A Complete Police State in Singapore

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Some people are agitated whilst others are fascinated by China’s face recognition technology that comes with a unique “social credit” system. It is basically a full monitoring system installed by the state upon its citizens.

Imagine you could be banned from having a passport or permit to travel overseas just because of your bad social credit scores. Or simply have your face and details published and shamed on traffic lights for jay walking.

While Singaporeans exclaim in their unbelievable “wow”, what is unknown to them is that the PAP government has already installed a massive system of surveliance with a huge number of CCTVs.

What makes the whole police state surveliance system complete would be the GPS ERP! The excuse of spending half a billion or more on this system for fairer charge on road usage is nonsense – petrol and Diesel tax are tools to take care of that.

What this system can do is a massive control on how you drive and where you drive. If you commit a breach of driving rule like speeding or illegal parking or illegal U turn, you may just get your summon immediately by post! That’s how the system could be applied beside mere charging you ERP fees!

Is this what Singaporeans want?


Goh Meng Seng



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19 Responses to “A Complete Police State in Singapore”

  • Python 5:

    >>>If you commit a breach of driving rule like speeding or illegal parking or illegal U turn, you may just get your summon immediately by post!<<<

    any illegal move on the road, just simply deduct the fine directly from the ERP2 account. no need to send summon by post.

    exceed speed limit by 1km, deduct $1.
    illegal u-turn, deduct $10.
    run red light, deduct $100.

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  • modern day panopticon:

    aiyoh. modern day panopticon lar.

    instilling the unhealthy sense of ‘inferiority’ and ‘powerlessness’ that your every move is being watched and you need to behave and move like a “programmed robot” (figuratively speaking) ?


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  • Bad Boy:

    Mr GMS, u should focus discussion about the 2 to 2.5 millions HK protesters ?

    Did you go to the street to support them ? My guess is no right ?

    Did you at least like Anthony Wong Chau-sang say a few words to support them ? ….


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  • A Mirror:

    CCP learned the tricks of fake democracy and kleptocracy from SillyPigs.
    Both are one party dictatorship, cracked down on criticisms, market economy of greed and enriching those in power, manipulate and implement laws for their devious purposes.

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  • Darth Vader:

    “If you commit a breach of driving rule like speeding or illegal parking or illegal U turn, you may just get your summon immediately by post!”

    Why gms, do you do these things when you think the police aren’t around? Otherwise WHY are you so upset by this possibility when it’s actually a good thing because it makes our roads safer? And to compare it to China’s “social credit rating” system? This can cause lousy drivers to lose their license. How is it as bad as denying someone a job opportunity for having a poor social credit rating because they disagree with government policy? Besudes, don’t you always say China is better tgan most other countries?

    Really, both you and your goid buddy tkl should heed the old adage: “It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt”…

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  • GMS U r out of date:

    MS, sad to say u r way behind time. Sin has for decades a pocredits-rewards card members with classes? Rewards vary with the class of membership. Class A has rewards including membership to the Billionaires Club with the politically self entitled mmillionaires in the management. The lowest class has rewards incl free entrance fees.

    Didn’t u feel hot air heats up as the card holders rush to chalk up pocredit. The striking ingenious pocredit was the recent power definition by a class A member that conflict of interests is no issue with success career regardless how the success pathway. So if u r a successful liar, u can expect to have no issue with being a liar n hence logically but logic seems to be in SIN not absolute n vary with caste with the nonpo citizens holding the bottom. Don’t forget that LKY once said to foreign press that Singaporeans r daft. But when he said it many wonder r the pap cardholders Singaporeans esp he n his entire cabin n
    party members? is that why with their succeeding generation, they r working more obviously for the aliens like what they think they r. In normal language, they r labelled as traitors, in China they call them HAN Despicables or Han Jian like those working for Japanese during their invasion in China. The Chines has a social call. See Them, any one can kaput them!

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  • Waste our money:

    If that system is dependent on the US satellites, then I think it is so stupid as one day Singapore will be held ransom to it. I mean, there is no guarantee that the signal will be there or “NOT” implemented with yet another selective availability restriction of sought again. I reckon, the signal is there, trespassing your land to furnish for their own needs, for its guided missiles system and to reign supremacy at the pretext of provision of civil GPS. You’ll be damn if you trust another government, I don’t even trust mine.

    GMS shouldn’t let his imagination run wild as I don’t think the resolution of the system will be so fine grid in urban settings with tall buildings to discern a illegal U turn or such. I mean, you can also illegally block/defeat the GPS before making the turn knowing its limitation. Our system is nothing more that the commercial fleet tracking system in the US. There is no certainty of vehicle identity unlike the existing EPS gantry with Cameras for number plate capturing. I reckon, they will end up with the hybrid [existing + the stupid system].

    I once read something like our own balloon satellites or something like that. I mean something we can be proud off paying the money. But this system now is a KNN stupid and so expensive. And no, it wouldn’t come with free software to track your own vehicles or fleet.

    But this is what I am sure about. Singaporeans will be made to pay for the stupid system. 3G/4G? They forgotten about caring for its citizen on affordability for their own whims and fancies. Useless!

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  • Hide fast:

    Yahoo news get hidden very fast;


    At least elephant size protest does work as HK people provided this valuable insight. I thought you will be interested to read.

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  • Psychological Conditioning:

    Police state does not come about overnight.
    Humans need to be Conditioned.

    Psychological Conditioning over half a century has cultivated strong trust and acceptance of the system.

    How is this possible ?
    Humans are very adaptable.

    Why do an Aborigine tribe elongate their necks? They have adapted to the culture formed over centuries.

    Humans cab adapt to perversely elongating their necks. The psychological conditioning is culture and practices and social norms.

    Why do North Koreans cry tears of ecstacy when they see Kim Jong Un ?

    Why do they accept a ruthless dictator who murdered his relatives and staff?

    Why do China people support TianAnMen massacre ? Why cultural revolution need to wipe out religions?

    It’s all Psychological Conditioning , Watson.

    From Young , the condition must start . At this age, their IQ has not fully developed once they are brainwashed, its hard for them to change even when they mature.

    Psychology is above IQ.

    Why do HK People fight for their human rights but SG people who also support human rights behave differently?

    Psychological Conditioning.

    Why do Singaporeans keep saying ,aiyo! This is boh bian one mah. Just accept everything.

    The logic flow :

    If CPF withdrawal promised to be @55 is now changed after decades, Then
    Say Boh Bian. Accept.

    If population 10million is the target, Then say Boh Bian. Accept.

    If Pofma, say Boh Bian.

    If COE, ERP , say Boh Bian.

    If gst hikes, say Boh Bian.

    If tariff hikes and hikes and hikes, say Boh Bian.

    With this Logic in mind, everything is Boh Bian. Accept.



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  • HGan vs HK:

    Why is HK not a Police state (but becoming one)?

    HK enjoyed 156 years of British rule.

    It’s people enjoyed freedom not found in SG.

    Sgreans never enjoyed political freedom.

    Both adapted to their systems.
    They accepted their systems .

    To streams, living with lack of freedom is a norm. A way of life.

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  • Harder Truths:

    People who own cars are usually FT who support the current government. They will not be penalised if caught.

    Locals cannot afford cars so it does not matter to us.

    No problem.

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  • Little Lamb:

    Quote:… has already installed a massive system of surveliance with a huge number of CCTVs….
    Sorry … I fully disagree with this statement .. at least now till near future
    At least .. LTA still has to manually capture image/video of errant motorists flouting bus-lane-rule, bus-stop-rule, no-stopping rule … and so on

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  • Still a police state:

    Old article but still true.

    “To call Singapore a ‘police state’ should not be seen as a rhetorical device, an exaggeration of the regulating role of a benevolently paternalistic regime. Singapore is a police state. However, much successful propaganda assists its citizens to accept that the intimidation is necessary. That is why it is so dangerous and represents the police state in its modern form”.


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  • Greedy PAP:

    As usual, the regime bluffs you over the satellite ERP. Goh is right.

    Since when is the regime believe in fairness?

    Roads are funded by your road tax yet every single road is illegal for you to park or even to wait unless LTA says so.

    Yes street parking is free but only after 10 pm!!

    If regime believes in fairness then reduce the road tax!

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  • cctv is not the problem:

    cctv to catch wrong doers is a good thing.

    it is the one pap rule two pap interpretations that is the problem.

    70% sheep illegal U-turn immediately sent summons is ok, since rule of law is broken which means public safety at risk the summons, immediate, is ok.

    what is not ok is pap Ljs and pap Cbs who illegal U-turn and no summons is sent, ever. this is NOT ok.

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  • i park,you fark:

    What this system can do is a massive control on how you drive and where you drive. If you commit a breach of driving rule like speeding or illegal parking or illegal U turn, you may just get your summon immediately by post! That’s how the system could be applied beside mere charging you ERP fees!

    Is this what Singaporeans want?

    Goh Meng Seng
    =============================================================================HHDB/URA gonna charge higher fines for parking offences soon.


    can we be more specific n clear?



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  • TruBlu:

    these days,all thanks to extremists,many govts like ours in SIN CITY anyhow apply ‘TERROR LAW’ to all facets of life and the citizens are being WATCHED CLOSELY.

    Maybe,they know how may times you make love with your gal-frens or mistresses or wives later,even in TOILET CUBICLES?

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  • Irene Vanessa Wan Si Hung:

    Watch the documentary on CNA.

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  • Satan arising:

    “What can you do, thought Winston, against the lunatic who is more intelligent than yourself; who gives your arguments a fair hearing and simply persists in his lunacy?”

    - George Orwell, 1984

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