Inappropriate for MSM to exalt foreign labour when locals are suffering from slow economy

The Straits Times’ Political Correspondent Adrian Lim published an opinion piece last month (27 May) entitled “Foreign talent helps fuel a bustling economy”. I am shocked by the audacity Mr Lim in the article.

Obviously, he shows little regard for the feelings of thousands of Singaporean PMETs who have lost their well-paid jobs to foreigners who entered the labour market with MOM’s blessings in the name of ‘Foreign Talents’.

This is the narrative that the PAP government has been promoting over the last 20 years, first with the open welcome of wealthy investors with the belief that their wealth would trickle down to the masses below.

Alas, there was little evidence that these wealthy entrepreneurs were indeed keen to uplift the low wages of these bottom-ranked workers or provide well-paid jobs to the PMETs. Their interest is mainly to settle their families here in Singapore (thanks to the modern infrastructures that have been built at public expense) and sending their children to international schools here.

Now, it is the Foreign Talent that is going to keep our global economy bustling. But how?

Bad news about the economy has started to trickle in from early this year:
- The continuous decline in Singapore’s non-oil domestic exports (NODX) – Straits Times reported on 18th April that non-oil domestic exports plunged 11.7%, the largest drop since 2016.

- – Again, Straits Times reported on 19th April that the Singapore economy grew only 1.3 per cent year-on-year during the first quarter of 2019, the slowest pace since the global financial crisis of 2008. The slowdown has been driven mainly by the weak performance of the manufacturing sector, which declined by 1.9 per cent y-o-y, after 11 quarters of growth. Exports declined to all of Singapore’s top 10 markets, except the US.

- Thirdly, Straits Times headline on 1st May stated that “Manufacturing and services firms are SLIGHTLY less optimistic about business prospects in the next six months.” Hopefully, this helps to soften the bad news and not make MTI look like a failure.

- To cap the bad news of the economy, Straits Times reported on 4th June that “S’pore PMI contracts for first time in over 2.5 years, slipping 0.4 point to 49.9 last month from April” Blaming it on the current trade dispute between US and China, is an easy way out.

The above information clearly shows the Singapore economy is crumbling, not a “bustling economy” that foreign talents can help to fuel. There is not a speck of evidence in Mr. Lim’s article that shows the foreign talents here are doing wonders to help MTI to turn the weak economy around.

He said: “In Singapore, short term immigrants are important contributor to the economy, while those who seek permanent residency and eventually citizenship help to mitigate the effects of a low total fertility rate and ageing population.” Of course, the import of foreign workers is an easy way to boost GDP growth and MTI knows how.

This is the source of Singaporean workers problem. With the growing number of unemployed PMETs who turn to driving a cab or Grab for some income, the affected ones know that they have lost their well-paid jobs to foreigners.

But it is very difficult to pin down the number because of the way MOM reports the employment data by combining Singapore citizens with PRs as local employees. For example, MOM’s survey of 5300 private sector firms with 1.2 million employees found that 64% were locals (including PRs) and 36% were foreigners. Assuming that one third of workers are PRs, which would bring foreigners in employment to 58% and Singaporeans only 42%.

Putting aside the accuracy of the above estimates, what we do know is that foreigners have taken a very big share of local jobs in almost every sectors of the economy, from services to IT technology, from banking to healthcare. The bottom-line is that the PAP government fully endorses this policy to bring in more foreign talents (if you may call them).

Mr. Lim’s article made it pretty clear: “PM Lee Hsien Loong said in a speech last May during the debate on the President’s Address that immigrants are part and parcel of Singapore’s history and identity. The new arrivals have chosen to make Singapore their home and they will contribute to our country, our society.”

Most unfortunately, PM Lee has mixed up past history (when our forefathers came as immigrants) with present day influx of foreigners into the labour market and taking over the well-paid jobs of educated Singaporeans and relegating them to gig jobs with no security or little prospects.

This is unacceptable to Peoples Voice and it is determined to restore the well-paid jobs back to Singaporeans.


Kok Meng Cheang



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14 Responses to “Inappropriate for MSM to exalt foreign labour when locals are suffering from slow economy”

  • oxygen:

    MR ADRIAN LIM PROBABLY mispelt the world “BUSTING” economy and it thus appeared as “bustling” economy.

    The only thing “bustling” that is happening is the whole island is changed into a massive construction site of NO ENDING APPARENTLY – parks and HDB carparks beautifully completed of construction RECENTLY have been repeatedly dug up and reconstructed again for reason/s that is mysterious to public eye. There are according to Bloomberg news that there is 24,000 units of apartments that have been vacant for however so long and now another 44,000 more housing apartments under construction of en bloc frenzy.

    Adrian Lim probably haven’t yet read this Jason Tillberg article in renowned investment newsletter of 2012 – that is more than 6 yrs ago.

    Singapore’s Economy Is Maxed Out

    Jason Tillberg is only a New York jogger who lived across the Pacific Ocean even noticed is highly significant of reality genuine news – since this is NOT denied by PAPpynomics.

    Present Tense confessed in 2015 our economy MAXED OUT – that is telling of official confirmation.

    No need to fact check, a dull uninformed mind would have noticed that IF OUR ECONOMY IS AT ALL BUSTLING instead of busting (airbag asset bubble), we would have grown much faster than the combined impacts of

    - the rate of population explosion adding to consumption base
    - the technology driver impact on productivity gains

    BUT MND WON’T COMMENT ON THESE FACTs – take out the manure of foreign population influx and productivity gain of escalating technology, LEE-jiapore would have SINK A LOT EARLIER AND DEEPER.

    Strangely we see LTA issued two massive bond issue to fund public transportation infrastructure despite claims that we have ample reserves.

    That is telling that GDP growth from infrastructural spending boost is FUNDED OUT OF DEBT.

    YOU CAN’T GET A BUSTLING economy when INFRASTRUCTURE is funded out of debt- NOBODY EVER CREATE WEALTH OR RICHER BY SPENDING EXTRAVAGANTLY ON BORROWING – these debts have to be repaid, sooner or later. You feel rich but actually becomes poorer by the extent of debt borrowing spending binge.

    The “bustling” economy claims is, to one public mind, a sad fart of fiction.

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  • oxygen:


    Singapore overtakes US, Hong Kong to be world’s most competitive economy

    Does this comes from the avalanche of cheap foreigner labor displacement of local PMETs via PAPpynomics’ population recycling economics?

    I mean OECD forecast in May 2019 is for OECD countries to grow by 3.2% GDP this year on average.

    And what did we achieved in the first qtr of 2019 in contrast?

    Kok Meng Cheang: Again, Straits Times reported on 19th April that the Singapore economy grew only 1.3 per cent year-on-year during the first quarter of 2019, the slowest pace since the global financial crisis of 2008.

    The world’s “most competitive” economy could barely keeps its head above the water – way below OECD forecast global average?

    Without the advantage of costs competitiveness of cheap foreign influx addiction and its addition to domestic consumption spending, me thinks LEE-jiapore would have likely sink into NEGATIVE GDP GROWTH in the first qtr of 2019.

    SO WHAT IS SO BUSTLING OF THIS DEGRADED AND TERRIFYING PERFORMANCE living on borrowed times of cheap foreign labor dependency?

    TEACH ME!!

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  • Perfect Aristocrats Party:

    One Msians once asked me, “I’m surprised. How come it’s so easy to get my PR application approved in sg compared to my uncle decades ago?”

    Another, a sg PR from Myanmar asked this, “Why your G keeps wanting me to convert to singaporean?”

    I told the first one, “Basically, sg LEEder is a mathematician by training. He loves numbers. He’s good at using numbers to deceive daft singaporeans. When foreigner becomes PR, you’ll fall into the LOCAL category. But if they don’t give you PR, you’ll remain a foreigner and so locals will be outnumbered when they’ve to show figures. That’ll look bad on them.”

    And I told the other one very simply, “PAP needs your vote, the NEWLY converted citizens’ votes to stay in power. They’ve already lost the trust from many citizens especially the natives.”

    Now, I too have a question to ask. Maybe someone from the 70% pap voters would like to answer? “Why with opposition parties willing to make changes for singaporeans, to make sure singaporeans stop losing their jobs to FTs yet you decide to vote for the trait** party who betrayed our trust by freely allowing so many foreigners into our tiny country to steal singaporeans’ lunch? ”

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  • Money-mind & Soulless:

    I surmise that with the passage of time these well-stocked chaps up there in their crony-capitalist cliques are incurring damnation to their souls through their indulgence in self-vested interests at the expense of the blood, sweat & tears of dispensable sinkies; deviating away from what’s right and proper for leadership to act upon in the altruistic administration of the communities of human beings.

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  • vincent tan:

    hi brother Kok .
    are you are an insider of PeopleVoiceParty ?
    if so , could you enlighten tre readers about
    Tan Cheng Bok’s coming GE2019
    battle plan….. grc, single wards?
    north , east, or western ?
    personally I suggest eastern east coast grc good chance.
    !!!! PeopleVoice !!! PeopleVoice !!! People !!!

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  • Opposition dude:

    And as long as the election isn’t announced the worse it will get between US and China. With the useless PM in charge he probably thinks that the economy will get better next year too!

    Things always get worse before they get better and we most definitely have not seen the last of the trade war between China and the US.

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  • TruBlu:



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  • HarderTruths:

    I do not doubt your sincerity in supporting $ingaporeans.

    The problem is most $ingaporeans support the pro-FT bias across the board.

    The Civil Service recruits FT over $G locals as a policy. Companies large and small prefer FT to locals for the enactment of slave labour.

    Then, when it is time for the ballot boxes every 5 years, the response from the public is “yes – we approve…give us more…”

    So you need to ask yourself the question – your personal fealings aside – are you actually representing the majority?

    It actually seems no – you are not. Not by a long way. Therefore you do not have a case to demand change for a majority who do not seem ot want it.

    This is why I say there will be no change. Too many locals support their own agenda and care nothing for others.

    “You die your business” is not a fake epitaph. It is what most $G locals do best. Fighting for them (as JBJ and CST did) proves fruitless.

    Why do you think all the talented young opposition left? They left because they knew there was no hope.

    Sometimes reality means you need to accept facts that you cannot agree with. That does not make them any less true.

    If you fail to understand this Truth then you risk wasting your life, regardless of your intentions, skill and commitment. At the end of the day – your work will mean very little and you must be prepared for that.

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  • Any except PnP:

    The Straits Times’ Political Correspondent opinion on “economy” issues? or should we regard it as domestic Politic or as Party Propaganda of sought?

    “bustling”?….. its has been so quiet out there and so many empty car parking lots for all to see and witness for themselves.

    This kinds of paper, well luckily I unsubscribed it long long time ago. Party paper should be free.

    Before it’s doom for all Sinkies and their children [for F do they care but talk], Sinkies better each and every to pick up their “Balls” and do the right thing at the ballot box.

    I say any except Pay And Pay.

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  • Another shameless plp:

    Jorunalism is a respectable profession who bring honest news to the people with independent analysis n comments. However if they choose to bootlick the power therebe for personal rewards which they thought they could not achieve without . They r henceforth ceased to be journalists but propaganda dishonest mouthpieces for the power which wouldnt needs such bootlickers if it is honest with their sworn oath of service to the populace with integrity n dignity. As universally accepted saying goes evil attracts evil. Bootlickers r not needed by men of qualiy, integrity, dignity, honest n confidence relative to the bootlickeds who r men of little confidence, integrity, honesty n dignity, They need to operate in the dark with constant fear of their shadow operation exposure, thus needing shielding n mouthpiece to glorify what r not in them. So it is normal to find these despicable tracts in political commentaries.
    Even dentistry displinary committee on the ist g a 13 yo boy. Their verdict on finding dentist giving unnecessaey treatment procedures because no one said they r unaccetable. It sounds like a page ripped off from Indrandi’s not guilty of conflict of interests if the accused has a successful caeer. So SIN now is a suka suka haven bootlidckers, , brownosers. ballsC n plps whenener they to chalk up credit points to move up the boolicker . Get rid of them? Vote the greedy, hungry, n aliens lovers out n look what they r so blooming afraid to let u know!

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  • stupid husband silly wife:

    if 70% sheep asks for it, good luck.

    even so, we do all we can. as long as we can vote, we vote OPPO. we have never voted pap.

    when we meet pap liar lky on the other side, we tell him in his ffffing lying face he lied when he said he would rise from deathbed to right the so called wrongs done by his useless son.

    more than this, we clap clap clap when we see pap liar lky with his tongue cut off and his body in torment for all the evil he did when he abused power for the sake of political advantage.

    that day shall come for us. sooner or later. as long as clown pap and his S$m gang continues to be voted into power by 70% sheep, we no regret meeting pap liar lky on the other sooner, to kick his ffffing lying balls if hes still has them.

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  • Greedy And Useless:

    Don’t read too much into shittytimes.
    These lackies are just writing what their master wanted to read.
    The cheap workers do create jobs for these lackies so they have something to write about.

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  • Agree:

    The straits times in recent Yrs has become an apologist for the authorities; When Gst and water prices were hiked not a squeak fr them;
    The recent tour of Sph for the WP by warren Fernandez was just part of a well orchestrated Pr exercise
    My heart always bleeds for graduates driving GOJEK; grab n taxis ; thanks to foreign trash imported :

    A yr backi received an invite fr WARREN Fernandez sidekick mr pereira to join a feel good group mentioning good things about S’pore; I refused as its a betrayal to fellow sporeans who have no jobs
    Blame the 70 pct

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  • Fading Talents!:

    In my mind, I can visualize this happening. The Garmen accelerated the building of homes, hospitals, Mrt, etc, in part to provide sustenance to the economy but also to accommodate the growing “foreign talent” population. The FTs come to Singapore not because they love this country. They are here to make good money and they will have no hesitation to quit as soon as jobs start to disappear. Then what? They become “Fading talents” and will fade away with absolutely no qualms as to whether we live or die. I don’t blame them but you know who is to blame.

    So when these “fading talents” fade away, I can visualize this country with many empty homes, schools, hospitals, factories, office buildings but at least you can take comfort from the fact that there will be no jams at MRT stations.

    God Bless Singapore!

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