MPs Are Still Writing Letters To Judges Despite Told To Stop

I refer to this article by TNP.

In this article, a bus driver who has an abyssmal driving record, consisting of many driving offences, ran over and killed a security guard, and was jailed one month, and banned from driving for five years.

The important line I would like to focus on is this:

Tan submitted a mitigation letter written by his Member of Parliament that said he was remorseful.

Link on ST.

According to Mr Chan Chun Seng, MPs are not supposed to write to the courts on behalf of their constituents.

Nevertheless, to avoid any doubt or public misperception, may I remind PAP MPs not to write to the Courts on behalf of their constituents.

The reason, I was told, was that founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew had instructed all MPs (in writing) that they should not be writing such letters to the courts.

So my question is, who is the MP that wrote this letter, and why did he/she write it despite being fully aware that they are not supposed to? Mr Chan Chun Seng gave out the instructions Feb 18, this case happened Nov 18.

Who is the MP in question and why was this allowed to happen? We cannot have a situation where MPs are doing what they are not supposed to be doing.


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13 Responses to “MPs Are Still Writing Letters To Judges Despite Told To Stop”

  • 柑林内:


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  • guru:

    So is the judiciary really independent?????That’s why PAP MPs are still writing to courts. Its also subtle message to courts telling them, know who is in charge.

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  • Harder Truths:

    An MP actually doing something?

    I would give him/her a gold medal just for doing his/her job regardless of political pressure. The writer does not seem to get the fact that the MP’s need to represent constituents in a democracy.

    The judges can ignore or consider these application – that is their prerogative. It is not about the individual case but the principle of representation that is part of the system.

    For the old man and now his cronies to say to MP’s – ‘don’t work on behalf of the constituents’ means really – why bother voting when you have no representation?

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  • Sinkies are funny:

    Just because a minister says MPs should not do this, Sinkies believe that all MPs will listen.

    Or because a General command, so all ex-NS old men must listen?

    So, a minister says vote PAP, all citizens must listen?

    Priest, stop this “Yes, Sir” attitude.

    Don’t give a hoot about what they say.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Ha-ha-ha-ha! In S’pore, we don’t have “real” Members of Parliament but in reality, they are over-glorified & unqualified Estate Managers who simply take instructions from their constituents without understanding the situation & the “by-laws”. S’pore’s political mechanism is so thoroughly screwed – this example already tells you what sort of “Parliament” we have!

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  • John Richards:

    If an MP writes such a letter, he is giving his power to the driver in exchange for a vote probably. Just because an MP has to represent his constituents doesn’t mean he has to be stupid about it. For God’s sake, look at the circumstances of the case. If you still think MPs should represent their constituents regardless, how come they don’t speak up against the death penalty?

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  • Singaporean Kong Come.:

    Just because a minister says MPs should not do this, Sinkies believe that all MPs will listen. Wayang lah, Wayang lah.

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  • TruBlu:

    Besides this.
    Many MPs(especially those holding official govt positions) are often seen helping SENIOR GRASSLOOTERS to get what they want.
    Many PBMs/BBMs who are senior grasslooters influence their MPs,who in turn, use their positions to *INFLUENCE* Senior Civil Servants / OFFICERS to grant CONcessions to these grasslooters.
    Many grasslooters lord over civil servants who are afraid to carry out their official duties with INTEGRITY N FAIRNESS in order not to offend these arrogant and self-centred grasslooters.

    This is increasingly obvious these days.
    One of the major culprit is LTA.
    Even carpark wardens somehow know who not to touch?

    Many of us have come across such incidents which are becoming commonplace.


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  • Now Pongolians know or not:

    ST reported that Police told the kpkb Pongollians that they cannot do anything becos pouring oil on your door, putting garbage on your shoe rack n noise making are not really offences for arrest. Better find out the background of Woman from Hell including Hell n its connecting limbs b4 Kpkb. The giveup mentality of the 6 affected family must be most welcome for the card holders.

    Pongollians now u know what to do in the coming GE. Don’t get all swooned up with the goodies at u expense which u n your children will kpkb when they r sure to be able ypto screw u up for another 5 years! Listen to the little boy who refused a drumstick from the ya ya baby carrier n ‘washing hand immed after shaking the fish ah jek’ pre GE walkaround bs black within white without.

    Vote these bsliars out to see what r they so dead frighten with ehat they r hiding!

    If they do not trust their life in SIN security n employ aliens to protect them shouold Singaporeans trust them? Just imagine they do not trust but to demand payment before service, shall we trust them? They can threatens but not allowing citizens to kpkb n criticise them openly! Listen to gold ole Chiam. All ower corrupt, absolute power corrupt absolutely!

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  • the fun of this thought:

    //Who is the MP in question and why was this allowed to happen? We cannot have a situation where MPs are doing what they are not supposed to be doing.//

    aiyoh. why not have the fun of this thought ? that there is a “silent” understanding (or otherwise) for certain matters that one side is to write (to give the wayang impression that he is helping the constituents) and the other side is to “ignore” the letter (to be so-called independent) ?

    if MP does not write (must be seemed to help leh), that why is he / she there for ? one letter does not cost much (& very easy for those assistants who know how to write very well) but may signal to the constituent that he / she is trying to help as much as he / she can lar ?

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  • 蠢说説唱唱而已,谝你的 2:

    to boot them up, clean n reset. If this is done regularly, one may be able to see a clean administration serving the prople than themselves. It has been reported an Asian nation has been doing this for century n the nation remains a paradise thru centuries. Greed n envy fade. No such thing like what PRC nationals like to comment every time SIN announced a mega multibillion project.

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  • Police n WFH Pongol:

    It was refreshing to overhear some 9-10 years old with school uniform daring each other. The dare came after the rather lively scorn exchange of ideas on the Police saying the woman from hell in Pongol cannot be arrested just beccos she went around pouring oil on neighbour doors, decorating neighbour shoe rack with fishy stink stupid garbage n creating noisy disturbances. Here the dare comes!

    One says since it is not an offence to throw oil on other!s door, he dares his classmates so school mates to go n throw oil on Woody’s door. He spiced it that mrs Woody may gives them hell of a lot of peanuts. His friends asked quizzingly who is Woody n what peanuts? The darer said aiya go ask your parents.

    Then another older looking one said, aiya what woody. He will be treated like the helpless Pongolians. He already got kicked by the arse to his go with his angmoh son in law n he advised not to accept the peanuts which smell like loots. He then dare his friend to throw oil on the Ho lee house n that will be hero n makes many happy but will definitely get the Police crawling like hell.

    Wonder these kids will grow up to be like Chiam, Jeya or like the merc CC members driving like a devil to collect the best free books before the poor student trot them on two tire legs n empty stomachs or aspiring polanpa to gainadmission into paper generalship n political billionaire club.

    Well that depends whether their parents have been smothered by the gorilla farts.

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  • Money Money Money:

    These are the only very few visible chobolan jobs that are left for MPs to do.
    Some don’t even bother but pass them on to the lackies to write.

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