The man who would be ‘PM’

In an interview Mr Heng Swee Keat struggles to reinvent himself from arch bureaucrat to ‘leader’.

According to the reports,

“When asked about Singapore politics, Mr Heng said it was ‘not the correct understanding’ by saying that the Government has ‘all the answers’.

‘Many of us, myself included, have been on record saying that the Government cannot possibly have all the answers to all of the problems and that is why we have to mobilise our society to resolve many of these issues’…

‘And beyond just resolving the issue, it is also a sense of ownership that as a citizen, I can do what is right and I choose as a citizen to contribute in different ways.’”

This is the problem with the meritocrats, they don’t understand what they’re saying a lot of the time.

Does Mr Heng openly support the Fake News law: yes or no? Why? In his own words. (Phrased this way to sound like an exam question to entice a response).

If the government obviously does not have all the answers why are ministers arbiters of truth?

If citizens mobilise and express themselves in social media and it is a good thing because there is a sense of ownership and contribution to society–why is there a need for political censorship?

As asked before does Mr Heng genuinely believe what comes out from his mouth, and is he assessing critically the impact of his words on his credibility?

Leadership means asserting a certain vision of the world or at least something good for your people and society.

What has Mr Heng done, and what is he doing with every opportunity the mainstream media gives him to prove that he is a leader, and not just a puppet who says he does not interfere in national sovereign wealth funds?

And he can do this, in his own words:

“‘If the Board and CEO are not doing a good job, I have the duty to remove them and to change…’”

What is he waiting for?

(Sources: Singapore’s biggest challenge is to build ‘a sense of unity’ amid ‘tremendous changes’

Finance Ministers have never interfered in Temasek and GIC’s investments

Sanjay Perera

*Writer, and founding editor of Philosophers for Change. Original post: Facebook. Related posts: “If my party does not deliver what it promises, it’s out”, When will we realise that we are a feudal state, and Some hard questions for Mr Heng. For a collection of related posts: Kafkaville.

[Picture: Economist/Till Lauer.]



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22 Responses to “The man who would be ‘PM’”

  • Jln Heng Swee Keat Roti Prata:

    ‘And beyond just resolving the issue, it is also a sense of ownership that as a citizen, I can do what is right and I choose as a citizen to contribute in different ways.’
    - Seat-warmer 2.0

    “Ownership”? What ownership?? Ownership of what???

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  • C’est la vie:

    The man’s personality is as limp as a wet rag and BeeWah’s Ah Kong is probably louder than him. He’s the archetypal back room accountant, intentionally kept out of the way, … away from gazes and questions, for his work requires no lip movement nor vocal chord exertions.

    He’s never front of house/stage material and he’ll only embarrass the already tainted Garden City facade further. He’s probably the “best” from a rancid and rotting bunch !!!

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  • CEO, take whatever you want:

    Shareholders gather at an annual meeting, and tell the CEO, “CEO, the company has been doing quite well, long term. Please pay yourself whatever you want. You don’t even have to report that. Just take whatever you want.”

    “And the Chairman and Board of Directors, too. Take whatever you want. No need to tell us.”

    What will you say about those shareholders?

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  • Harder Truths:

    Since 1965 when did this tiny island have leeders?
    Only despots leeding clowns in a political circus.
    The rest of us watching the show pay for their bullshit.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Remember the piece of shit who received the BATON from a bast**d and said that he will have a caring society-leaving no one behind and be SwissStandard in 2010…

    What happened??? still collecting his parasitical pay when he claimed he can get better outside the system…

    Now??? Worse???…a brain hit by Lightning and will bend at the will of the Dynasty and warm the seat long enough before going to see his maker or an asylum for the incapacitated…

    good advice…retire with the millions and most likely a pension and enjoy your remaining years…”NOT WORTH IT”

    Karma & Retributions is always ready to strike those who sell their souls

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  • NotMyProblem:

    How do you feel when you keep shooting at your own foot? – This question is for DPM Heng.

    How do you feel when someone thinks that you are stupid? – This question is for the 70%.

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  • I Know:

    Never forget he was chief negotiator for the CECA that brought in planeloads of India Indians (and their caste system). Didn’t just bend over and spread his butt cheeks. Also provided the lube and Viagra for India to phuck us!

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  • What is worse, liar or clown?:

    Liar is no good.

    Clown is lagi no good.

    The true answer is the worst is a lying clown.

    INDIAN is malay. HDB is asset that can be enhanced. Inside 200m is not within 200m. Cannot eat degree. All schools are good schools. Car lite. aliens FTs PRs create jobs for local born 70% sheep. The list of lies is very long. The one who made the lies happen is the clown. Double whammy indeed.

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  • Clown:

    Who is his biological father?
    How can you people not even know who his father is ?

    Why the secret?

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  • Bobo:

    Anyone could say anything disgusting, but could refuse to take responsibilities of what had been spoken directly from his own mouth. Why? Is it because freedom of speech is for elites only, not for common people. The listeners could tell whether it is a lie, fake, empty promises or is one trying very hard to act humble and ignorance. 70% are in the same circle of “a lack of a clear and honest mind”.

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  • MarBowling:

    “‘If the Board and CEO are not doing a good job, I have the duty to remove them and to change…’”

    Holee words from Heng Heng. Currently his Big Boss Mai Hum is the Indian Chief(IC)helming GIC. So far, has PeeM Mai Hum found anything wrong(meaning “not doing a good job”)with the Indian Chief(Mai Hum himself)over GIC’s massive overseas investment? Similarity has PeeM Mai Hum found anything wrong(meaning “not doing a good job”) with the Lady Indian Chief(Holee Jinx, wifey of Mai Hum)over TH massive overseas investments? Looks like apparently, the IC and LIC of both SWFs are DOING A DAMN GOOD JOB, EVERYTHING is CLEAR AS BABY after years of OWNSELF CHECK OWNSELF, OWNSELF ASK HER TO CHECK HERSELF!

    Once he become the PeeM, and WHEN Not IF there is STRONG EVIDENCE that there are WRONG DOING at both SWFs, Heng Heng HAS THE DUTY TO REMOVE THEM(assuming Mai Hum is still the IC at GIC and Holee Jinx the LIC at TH)and to change them to make aHIMSELF AS THE IC AT GIC AND HIS WIFEY AS THE LIC AT TH!

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  • Opposition dude:

    Typical PAP, like to talk a lot only. So much rubbish spewing out of their mouths but they don’t realise just how much it all stinks.

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  • Frank:

    He is just another man with all the weaknesses of a man but given much power to decide what’s good/bad for you, the nation, and even the world(if he is that powerful – which he is not)

    The totality of man’s wisdom comes down to one powerful man with much influences in the world than the others(courting war).

    So he was honest in his assessment, in this instance, admitting his own limitations, as a man.

    But the people, seeking for the next king(wise guy), are no better than him either.

    All claim to be Wise, never admitting they are fools

    When you bow, either by volition or force, in agreement with what was written, then shall men see the light of day.

    It comes down to what was written, and not by your wisdom(man’s cleverness) or my wisdom.

    For it is WRITTEN, “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and I will set aside the understanding of the perceiving ones.”
    Where is the wise? Where is the scribe? Where is the lawyer of this world? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?

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  • Haigen-Diaz:

    Mr. Heng a leader?
    Leadership is substantive, based on values and vision; leaders who made mistakes took ownership of their mistakes. However, we see him blame older folks for the mistakes and has our official and unofficial outlets spew lies about who is at fault – “Older generation of Singaporeans are not ready for a non-Chinese PM.”

    With the introduction of POFMA, we are much like migrating geese flying ‘North’ for the winter in a V- formation with a group-think leader out in front.

    We will have problem in how we obtain relevant information to make informed political decisions. Like Heng, much of the population have been conditioned to think about stunningly important issues in an extremely shallow, lazy, and regurgitated way.

    What makes the present moment so depressing and frightening is that many of our fellow citizens seem to have zero interest in staying “true to our values, institutions, and traditions.

    On days like this, I wonder if such a nation is even worth saving.

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  • no fools please!:

    every time our sg mini*stars open their mouths, they ‘put a foot in it’!
    quote ” at times its best to remain silent and be thought a fool, than open it and remove all doubt”.
    our ministers are all top educated but they know nuts when it comes to the ministries they head.
    mil$ puppets on a string.

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  • Between Fake & Hollow:

    So will Mr. Heng have a sense of ownership with regards to the suicidal mentality currently raging among many of our senior citizens?
    We’re talking about 2017′s record number of aged committing suicide – to the nightmarish figure of 120 deaths in a year: averaging more than two suicides a week!

    Could the ministers enlighten us as to the whys and wherefores of this national disaster?; and why has this issue not been highlighted to the public in the national news networks? What are the statistics for 2018?

    As an aside: Why should Singaporeans be ranked with struggling 3rd-world Bangladesh at the lowly 151st position in the global Free Press Index?

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  • No more hope:

    Superficial, splineless and soulless.


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  • speak up , man:

    cant stand the way he speaks too. soft n slow, like a sissy.
    no strength or conviction whatsoever.

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  • History repeats:

    Only foolish n ignorant citizens cant see the obvious…

    Heng only warm the pm seat… for Chan aka YES man…to take ovr 1 term aftr this comin GE

    Heng has had serious health issue before. As pm n with all those stress n nonsense… heng may collapse again… lets hope not…

    Chan, YES man army guy ,is surely puppet controld by lhl…
    Majority locals dont want chan as PM….

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  • William C:

    Leadership without a vision? Just follow orders from PM3. Just a Manager level job can take million dollars salary?

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  • TruBlu:

    @William C:
    May 23, 2019 at 11:42 pm (Quote)

    Leadership without a vision? Just follow orders from PM3. Just a Manager level job can take million dollars salary?

    nope,thats too nice of you.
    LEEderSHIT with F VI$ION.

    its all Lee Ah Long’s daft thinking n ordering.

    ecan see it.

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