SingTel Prepaid: SMS giving wrong info

To get users to top-up unnecessarily?

A friend who uses a pre-paid SIM card because he doesn’t use his mobile phone that often told me that on 4 May he topped up his Singtel Hi card ($15) successfully. On 7 May, he got an SMS message saying that there was less then $2 in the Hi card account. He was shocked as he hadn’t made or received any call since the top-up, and had received only two SMS messages (excluding the SMS confirming the top-up), prior to SingTel’s SMS message.

He tried to access his account via the Hi card website but he could not key-in his mobile number because only 7-digit tel numbers could be keyed in. I kid u not, I tried to access and only 7-digit numbers could be keyed in. Know any Singaporean with a 7-digit HP number?

He then tried calling on his mobile a SingTel toll free number to check his balance. He had a bit of a problem accessing his account, but finally got thru. He was told by a bot that he had $16 in the account.

Was the SMS message an honest mistake?

He (and I) have our doubts. Prior to this incident, whenever he got such a message, he topped up because he assumed he’s really running out of $. This time, the message came juz after he had topped up. The honest mistake in his view was sending him a top-up message juz after he had topped up, instead of waiting a week or so. Adding to our suspicions is that in mid April he had topped up by $10 his account, and he doesn’t remember using the phone that much.

What do u think?

Btw, my mum’s maid had recently received such a message, shortly after topping up last month. She went on to ask me to top up her card thinking that she had used most of her the earlier, recent, top-up. In her case, knowing her, she might have really used up the money. After what happened to my friend, I told her to keep me posted the next time she receives a message that she has less than $2 in her account. I’ll investigate.

To be continued.


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10 Responses to “SingTel Prepaid: SMS giving wrong info”

  • most uselss:

    Singtel is getting greedy like our govt. I understand from an old man that they keep sending that the card is going to be expired soon, so the old man went to top up and still the expiry date is the same!!!

    What can you do? Greed breeds in Singapore!

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  • HarderTruths:

    Hi Card App for Android and Web both accept 8 digit telephone numbers.

    I use it all the time. I just used it again to make sure it was still working.

    Please – check your facts before you write. One day you will be called Chicken Little if you continue this way.

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  • A Garden in the City:

    if you dont like it,why keep voting for US GE after GE?

    Just wait,after next GE,WE sure to collect even more money from you stupid sgs.

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  • just exasperating:

    after i topped up, the msg i got was that my card had expired..
    i tried many times to use it or call cso for help to no avail.
    fed up , i gave up…
    is this how these companies make a quick buck, dishonestly at that!
    im sure im not the only one…
    i switched telcos later applying for a smart phone postpaid line.

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  • lancheow min:


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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    You have choices you picked the wrong one

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Be warned Singtel is charging singnet account holders $6.90 per month now.

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  • Off The Data:

    Just turn off the Data when NOT IN USE.
    Turn on when there are FREE WIFI.
    Save some money.

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  • suspicious going ons:

    im suspecting some crooked IT expert and cronies,
    working at singtel hi card technical side who’s behind these scams..
    they steal $balances in our prepaid cards for their own consumption then deactivate our cards to avoid detection
    ..of course i have no proof but it seems plausible.
    hope singtel does some background checks.

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  • DBS Bank Kena Use:

    Turn it off and use WIFI. SG Gov did a good job building infrastructure, a lot of free WIFI places these days.

    DBS bank Kena Use by contractor

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