Shame on you, Josephine Teo

Recently, Manpower Minister Josephine Teo was quoted as saying that that our elderly citizens are working well into their twlight years because they are healthier. Being a HDB heartlander all my life, I find her to be most insulting, totally deteched from ground realities.

On paper, our senior citizens are maybe living longer lives. In the face of waves after waves of reports, the harsh realiity is that too many of our senior citizens are living financially very miserable and struggling lives.

One recently published by the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policies that concluded an elderly person would needs about $1,400/ monthly to live decently in expensive Singapore. Our elderly suicide rate hit a record high in 2017. Professor Tommy Koh’s had disclosed that we have between 100,000 to 140,000 households who are living in absolute poverty in Singapore.

I ask if that she is going to continue pretending that our elderly citizens work and many of them work in dirty, oily, smelly environments and standing long hours because they are healthier or because they need to eat and visit the doctors often?

It is Singaporeans’ collective misfortune to have such a manpower minister who, instead of being honest with the people and tackle issues of retirement inadequacies and low income resolutely, spends her time thinking of ways to push back retirement age, selling PAP’s propagandas instead of ensuring that our most vulnerable workers get to earn a fair living wages etc.

Many among our pioneer generation and our merdeka generation have alearly worked a lifetime. For those of them who choose to continue working more out of boredom than for the need of the money, I say let us encourage them and I wish them well. But as a country, we should not turn a blind eye to the eldery people selling tissues on the street, earning 10 cents or 20 cents per toilet entry cleaning public toilets or scavenging for empty drink cans or cardboard to sell for a pittance.

Anybody who knows Singapore well enough will know that this PAP government has failed badly looking after our senior citizens adequately and the situation can only gets worse because we are a fast aging population with smaller families all round. Returning people their CPF savings at their 55 years old is not a silver bullet, but that is the least any honourable government should do to keep its very own promise given to its own people.


Simon Lim



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22 Responses to “Shame on you, Josephine Teo”

  • Aiyo:

    Pity those staying in Sin Ming. Everyday see her CB face on billboards. Those cost about $3k each and are replaced every 3-4 weeks at taxpayers’ expense.

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  • Hardhip:

    Even Police Sergeant “likely” committed suicide in Yishun. These not singular happenings.

    I think soon they realize and question what they protecting for when every citizens lives in hardship including theirs, paying through their nose. GST 9%…. coming soon.

    And when billions and billions earnings are state secret?

    Catching poor people crimes in hunger, why don’t you smart and clever catch the cartel!… KNN……

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  • Good job Jospehine Teo:

    Good job, Jospehine Teo. Have more of these statements all PAP cronies. I am a PAP supporter. More investment losses by Temasek, more people suffer, more increase in property prices, more and more…… So Simon Lim, Phillip Ang, Brad etc have more things to write. Was she the one who said a small space can have sex? Just wonder if she has oenf or me? She should step down wasting tax payers’ money but who cares. Anyone can say and unhappy but who who cares? Only stupid sinkies are coward and dare not vote PAP out!

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  • Verlonica Ng Bui Bui:

    All these elderly also PAP voters.

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  • TruBlu:

    Ya,our elderly n senior sgs are working their butts off so that our ministers can continue to collect more money till these older sgs have all worked TILL DROP DEAD?

    There are of course others like Kee-chiu but she is the PERFECT IDIOT!


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  • Working for exercise:

    Is this on the same high level as picking cardboard for exercise?

    Old folks should be enjoying taichi, dancing and touring.

    If only our CPF had it’s proper investment return of $1 or $2 million per member, our old folks would be doing these enjoyable stuff.

    This is really no kidding. Imagine if CPF Board had invested the old folk CPF money in Singapore property all the way from 1960s, these old folks would be touring business class!

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    Agreed 100%

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  • rukidding:

    HongKong people are smart and brave ,…they dare to protest !

    Sillyporeans ????

    A bunch of hopeless dafts !

    Listening to “fake news” delivered by “fake politicians” who are afraid of REAL News !

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  • TruBlu:

    went to JEWEL to have a look.
    went to toilet on one particular floor.
    janitor there a PRC.
    Though toilet is ‘dry’ n clean,it smells slightly foul of urination.

    later on,went to another toilet,this time handled by local ah pek in his 70s.
    toilet oso dry and clean but smell fresh,NO URINE STENCH at all.

    i thank the ah pek for keeping the toilet so clean n fresh.

    so,simple as a thing like airport toilet,LOCALS HAVE MORE INTEGRITY ON THE JOB.

    as for the PRC in his late 40s/50s,i guess you know the answer?

    hey,jojo-TEO MILKY,what you think ah?

    collect morte money…
    sing ABBA SONG.



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  • TruBlu:


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  • joe tiu bareback black:

    when clown pap was about to up the lorry, joe tiu wore bareback black to attract lky clown attention.

    which woman wears flimsy bareback black at funeral without ulterior motive? None.

    so what was joe tiu trying to do?

    to attract lky clown attention to get that promotion to minister.

    hell. she succeeded. because lky clown is indeed clown.

    listen to joe tiu speak. examine her speech content. ZERO kosong substance.

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  • Harder Truths:

    I am indeed gratified to see that the generations that unshakably supported pappies has gotten its just desserts.

    Just looking at what they could grab – these loyalists did not care who fell by the wayside – as long as they were the winners.

    These are the people who made the $G motto ‘You Die Your Business’ famous. Too bad they got backstabbed by the thieves they supported – but it was their choice.

    It is time now for them to continue to live by that same standard.

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  • Conceived in a tight space:

    Minister Jo should begin to explain to the people of Singapore how and why 129 old folks would be driven to commit suicide back in 2017 (what about 2018?). And why the Straits Times reports almost none of these incidents; which is tantamount to a national crisis!?

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  • C’est la vie:

    How would S Lim’s piece and the 100000 ~ 140000 households living in absolute poverty, … stand up against Naff Daily’s “almost perfect SG” !!!

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  • Alice:

    People here conflating so many issues ….

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  • Evil Greedy Talks:

    Simply disingenuous, amoral, hypocritical, dishonest.

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  • Just an observant:

    Not wrong to say so, some elderly prefer working especially the not so educated ones.

    Some not tech savvy, dont know how to use computers or mobile phones or Wii or Xbox or playstation.

    If know how to play some sports still not bad provided their limbs are still okay but then locals not so interested in sports. I do see some or few elderly jogging in stadium.

    Others who can read newspapers or books still okay but they occupied the enewspaper stations in the library for a long time. End up we have wait a long time. Sometimes even fighting / quarreling each others over newspapers in the libraries.

    Others go bus terminals within shopping centers to use free wifi, chit chat taking up all the seats the whole day from 10am to 11pm except need to go to the rest room. Nah bey end up we cannot even have a seat for 10 mins just to access internet or whatsapp.

    The better ones are those that do planting or planations.

    Some not working , no direction. Except everyday watch TV , watching too much tv probably end up senile.

    Like no work , no direction. I They need some direction.

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  • 129 committed suicide ?:

    Could be family issues ? 家家有本難念的經.

    Could be victims dont want to live too long ? Enjoy enough or suffer enough.

    Could be victims kenna serious illness and do not wishes to be a burden to family or society. Last time one relative did that !

    Could be gambling issues / debts issues ? Another relatives also did that !

    Could be victims thinking too pessimistic or psych issues ?

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  • Workandlife:

    In life, all of us try to solve two problems :
    -to survive
    -to save enough for the rest of our days.
    Old folks working didn’t achieve the second.
    Jeosephine did, That’s why that she can talk rock/cocktail/coco…

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  • 柑林内:






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  • The Other Hard Truths:

    Arrhhhh! Simon, don’t you know that Shamelessness is a highly cherished “virtue” in the PAP?

    It is not difficult to see that MPs with great shamelessness are quickly appointed to be ministers, and ministers who can show utter shamelessness are quickly appointed to senior ministers.

    That is how rotten the political system is

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  • Singaporean Kong Come.:

    @rukidding: Those sillyporean R the Asia sickman. no medication for them. If U protest they will come infront n “F” U. Because U obstruct them for being screw by PaP,They love Pap screw.

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