely to finally get rid of the thorn in our arse.

    GD Star Rating
  • LIONS:

    Hey;come on, at least Dr M cares about his country n countrymen.
    At least, he dares to ask all legislators n officials to declare their net worth.

    What about our *Whiter than white* gahmen?

    Hiding INFO from the PUBLIC shud be considered FAKE NEWS too.
    Taking citizens for a RIDE is the worst type of offence,i would opine.

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  • cheap cheaper cheaperest:

    ffff the pap PA paid IB.

    he misunderstands why Msians voted Dr Mahatir PH which is to topple najib BN so that New Government can form and indict najib and najib wife.

    NOW that the objective is met, why the ffff is there any difference between Dr Mahatir PH or any other? NONE.

    so the same for pap mouthpiece no end mouthing what the pap PA paid IB is mouthing. that Dr Mahatir PH after 1 year amounted to nothing much.

    ffff. as long New Government forms and pap is toppled, it is more than enough as there will be New agc New bank negara chief New spf chief New cpib chief to investigate pap clown and pap clown wife and their S$m clan members.

    after that, ffff, who forms Government thereafter not at all important. as alll the evil deeds of pap clown and pap clown wife and their S$m clan members would have been revealed. ONE year of New Government is more than enough to reveal all the evil deeds.

    so ffff you pap PA paid IB. nice try. too bad. New Government needs only to be in place to investigate pap gang. anything else is a bonus.

    GD Star Rating
  • Wow:

    Taiwan legalized same sex marriage.

    GD Star Rating
  • Zhenzidan:

    This Cynical Idiot in his same old style. Trying to tell us that Malaysians now regret voting Mahathir? Go around and ask any Malaysians, they will tell you, Mahathir may be no better, but still better than letting BN continue their 60-year slumber. They are willing to give Mahathir time to stabilise his govt defin itely not just one year which is too short for any new govt to stabilise from within.

    And all my Malaysian friends who voted for Mahathir said the same thing: Even if Mahathir fails, it will at least wake up BN from their 60-year-slumber to remind them that voters can choose other govt anytime. If BN were to win back in the next election, they will at least be on their toes.

    A reminder to this Cynical Idiot: When a regular scorer failed to score in a few matches, don’t be too quick to tell people: See? I told you so!

    GD Star Rating

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