The Subtle Political Sarcasm

Recently, a small posting by the PAP MP Assoc Prof Faishal on the account of his meeting with WP SG Pritam had inflamed opposition supporters on the Internet.

The “offending message” referred to his observations that WP has been “less frequent” in “visiting” his ward in Yishun. People are not very happy with his “smirking remark” perceived as sarcasm.

I do not know AP Faishal personally but some of my party members know him well. I was told that he is really a “grassroot People’s MP” and his sincerity and ability to help his residents to solve difficult problems, especially those involving great bureaucracy, has earned him the popularity he deserved.

Shanmugam is extremely lucky to have him in his team as he is not very popular with many people due to his constant hardline talks. But having a popular MP like AP Faishal has helped him to anchor PAP support in Yishun.

Having said that, I would caution AP Faishal against such political arrogance and sarcasm. No matter how good he is on the ground solving difficult problems, the role of MP ultimately lies in the representation of people’s views in parliament. I have hardly heard any critical views from him in parliament at all.

An MP who puts all his time in “walking the ground” and solving municipal and personal problems of residents, would at best considered as a “high class super grade grassroot activist”, not a full effective Members of Parliament.


Goh Meng Seng



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10 Responses to “The Subtle Political Sarcasm”

  • Anymous incognito:

    No in fact he’s a mayor and a good one at that. All this merely underscores the defective thinking the party has. The role of mayor and national politician AREN’T INTERCHANGEABLE. In fact many countries prohibit this mixing You can”t be both so choose and resign from one to become the other.

    It’s the foolish belief that juggling multiple responsibilities demonstrates competency when it actually proves nothing.

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  • where cool, where sit:

    More and More locals are getting stressed out “Mad”. One Pistol himself in Yishun, and lately father kill 2 yrs old daughter, amongst many and many suicidal cases, lost jobs, all thanks to MIW party. And now, GMS indirectly attempted to praise and advertise for MIW.

    If WP will to write to institutions for its residents, I heard it will mostly be denied, so would it be institutions used against Party and People to exhibit its “FAKE” shine, more so needed in Shark*Morgan Ward, as I heard many people don’t like him, so such leeway arrangement could have been made to boost MIW standing?

    I think, its as genuine as the MiloIndianCumMalay Party Own Selection arrangement, if you believe it. I heard such is practiced in communist election practice.

    I would say, it’s nothing more than “run” do*gy, nothing to appreciate about.

    Greed of Man will sell out everything……. friends, country. Chinese say… where cool, where sit…….. and one pres*ident sat.

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  • N.Jungne:

    It is plain stupid of him.

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  • self style internet mp wannabe:

    Where to start? Which route to take?

    Praise Goh for saying and writing stuffs that in the eyes of the PAP voters is actually raising Faisal’s approval ratings or to let Goh know that he is shooting himself in his own foot with information provided by his party members which people will assume he will use it wisely to gain an edge against the PAP in an election?

    Or likely in the eyes of Ah Loong, Goh had just presented Faisal with a free ticket to be picked again to be part of the grc team in Sembawang. Read it again – I was told that he is really a “grassroot People’s MP” and his sincerity and ability to help his residents to solve difficult problems, especially those involving great bureaucracy, has earned him the popularity he deserved.

    Goh had been spending too much time on his keyboard and lost touch with the ground? He had made known to people that he detest the idea of an elected mp having to puts all his time in “walking the ground” and solving municipal and personal problems of residents. The reality is that the average residents don’t care about so much about such wishy washy stuffs.

    Self-styled internet mp wannabe having a case of foot in mouth, kiang tio ho mai kay kian episode? Spending too much time on his keyboard and lost his touch with ground reality? LOL!

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  • MarBowling:

    Great BUT sarcastic comments by GMS! To add to his sarcasm, Think AP Faishal is more like a high class super grade grass-looting and grass-eating activist. As AP, his salary is already very high. Plus his $16k MP allowance, he can afford to wayang a bit to show he is People’s MP. Potential candidate to take over that goatee Malay Minister Masagos when it’s time for him to retire! What do you think?

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  • TruBlu:

    so,GMS,you think MPs or LAWMAKERS should not conduct themselves like mere VILLAGE HEADS WHO.LIKE MY GRANDPA,WORKED FOR FREE???
    MPs,especially those with official posts,are paid BIG PEANUT$,eh?

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  • tan kin lian, what a pea brain:

    the victor gets to rewrite history.

    as soon as OPPO alliance topples clown pap, all these S$m pap thieves shall face true justice and history in Singapore shall be completely rewritten to tell the truth about clown pap lies which are many.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Every animal makes a noise that depends on its intelligence.
    This is no different.

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  • rukidding:

    We do have a “very democractix” system here !

    MP that “fails” in one ward ( like the son of pongo ) will be “re-arranged ” and become “successful” by “re-placong” him into another “fixed” ward . ( yes/no) ?

    Preseedent that “do not meet race criteria” would be “re-raced” ( together with the support of “religious leeders” ) would “magically changed” their “status” ?..yes/no ???

    So,…what is “so liow pu chi” that a “non elected” MP seems to “have better connection and ability to resloved issues” ( with those Pimps and prostitutes ) …”controlled” departments and servants ????

    This world was “never fair”…that is why there are Protest and Terrorism happening everywhere….”(except this place…called…sillypore” !!!!!

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  • Singaporean Kong Come.:

    Every animal makes a noise that depends on its intelligence. Some arrogant animals even point middle finger at U. Haaa. haaa. haaa. That one is a prostitute animal.yahooooooooo.

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