Unfair and stupid government policies should be exposed

I am unhappy with an experience that I had at Ng Teng Fong Hospital (NTFH) today.

I was referred by a general practitioner to the Accident and Emergency Department of NTFH with a letter which I visited. At the registration counter, I was asked to pay $120. I requested to pay with my MediSave savings and was told that I couldn’t unless admitted.

My unhappiness is that why was I unable to use my MediSave savings to pay for my A&E visit? I stress that was an A&E visit and not a regular visit. How often do people visit the A&E department of hospitals to seek medical treatment? What if I didn’t have $120? Would my medical treatment be denied?

People work and save over the years for medical care. When the occasion arises for them to seek medical treatments, especially when the treatments are at local public hospitals, I strongly feel that people shouldn’t be denied the use of their own MediSave savings. After all, isn’t that what MediSave savings are meant for? I fully understand and agree that prudence use of MediSave savings is necessary but being prudence shouldn’t be used as a pretext to deny legitimate usage. At the very least, 50% of the cost should be MediSave eligible.

Unfair and stupid PAP government policies such as this one that I have encountered should be exposed, highlighted and put right instead of our citizens sucking and suffering from it. Citizens should be more confident and understand their rights instead of blindly accept everything that a greedy government dished out to them.


Simon Lim



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18 Responses to “Unfair and stupid government policies should be exposed”

  • The Other Hard Truths:

    That is akin to robbery. $120 is way way too much. This government is trying to kill off we plebeians. Just a gang of thugs, highwaymen, hoodlums pretending to be leaders

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  • HarderTruths:

    If you cannot pay? Dead men tell no tales.

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  • Bodies are sore & eyes have di:

    While the total suicide deaths is at its lowest in recent years, the number of the elderly aged 60 and above who took their own lives in 2017 has risen to 129, the highest recorded. The high prevalence of suicide mortality among the elderly is a worrying trend in Singapore. 2011 saw 361 suicide deaths recorded in Singapore as well. However, elderly suicides in 2017 was an alarming 123 per cent of that in 2011.
    Ms Christine Wong, Executive Director of Samaritans of Singapore (SOS), expressed her concern: “It is very worrying that many elderly are turning to suicide as the only choice to end their pain and struggles, when they should be enjoying their lustre of the golden years.”

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  • Guess:

    Guess u arent PG or MG ?

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Medisave, medi-whatever, etc are just to confuse so that you don’t know what you have to pay and what you can get!!

    Just like Pioneer and Merdeka Generation package, the hospitals inflate the medical bills and reduce it to normal charges and say it was subsidized.

    GE is coming, let’s see if Singaporeans are smarter than the Malaysians!!

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  • speckofdust:

    Sounds like don’t like to get violated, but keep getting violated and no choice but to get violated

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  • TruBlu:

    PAP still means Pay And Pay except nowadays, you Pay And Pay TILL YOU DROP DEAD?
    If you are old n poor,you cannot be * sick* or you will pay till you drop dead.
    Eitherway, you die your business?

    Collect more money is our busine$$?
    Next GE, you better think thrice before voting for us.

    Dont say we didnt warn you.

    We know you are daft and so lan lan you still vote for us.

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  • HDB flats depreciate to ZERO:

    Another good reason for regime change.

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  • Never Trust A Thief:

    The Medisave is just another instrument for government to Wayang and at the same time to hoard your money for their use, an elaborated lip service only.
    Just like the CHAS card, nice to trumpet and Wayang, but useless in reality.
    How many of you really able to qualify and get the card?
    Those who got the card, how many are able to get free medical treatment?
    In the end you will still have to pay the inflated price fake discount medical care. Those who do not know the details got hoodwinked by the Wayang and helped to parrot the lies.

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  • u die your business:

    daylight robbery…
    leegalised !
    all those hundred-and-one feel good ‘subsidies’ are all fake too.
    i kno of someone who insists the polyclinic or hospital she goes to, charge to her medisave/medishield acc.
    she tells them if they wont or cannot, then she wont n cannot pay the clinic or hospital bill too.
    know what? so far it worked.(she is unemployed, in her 60s and NOT on any gov assistance ).

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  • Of Course Cannot Use Medisave:

    Sorry of course cannot anyhow use your Medisave. What if the Jinz does not have enough to buy US shares ?

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  • Singpaorean Kong Come:

    That pros wheelchair lady has areadi said. CPf is not your money. Your blood n sweat money is being control by those thugs, U dare to protest, even in a designate venue. they still charge U. Your money is to pay for their world highest salaryman. Also taken by the Jinx for her gambling pleasure. They encourage U to work till ripe age, accumulate more CPF for them.

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  • Pigs Slogan:

    No Singaporean will be denied medical treatment regardless of whether he can pay. Only lip service.

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  • sangent:

    I am from the PG group and had similar bad experience as Simon. If you visit A&E for emergency case, you need to pay cash and can’t use your medisave plus you are not entitled to PG benefits.
    VTO in the next GE and claim back our CPF money

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  • MarBowling:

    More like they are calculated and manipulated Coverment policies, esp wrt to CPF with all the various complicated components(Medishit, etc)which are to ensure that 80-90% population of SinKapore Ownself TAKE CARE Ownself whenever they are sick or Kenna LOONG term hospitalization. Worse thing is they CONTROL your Hard earned CPF by telling you WHAT can or cannot be deducted from YOUR OWN CPF MONEY! Holee shits!

    Government of most countries on planet earth make it a point to SHOULDER the responsibility of having huge amount of their GDP to cater for the HealthCare of their citizen. Here in SinKapore, the Coverment has the MOST EASIEST JOB on planet earth as 80-90% of population Kuai Kuai Ownself TAKE CARE Ownself USING MONEY FROM THEIR OWN CPF! They Jack and mark up the prices of healthcare and medicine and then tell DAFT Sinkaporean that they are damn lucky and fortunate to have a Coverment that CARE, because patients are GENEROUSLY given a HUGE Subsidy on their medical expenses. No wonder PG and MG folks are sooooo happy, some even Kenna Heart Attack! No wonder they still vote for the PAPIGS in every GE!

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  • WakeupSG:

    There are 3 keys on the logo of CPF whose interest is to safekeep “your money”, which are kept by the PM, Temasek CEO & Manpower Minister.

    So you see the usage and access to “your CPF money” is controlled by 3 levels of Authorities!

    We cannot do anything unless the lock is changed!

    What do you think?

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  • rukidding:

    Cheng Hu “Bo Lieuw” ( No enuff $$$ )

    If everyone “withdraws” just $50 on same day,….that “Holy j*n*” company will become “Tramasick” !

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  • David Neo - King Kong Ass:

    A&E easily hundred plus after charges for medicine etc. The 120 is entry fee.

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